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  1. Hey. I would like it if someone made me these six pokemon. Follows is their info: All pokemon use this format: ALL POKES ARE LV.100 AND DO NOT HAVE POKERUS ALL POKES SHOULD HAVE THE OT "ENZO" AND THE ID. NO 11925 (I don't care about the hidden ID numbers at all) Aself Azelf @ Light Clay Ability: Levitate EVs: 6 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd IVs: 28 HP / 30 Atk / 23 Def / 31 Spe / 13 Spa / 29 Spd Jolly nature - Explosion - Light Screen - Reflect - Taunt CAUGHT AT VALOR CAVERN [met @ lv50] --- Vasu Kingdra (F) @ Damp Rock Ability: Swift Swim EVs: 252 HP/252 Atk/6 Spd IVs: 29 HP / 31 Atk / 24 Def / 31 Spe / 8 Spa / 31 Spd Adamant nature - Rain Dance - Dragon Dance - Outrage - Waterfall HATCHED AT SOLACEON TOWN --- Scissors Scizor (M) @ Leftovers Ability: Technician EVs: 252 HP / 6 Def / 252 Spd IVs: 31 HP / 9 Atk / 29 Def / 31 Spe / 3 Spa / 31 Spd Jolly nature - Baton Pass - Agility - Roost - Swords Dance HATCHED AT ROUTE 209 --- The Champ (Machamp) (F) @ Leftovers Ability: No Guard EVs: 6 HP/252 Atk/252 Spd IVs: 22 HP / 31 Atk / 24 Def / 31 Spe / 8 Spa / 27 Spd Adamant nature - Dynamicpunch - Earthquake - Stone Edge - Mega Kick HATCHED AT ROUTE 210 --- Doakes (Breloom) (M) @ Toxic Orb Ability: Poison Heal EVs: 6 HP/252 Atk/252 Spd IVs: 28 HP / 31 Atk / 20 Def / 31 Spe / 4 Spa / 19 Spd Jolly nature - Substitute - Leech Seed - Focus Punch - Spore HATCHED AT SANDGEM TOWN --- Pikachu (Jolteon) (M) @ Choice Specs Ability: Volt Absorb EVs: 6 HP / 252 Spd / 252 SAtk IVs: 29 HP / 2 Atk / 28 Def / 31 Spe / 31 Spa / 27 Spd Modest nature - Thunderbolt - Shadow Ball - Hidden Power - Signal Beam HATCHED AT SOLACEON TOWN --- Thanks for even considering. :3 If someone does this, they'll need my friend code to trade with me. That code is 1032 3586 9304. You can PM me on here to let me know you're ready, post in this thread, or tell me on the Project Pokemon IRC.
  2. I would like a vitamin modifier code to boast a pokemons evs to 252 or any number under 255 evs, like the pokemon platinum code. much appreciated!
  3. Since the event has started today, I will ask this again. Does anyone know the Action Replay code for the TRU Arceus Event?
  4. Thank you (different friend code than before, just in case you see my sig and use the same friend code as last time)
  5. Hi, I know thats a lot to request, but I can't for the life of me get pokesav working myself, and I really wanna get this team going. Let me know what I need to do, friend code etc! Thank you
  6. Can someone make a code so that during the Super Contest, you get 15 hearts or so during the Presentation part whenever you do a move? I know that there was a similar code for the GBA games.
  7. Can anyone post some legit Pikacafes?, i foud some here but,some say they fake and other legit... Thanks
  8. Ok i want it to be an ar code and the pokemon to be given by the green man in the pokemart and in platinum and if possible to make the code as short as possible! :smile:
  9. Hi im a little frustrated because i just made a request but it got deleted and i got an infactment ok so if someone could make me a pokemon code for AR and make the code as short as possible ok i want it to be roaming chicorita Lv 100 with the ability overgrow thet knows the moves Leaf Storm Frenzy Plant solar beam seed flare all PP 30 that is holding a lum berry and i DON'T want it to be shiney orig. trainer BoBoClwn i want it to be female with a gentle nature max happiness with no ribbons plese oh plese make it a short code i dont have time to enter a 100 line code in my AR :frown: so thanks In advance! :smile:
  10. hi could somebody make me a ar code for platinum as short as possible that makes two roaming pokemon both level 99 : Pokemon: mew, Celebi Shiney: Both shiney Owner, Trainer: Mewtwo (both) Name: Actual Names Ability: Wonder Guard (both) item: one deepseaclaw other deapseatooth Nature: Mew: adament Celebi: Brave Moves Celebi: Judgement, Leaf Storm, OverHeat, Volt Tackle Moves Mew:Judgement, Shadow Force, Roar Of Time, Spacial Rend pp Both All Moves: 30 Pokerus: Both infected All stats maxed out along with happiness and contest stats and again make the code as short as possible!!!!!! Thanks in advance!!!! :creep: :smile: :biggrin: :wink: :redface: :bidoof: :tongue:
  11. Hi someone could give me the jirachi NZ and the Shiny Pichu from HG SS as a file. pkm to editing? Thnxs a lot
  12. hey guys um...:cool: i really want a action replay code for completly legit arceus (almost since cheating is not legit):tongue: yeah it has to be exatly like the TRU ARCEUS from the store and perferbly passing the Legit test or what ever TY:grog:
  13. Request for 3 PKMN in Soul Silver Please use PID/IV Generator and let me know if any changes Please make 3 separate codes
  14. is there any way to create this? i sorta want a rebattle origin form giratina code. i tried on the offical code request thread with no response for 2 weeks. so please will someone create this? Thanks. -Lord Was
  15. I was wondering if someone knew of/could work out a code that allows you to teach moves over HMs, making it unnecessary to go to the Move Deleter to get rid of an HM. I've found a couple of codes that claimed to do it, but they both just made HMs break after teaching, and the game treated them like a regular move. I'd rather not lose the HMs in my bag, don't want to use the x99 TM/HM cheat, and would be very appreciative.
