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  1. Hola a todos Today i m gonna teach all letters of alphabet or abecedary and i m gonna teach you trick for makes this learning more confortable for you and minus difficult for your understanding a -> the pronuntiation its ha b -> the pronunciation in bay c -> the pronunciation its ze not zi d -> the pronuntiation its day not di e -> its the same with english but without the i letter f -> the prenunciation its efe g-> the pronunciation its ge no gi h -> the pronunciation its hache i -> the pronuntuation its i j -> its jota k -> its ka the same way when you mention kakarot in dragon ball for example the pronunciation its ka m -> its eme n -> its ene remenber the letter ñ -> the pronunciatio its enieh p -> its pe q -> qu r -> ere s -> ese t -> tea u-> uh v -> uve w -> uve doble x -> ekis y -> y griega or ye z -> zeta
  2. English -> Ingles Arabic -> Arabe Czech -> Chéco Danish -> Noruego German -> Alemàn Greek -> Griego Spanish -> Español Finnish -> Danes French -> Francés Croatian -> Croata Hungarian -> Húngaro Italian -> Italiano Japanese -> Japones Korean -> Coreano Dutch -> Holandes Polish -> Polaco Russian -> Ruso Portugese -> Portugues Brazilian -> Portugues brasileño Romanian -> Rumano Slovacian -> Eslovaco Swedish ->sueco Turkish -> Turco Indi/Indian -> Indio Chinese -> Chino Argentinian -> Argentino Mexican -> Mexicano Valencian -> Valenciano Catalonian -> Catalan Bulgarian -> Bulgaro Chadian -> Chadiense Haitian -> Haitano Colombian -> Colobiano Egyptian -> Egipcio Hon Kong -> Kon konense iraq -> Iraqui Jamaican -> Jamaicano Malvinas -> Malvinian Nepal -> Nepalese Puerto rico -> Puerto riqueño Zimbawe -> Zimbawense
  3. Hola todos today Another words to learn Woke up -> Despertarse Jump -> Saltar Skip -> Omitir Culture -> Culture throw -> Lanzar Eat -> Comer Swim -> nadar Burn -> Quemar Froze -> Congelar Think -> Pensar Talk -> Hablar
  4. Hola a todos Today Moths of year January -> Enero February -> Febrero March -> Marzo April -> Abril May -> Mayo June -> Junio July -> Julio August -> Agosto September -> Septiembre October -> Octubre November -> Noviembre December -> Dicienbre always forgot january ?
  5. Hola a todos Today days of week Monday -> Lunes Tuesday -> Martes Wednesday -> Miercoles Thursday -> Jueves Friday -> Viernes Saturday -> Sabado Sunday -> Domingo
  6. then its safe update my luma now? after all sudden my state of luma its when you put native version for have acess your 1.18 afterwards for that problem for dont apply 1 patch error in this point all i need its update and creat .txt file for making database of cheating in my 3ds?
