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  1. ho-oh sprite i always hate cause it always looks the same but every one else looks:cool: tight
  2. i would buy just cause i never played pkm dungeons series
  3. my first shiny was garydos from pkm gold and crysta l my other shinies are oddish, taillow, starly
  4. my hm slave is a bibarol cause they always appeare more times them other pokemon
  5. dragonite was the best dragon type pokemon because it learn lots of different types of moves n it was strong
  6. at first it sounded weird but the time passes by and you get use to it and it sounds much cooler
  7. for my import heartgold and English im getting soulsilver
  8. double battle all Pokemon besides arceos and no wonderguard cheat my time is pacific legit stats and level 100 my code is on my signature
  9. whats up you need a hand on this trading thing i can help but i need your approval first
  10. when i click one of the pokemon that i was carrying some how it decrease the HP to 22 to all six pokemon
  11. i cant wait to get it legitly caus ei had to used AR to get it lol
  12. its surprising that there giving away a weavile i didnt expect them to do that but thats that lol i wonder what level it is
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