  16. Could somebody put all the english pokemon into storage box 3 and make a code for it?
  17. Request for 5 PKMN Please use PID/IV generator and let me know if any changes Please make 5 codes, one for each PKMN and use the Storage Edit to put them in Box 2
  18. I have a request for 5 PKMN Please use PID/IV generator and let me know if any changes Please make each PKMN in a separate code, 5 codes, since I have to enter it by hand it makes it easier to check this way. I know not many people are around but if someone could help I would appreciate it. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Thank you
  19. I would like someone to make these pokemon for me and trade over wifi if they could. I don't really what people want for their services so can someone tell me so I have a clue? Also: I have an AR... Would I need anything else if you were to give me an AR code? How would it effect the game? Please and thank you to anyone that helps.
  20. Interested in these two, trade. if any one can do um please reply back. Thanks. =D Would also be awsome if someone could help me out with finding my SID, but that's a whole nother request so no worries really. Thank you. ^__^ pokemon: Claydoll Held Item: Light Ball Level: 30 Ability: Levitate Nickname (If wanted): Doll Original Trainer (Trainer Name/OT):Plen Trainer ID (If specific): 16417 Secret ID (If specific): Shiny (Yes or No): no Egg (Yes or No): yes Nature: Relaxed Attacks: Earthquake, Reflect, Rest, Rapidspin. PP (max or normal): max Pokérus Status: /No Status Pokéball Captured In: pokeball Battle Stats: ?? EV Stats: 236 hp, 136 atk, 108 defence, 30specialdefence IV Stats: 31 hp, 30 atk, 30 defence, 30 specialdefence Ribbons (If any): none Location/Date Met: egg Level Met At: egg Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg): solaceon town september 21, 2009 Happiness: max Contest Stats: none Party slot 1-6 or Storage box 1-18, slot 1-30 (required for AR code): For what game (required for AR code): D/P or Platinum Friend Code (required for Trading): 2750 9224 8669 FEMALE PLEASE! I already have a fully ev male, i just have always wanted a female. pokemon: Togekiss Held Item: Leftovers Level: 30 Ability: Serene Grace Nickname (If wanted): Flonne Original Trainer (Trainer Name/OT): Plen Trainer ID (If specific): 16417 Secret ID (If specific): Shiny (Yes or No): no Egg (Yes or No): yes Nature: Calm Attacks: Thunder Wave, Roost, Aura Sphere, Air Slash, PP (max or normal): Pokérus Status: Infected/Cured/No Status Pokéball Captured In: Battle Stats: EV Stats: 252 hp, 4 sp atk, 252 spdefence IV Stats: 31 hp 31 spdefence, 30 spatk Ribbons (If any):none Location/Date Met: Level Met At: Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg): Solaceon Town september 21 2009 Happiness: max Contest Stats: none Party slot 1-6 or Storage box 1-18, slot 1-30 (required for AR code): For what game (required for AR code): D/P or Platinum Friend Code (required for Trading): 2750 9224 8669
  21. I am in need of this. [HGSSSPRITE][/HGSSSPRITE]
  22. I know a lot of people are making request If any one is welling to make these for me please let me know and please I need them like in a few days I have a freind that is wanting them and I told him I would see if some one could make them for for him Now for the Pokemon Gengar Garchomp Weavile Metagross As the title says i would like the Pkm File over Trading them again thank you Thank you for your help
  23. Can someone post a tru arceus wonder card ar code plz
  24. Request for 3 PKMN for Diamond, and 4 PKMN for Soul Silver. I know this is a large order and there isn't many people around right now to take request but if there is I would greatly appreciate it. Please use PID/IV generator and let me know if there is any changes. Please make seven codes, one for each PKMN since I enter it by hand (I have a Mac so I don't have the AR code manager program) and it's easier to check. Diamond Soul Silver Thank you very much
  25. Request for 4 PKMN in Soul Silver Please use PID/IV generator Please make each code separate, since I enter it by hand it makes it easier Thank you
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