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  1. Thank you for pointing that out, I was able to recover the Jirachi PKM, And I have fixed the link. Here's the same file: [ATTACH]3602[/ATTACH]
  2. You are incorrect, there are 123 cards total. Source: http://www.pokemon.com/us/news/tcg_hgss1_featured_primes-2010-02-11/
  3. Here's the PKM file for the Jirachi event as requested by a user. [ATTACH]3601[/ATTACH] The originals I posted were corrupt, so I uploaded different ones.
  4. Well, there is more than just that Pingouin7. There is also the title name, and the fact that the data.bin file no longer holds the WCs. The WCs are two separate files, and because the data.bin file no longer has WC data that means Nintendo had to have changed the arm9 binary file in order for the ROM to know where to look for the WC data. Also, the 4 byte code that tells the ROM what region games can receive it, is no longer in the "ggid.dat" file it is now contained within the arm9 binary file.
  5. There are currently 3 revisions of the distro ROM so far. 1st is the Single distribution ROM, the Deoxys distro. 2nd is the Multi-Language distribution ROM, the European Shaymin distro. 3rd is the Double Pokemon distribution ROM, the Pichu and Jirachi distro. All are considerably different from each other.
  6. You are correct sabre, the Pichu cart they are using also has the Jirachi in it, and when their DS's internal date rolls over to the 27, it will start distributing Jirachi. These files are perfectly legit though, all I did was ask them to change their DS's internal date to the 27th, for a few minutes so I could download a Jirachi.
  7. Guess what I got a few weeks early. [ATTACH]3577[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]3578[/ATTACH] Both are Legit.
  8. Yeah, the one at the Meadows Mall, uses the white lock box, but not the one at this address that I went to today; 6250 West Charleston Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV. There is also a TRU next to the Meadows Mall that I went to for the Arceus Distribution that used their lock box as well.
  9. Well every store is different but at the particular one I stopped by they put the DS in a cabinet under the counter that the cash registers are on. It was on the shelf closest to the floor - I would estimate to be about 5 inches. I visit the store about once a week and will post a pic later of the counters in the back. Same for TRU distros, it is under the counter in the electronics section that they put the cash registers on.
  10. Here is the Legit PCD and PGT of my Pikachu colored Pichu. http://www.mediafire.com/?2ydzyf0ygy1 And here is a bonus pic of the "Confidential Distribution Manual" that Nintendo sent them. http://www.mediafire.com/?1d3zdynz4dt When I walked in I asked them about the distribution and they said "Oh is that today?" and saw them pull the distro cart out of their drawer, and unwrap it. It said "Pichu Distribution Only" and I did not get a pic of that unfortunately, but did get a pic of the manual, since they had to read it to figure out that they had to press the a button to start the distro.
  11. I will post a legit version of the GameStop Shiny Pichu PCD and PGT when my local GameStop store opens (which will be about 2 hours from now).
  12. Thanks to the creator Matt140, we now have a program that succesfully converts to and from the .duc format. A link to his post: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?p=44306#post44306 Oh and by the way the AR I have is for the DSi and is sold at Toys R Us for $20. In other words, it is the first product that reads and writes saves, that you DON'T have to buy over the internet.
  13. Thank you! Your program works perfectly. The Action Replay I used it with is labled "ARDSi", runs home brew through a micro sd card slot, and is $20 at Toys R Us.
  14. I tried AR max for the source file, then converted it to every .sav that shunny allows. None of shunny's saves are working. ---------- Post added at 06:53 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:50 AM ---------- This Action Replay I have is not ar max. Maybe that's the problem.
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