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  1. <p><p><p><p><p>Lots of work DX Barely time to even check the forums. I just pop on to check to see if I have any messages. Once inventory is over I will be back. Sorry T^T</p></p></p></p></p>

  2. Sorry I poofed for a few days. Been crazy busy with work and art commissions. I will get to work on your avvies ASAP
  3. OK here are some avvies guys. reyesdelexceso, do you still want the banners? I see you got some from Toffeuy :3
  4. Oh I loves it to pieces Toffeuy. I'll give it a 10/10 :3
  5. Sure. Sounds fun :3 I am on lunch right now, but I will start them after work. CURSE YOU LETTERS DX Thanks Toffeuy. I look for some better fonts later. ---------- Post added at 02:05 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:04 AM ---------- I don't make the walkers anymore, but I will gladly make you a pikachu avatar. I'll whip you up somthing nice :3
  6. Why does everyone think it would be such and issue with trading pokemon caught in apricorn balls? You could trade between G/S/C and R/B/Y so why would it be so hard to do this now? All they would have to do is A) Just not make them tradeable *like how you couldn't trade pokemon with new moves to Gen1* or B) Have the pokeball it is captured in default to a pokeball when traded over to DPP or *highly unlikely buuuuttt* C) Maybe the images for the apricorn balls are coded into DPP just like the code for Jhoto is programmed in? Though I figure someone would have found this already At least that is what I think. Feel free to prove me wrong lol. I am not much of a programmer lol
  7. It is she Relyte. Gender is so hard to tell over the interwebs lol. Love the sig Toffeuy. Salamence is a fav of mine :3
  8. Thanks Naru! *hugs* SkyFire, I originally had yours done HOURS ago, but Photoshop crashed just as I was saving it and lost everything. I was so mad I didn't bother touching it till after dinner. They aren't as awesome looking as the first time around, but I still like them. Relyte, here is your avatar. Hope you like it. If you want something changed let me know.
  9. Yeah, there are a lot with Ho-Oh and Lugia sadly. And it wasn't my intent to make it look so much like kevins. It's because of the stupid glow I put around them. I didn't realize I had used the same glow on Kevin's till I put mine up DX It blocked a lot of the liquify and brush effects I put in. I am working on a new one now, but with Mew. *huggles mew* EDIT: Added the new siggy. What do you think? And I wasn't trying to mess with your thread DX You and Narwhal do such and awesome job. Naru too. It was you guys that inspired me to start making Graphic Art again.
  10. Probably not till after the event paddy. And that is only if we are lucky enough to have someone going.
  11. As much as that post made me giggle Whismur something like that just isn't possible. You can't cause Paralysis and Burn at the same time for one. lol Maybe, cause Paralysis/Confusion OR Burn/Confusion.
  12. @ Narwhal A new thread might be a good idea Narwhal. You guys make some awesome sigs. @ Mr. Swalot979 Ralts does indeed pwn. How did you do the background?
  13. You are welcome Kunaidude :3 It was really fun making yours.
  14. You make some awesome ones to Narwhal! Thanks :biggrin: Sure no problem. But I am a lady not a man lol So do you want the banner the same size as the siggy or a different size? EDIT: I realize now you meant sig and avatar lol
  15. <p><p><p><p><p>Lol. The first one was blank but the second one wasn't. I responded to you. And the best way to give you the patch would be through email. I'll make sure to upload it back onto my laptop *has it saved on an external hard drive*</p></p></p></p></p>

  16. You are welcome. Sorry I couldn't do more with the siggy. I even looked through anime screen shots and just didn't see any whismur battle poses lol.
  17. Ok kunaidude34 your stuff is done. Would have been done sooner, but the font I wanted to use wouldn't work right. Every file for the Naruto font was corrupted in some way. So I settled for last ninja instead. Hope you like. OminousWismur. I did what I could with these, but there just wasn't a lot of whismur pictures out there
  18. See, I don't think they would make it so easy or a flying pikachu. But seeing as how easy they made it to get surfing pikachu I could be wrong. I was thinking maybe a new move or something.
  19. Ok so even though he has said many times it that thread they are from scratch are you to say you have PROOF they are not? Unless you do, I would appreciate if you didn't accuse him of editing. It may not be my art, but I hate it when people jump to the OMG YOU STOLEZ crap. And what Social Group? I have no idea what you are talking about, and unless it is a rule that we have to use it, i could care less.
  20. Funny how Illiath is saying that about is own overused style. SPOILERS KILL ME DX I like it a lot Naru. Doesn't look to bright to me at all. I will have to work hard to beat you.
  21. I'll probably try something like 250x500 so it actually looks like a banner if that is ok with you guys :3
  22. You want a banner to be a square? That is what I got out of 250x250, or did I miss something
  23. Those are so cool looking Soul! I really like that grogunk looking bug one. It made me giggle. And those Lapras looking ones, Are they new evolved forms or a new species related to Lapras?
  24. I think I can work something out lol. Added to the list. I have off the next two days so I will be able to bang this out pretty fast once I get home from work. BTW having an hour lunch and living right next door to work rocks lol. *slurps her ramen*
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