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  1. Pokemon To Hold Item: Jynx Item: Electrizer Friend Code: 5199 4660 4453 You can reply on here (PM or reply) , or you can IM me on AIM- iambreadcat Edit- I'll be awake for a few hours. I should reply quickly.
  2. I already have the pokesav files made. A friend of mine tried to open them on his pokesav and it didn't work. He claims that I have the wrong version even though I just downloaded it off this website. He fixed up my mistakes and created these files http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LF0XW7RB I tried to open them up on my pokesav and it didn't work. I don't have action replay so I wanted him to send me the files Via wifi but he can't get them running on his action replay. here is my WIFI code: 2536 0256 0129 If someone can send me these pokemon over wifi that would be great. and if those files dont work tell me and I'll send you the version of the files that come off my pokesav. Sorry I had to zip i would have created a file with them in it as one but I can't open them in pokesav to do that. thanks in advance.
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