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  1. the first time pokemon make games like that still we have 649 pokemons and the story its in the same region unova but 2 years later this game save good memories and i remenber have good post game you know what my dear reader this game its good eixample how pokemon black and white and the second part its not the same its compltely different and unova its even bigger his people changes and kyurem have power for combines with zekrom and reshiram i remenber the curve of levels in this game are fair and decent the same like his interface like black interface so much this game introduces another gym
  2. This generations i played in emulator but this year i played in ds and i have more recent memories of both unovas first of all in my opinion oshawott evo line and movesets are useful along the adventure in this game suffered because the game its downloaded so early that means the experiencie doesn t work and enter status its equal crash the game finally i have decent rom and began playing unova its colorful and contrats the most modern and the same time the oldest gym leader its good selection of type and the team building its pretty well i my opinion i remenber use cheats in this gen after be
  3. In this generation I started with a girl called TINA. In this generation we have 493 pokemons in our videogame. I have to be honest like the DS. I ended up hacking it when the diamond game came out. the dawn of pokemon except with some improvements in the game note that I had some leaders and some coaches teams of the most absurd did not find a place in what I was seeing in this generation I have in my possession the diamond the platinum the soul silver (I have the others but this is within the gen5) the game for its time was very good many people after these people I leave it I liked cyntia I
  4. with the arrival of the third generation having in my possession ruby sapphire fire red and lead green there is nothing more to say that was for me one of the most editions I got through a friend of my father who gave me a choice between a game cube or 4 games of pokemon that I was getting little by little because they passed them to me and then they gave them to me because he had already grown up with a boy and a wife and that was how he decided to leave pokemon to the 3 generations For me it was a gene that I liked pretty much the graphics and I was struck by their tones with that sublime qu
  5. The second entry in my life was in johto this time my starter was from grass the problem was that I put hidden movements to my starter leaving completely useless which made me resume my adventure this time was water and was more expert and were to my credit 251 pokemons add 2 new types and the table of weaknesses expands the game and I got more adult and I was already aware that it was a paper and scissors stone in which you had to draw a good hand to finish the opponent what overflowed me was the amount of medals and the return to kanto I have the silver and crystal pokemon in my possession t
  6. It was with the generation I started that I was inexperienced young and that led me to have a team and a little knowledge of the weaknesses. I started learning the 151 pokemons what made me more excited was the leader's battles since they put my skills to the test, I felt very small, I even captured them all, exchanging my hobbies back then with my relatives i finished the league at 62 hours of play with a team of level 80 as I liked to raise levels did not pose any problem I do not remember what my team was but my water starter had pidgeot and had a machoke and others which were repeated
  7. Hello i am borjitasstoi and i m spanish you can figure out in how i express my ideas and my poor grammar Im 22 years old Since 5 years i was studying about computers still i dont have the title I like pokemon like each other in this place about my personality somatimes my tone are blamant or rude but i m not sarcastic its my way how express simply this is me i like decided people smart and people like videogames like me but i m open from other people are not connected in my interest my dislikes its sarcastic people undecided people and bully people because basical
  8. hope this propotype pokemons will be future criatures in future games because concepts are some interesting and in where are inspired
  9. the fault its people not technology its something makes thing easier in other century are compltely unknow my only addiction its computers and i like computing and videogames watching people with his smartphone makes me feel bad and sick basically because the people itself focus his attention in phone than in the person the contact face to face nowadays its almost like find shiny pokemon with lottery id winner with good ivs and proper natures in summary technology makes people alone but in my case its different yeah people its more conected but exists more potenti
  10. thats right in that case sorry because be feel doubt you and be good for me in my reply because probraly sounds part for me rude apologies
  11. let me explain ¿ok? probraly its bad post 2 times without wait someone comment before me but this is urgent the sprites are ok but there is problem its incomplete for eixample larvitar line or babies mons (smoochun) i dont have or almost johto its gone and i believe its incomplete but the i recognize the word behind all sprite images only i take advise for that because i began seeing uploading in fandom plenty pokemons still needing sprite image and i dont have these images thanks its not precisely reply quickly
  12. oh my god the best gift you can make it seriously much obliged the effort for that oh my god i feel bad and thanks for that fandom have improved content because needs people for ripping sprites and needs more efforts for make fandom even more active i recognize its very active but i feel sometimes the people gave up and feels so abandoned and make bad image for wiki i dont tell anything about zeraora because first i want upload that and next time hope find usum pokedex sprites for myself and in the last chance i want count with this forum ¿ok?
  13. thanks reply after that i am more near for find this thing as i want
  14. precisely i know the existence for webpage but its for that why i prefer in other site have sprites separalety because i need for fandom
  15. about 403 pokemons sprite images like this i have generation 7 but the rest i dont know where i find
  16. thats true in my moon occurs the same thats why trigger my arm11 issue
  17. Melemele: Charmander, Squirtle, Onix, Horsea, Scatterbug, Bulbasaur, Litwick Akala: Ralts, Spheal, Combusken, Honedge, Beedrill, Grovyle, Marshtomp Ula'ula: Rhyhorn, Swinub, Prinplup, Grotle, Pidgeot, Monferno, Axew Poni: Eelektross, Aggron, Rotom, Leavanny, Chesnaught, Greninja, Delphox Pokemon listed here start on Sunday and end on Saturday.
  18. festival plaza shops you refer in pkhex can put shops as you like and inject all quotes?
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