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  1. Recently(few minutes ago) I got to thinking about the "Mild Advertisement" infraction of The Rules. What made me really think was that they included the word Mild(Moderate in type, degree, effect, or force. Not extreme.) in the title. What if a user posted Extreme Advertisement, I did not see an infraction for Blatant ads in the Infraction list. Maybe a Blatant ads gets a direct ban without warning, but that brings up another question for me. Why Ban without warning someone who Advertises 'Blatantly', and give a 50 point infraction to someone who is talking about Pirated Material. That's similar to "Convicting an innocent man for(whatever) and giving the guilty a slap on the wrist", is it not? Another thing, what would be considered "Mild Advertisement"? Would Viral Advertisement be considered mild? Wikipedia says that Viral Advertisement is "marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness" and "It can be word-of-mouth delivered". Should talking about the "next pokemon game" or "Flash Carts for DS" be considered Viral Advertisement, should they be topics applicable for the "Mild Advertisement" infraction? Alot of the things we think of just regular speech could actually be Advertisement in a sense of form, and should it really be allowed past the "Mild Advertisement" infraction? I know a MOD can decided what they will and will not allow, but this is just to strike some talk about what we think Mild Advertisement is. Often when I start talking I jump off subject and touch on other thoughts in my head, but yeah that is the gist of what I had in mind. I might be wrong in what some things I say, but what do you think?
  2. I say no as well, I think FR and LG are still in this generation(considering this generation is really GBA/DS). There is no need for it, and with the lack or DS counterparts it makes all sales for it rely on the GBA versions solely.
  3. Nice contribution.. Anyway, I like Dragonite. It's cuter than all the other fully evolved dragon types and is still useful. But don't you remember the days when Dragonite was a mythical pokemon, and the only one that existed was 30 stories tall and walked the ocean like it was a park.
  4. I would like to see some Psychic/Dark Types or more Dark/Ghost.
  5. I got you covered, and this code seams like a treat. It does both what you asked, all in one nifty code. I will include D/P versions as well for other viewers.
  6. Good Morning Fauntix! I would say $10 cheaper does not equal a month wait. Every day makes you feel more and more that you been scamed and that kind of emotional toll on a person is horrible. I would rather only have to wait 5-7 days on free shipping.
  7. I would think that the special "colors" you request would call for a new sprite in game, thus needing some game changes and HEX editing. And even if that were done, I doubt you would be able to have them on your game without the exact same editing to your game. Everything else is plausable, but be a little more specific. Namely in this format: Found at the Request Board Rules.
  8. I always thought Dragonair was somewhat cute in a big tough guy kind of way. Dratini and Dragonair do however look to mystical to turn into something big and kind hearted looking like Dragonair though.
  9. Thanks so much for that, I knew there had to be a limit. My usualy Sig sizes are around 500x150 max so I am well within the limit. But I have been to places where the max was like 400x100 and it made sig's look ugly. Good to know we have a nice limit, but I figure that the resize thing was no longer here as I seen a sig not to long ago that was way bigger than 670x250.
  10. It really itches me that they ignore the vast majority of Diamond and Pearl players with these wifi events. I might just end up using AR to activate my Member Pass and Oak's Letter in game, alone with the rest of my Poketechs..
  11. I am going for the Acekard 2i, I did some reading in it and I think it for me is the better choice. M3i Zero is almost 20 dollars more everywhere I go, and I am still pretty new to the whole deal anyway. I checked KickGameing and GamebyGame, and the prices at GamebyGame are better I think. There is free shipping on the M3i and Acekard 2i, and from what I read a very reliable and trusted site.
  12. Might want to try Kick Gaming, I hear it's reliable and they have the M3i that you want but it carries a bigger price than a R4i RTS. I have yet to order one myself, but I am sure the ship rates are fair. http://www.kickgaming.com/m3i-zero-p-411.html
  13. I can do these for you, pm me okay and we can go over details.
  14. Rose[Idle]


    Welcome to Project Pokemon, I would hope that your event collection can help finish the very few our Event Collection is missing. Enjoy your stay!
  15. World of Sand, madly addictive. Pocket Physics, madly addictive. Those are the two that I always kept even after I lost my first flash cart.
  16. I have both Guitar Hero 5 and The Beatles: Rock Band. And I have to say Guitar Hero finally won after such a long SUCK streak. Beatles is alright, but the same thing over and over gets repetative. Guitar Hero 5 actually kicks it up alot and I found myself playing late into the night without knowing it. The Beatles: Rock Band was amazeing, there is no doubt. But I think Harmonix should of stuck with it to a Rock Band 3 instead.
  17. Fauntix, I only see an avatar so I can only rate that. 6/10, I wonder if you drew that yourself. The picture itself creeps me out a bit, it looks like a Male Gardevoir. What happened to your sig? It was really well done but way to big to be a sig. Illithian, 7/10 about maybe more on the avi. I like the way you made the white around arceus feel epic(if you made the avi yourself. And for the sig, it does look like a big mess but for someone like me who played [PROTOTYPE] and enjoyed it I understand what it all means, 8.5/10 for Sig. And Toffeuy, I was going for a "Rainy Day" kind of feel for my Avi/Sig set. I hope I achieved that feel.
  18. I have done much much research into the Flash Carts for DSi. I have seen many many R4 Clones and have found the real R4i, I find it a bit odd that it was made by the makers of M3 but at least you know it is reliable. With updates constantly, and a lower price point then the M3i, I would say its a bargin buy. Tough luck you bought the R4i Clone, but here is the website to the R4i original. http://www.r4rts.cn/ For all purposes, this device was made for Homebrew/Music/Video/Documents. >.>
  19. Understanding Photoshop/Gimp is an art on it's own. I was lost the first time I opened it to )
  20. Oh well I have heard issues with that Pokesav about ARDS output. What you can do is either wait for the new version release, or ask someone with D/P to do it for you.. Sorry.
  21. There are two types of Pokesav, I on the safe side downloaded all 4 types but the Compact versions have 2 seperate. One shows "list" right, the other exports AR codes right. You have the "list" Pokesav, go over and download another pokesav(either AREXPORT, or pokesav .4 or something.) then Export to AR, it should work then. EDIT: http://projectpokemon.org/mirrors/pokesav_compact_en.zip There, this link has 2 Pokesavs. 'Proper List' and 'Proper AR DS Code Output' Just save your pokemon to .pkm format, then load them in 'Proper AR DS Output'. Then Export to ARDS.
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