  7. Hola a todos Lesson today its how tell direction in spanish Direction -> dirección Go left -> ve a la izquierda left -> Izquierda Go right -> Ve a la derecha right -> derecha Go ahead -> ve recto Go along -> continuar por el camino de go throught -> ve a traves de go out of -> fuera de On the corner -> En la esquina Between -> entre next to ->al lado de in front of -> enfrente near -> cerca Far -> Lejos Excuse me? can you help me? -> disculpe? puede ayudarme? Can you show me on the map? -> puedes mostrarme en el mapa? Can you tell me how to get to? -> puedes decirme como llegar? where can i find the -> como puedo encontrar/conseguir what is the best way to? -> cual es el mejor camino? negative you are go in wrong way -> vas por el mal camino in positive you are go in the goo way -> vas por el buen camino or you can say vas por el camino bueno
  8. 1.I am from spain 2.i like pasta and often eat pasta 3.i am obsessive with my weight because i dont want be fat its product because my uncle tells me all the time i am fat one then i have obssesion for that 4.i am little rude expressing my opinion or radical ironically i am easy to trigger and be hurted 5.related with 4 i am hightly sensitive person 6. I hace aspergers syndrome but in another level than other as i said this syndrome 1 person its another world because depends your envoirment vice versa 7. i like videogames but i dont like competitive games simply i cant stand that 8. i cant stand excessive positiveness of people its umbarable for me 9.i know english valencian and japanese 10.i dont have any problem in make friends the problem its handle along the time because i am lonesome person 11. i like long hair in people and i have long hair 12.related with 11 i cant stand short hair in girls simply its something i cant stand 13.i am close minded in opinion of other people my opinion its absolute and thats it you cant do anything for change my mind its complete waste of time 14.for me cost a lot take interest of someone 15.i have a dog his name its lana 16.my grandparents are cousins(if do you know i mean) 17.overrated games its automatically bad for me 18. i hate so much battle royal and MOBAs games 19. i was playing videogames since 3 yrs old 20. i am smart person but for me cost take empathy of someone 21. i like psycology and i like analize everything from root of the problem
  9. Hola a todos today Instruments (instrumentos) Violin -> Violin Triangle -> Triangulo Drum -> Tambor Organ -> órgano flute -> flauta Battery Drum -> Bateria harmonica -> harmonica piano -> piano whistle -> silbato clarinet -> clarinete bassoon ->fagót trumpet -> trompeta cello -> violocello tronbone -> tronbon tuba -> tuba saxophone -> saxofón viola -> viola double bass -> contrabajo bongo drum -> bongos tambourine -> pandereta xylofone -> xilofono marimba -> marinba harp -> harpa gong -> gong tsar bell ->tsar kelokol Stalactite cave organ ->gran organo abisal de estalactitas
  10. Okay this is not a class itself its for fun okay take in easy and hope enjoy because this is one of spanish shows are popular during are on air actually its show where have many memes and epic scenes
  11. Hola a todos today in spanish vocabulary: components Component -> Componente Screen -> Pantalla System Unit -> Torre Speaker -> Altavoz Headphone -> Cascos mouse -> Ratón cd -> disco compacto HD -> Disco duro Microphone -> Microfono Laptop -> Ordenador portatil Desktop Computer -> Ordenador de sobremesa north bridge -> puente norte South bridge -> puente sur motherboard -> placa base/placa madre webcam -> camara web printer -> impresora server -> servidor client -> cliente Procresor -> Procesador Floppy disk -> Discos flopy System fan -> ventilador optical drive -> disquetera Network card -> tarjeta de red Driver -> Controlador Power supply -> Fuente de poder Video card -> tarjeta de video Exists many parts in world of computing but i believe its enought today maybe only maybe the next lesson its translate rest of words (existen muchas partes en el mundo de la iformatica pero creo que por hoy es bastante y creo que la siguiente lección puede ser traduciendo las restantes)
  12. i meet someone are so hurted in this forum because are target or flame bullying i cant believe in this forum tolerating this behaviour always be friendly and want meet people for some reason his blog entries of fangirlyng its enought reason for harass her and sincerely she is forced to move in other forum because this place are unfriendly of her she dont deny help of mod staff but point of move in other place because in there are suffered bad comments relating his interests whats the matter? she likes korrina she likes share his experiencies its bad for you or something? she have pure heart more pure than me hope people will be happy and celebrating that because finally she goes another place simply that people cant stand it i dont want blame anyone but hope this thread can be light of people are suffered this type of flame and can share his experiencies i m glad meet this forum but i m witness for watch the bad side and dark part of people with his intentions she is so naive and she wants meet friends and enjoy maybe his vocabylary and how she acts can be a little annoying but this is not reason for flame her seriously its anoying how lost someone you share e mails all the time in this forum and she is force to go for haters what a shame hope the time this place improving and can be more tolerate for people like @CorniFan
  13. Hola a todos Today Car parts (partes de un coche) Vehicles Coche -> Car Van -> Furgoneta Motorbike -> Moto Quadbike -> Quad Bus -> Autobus Car Parts las luces delanteras -> head lights las luces traseras -> tail lights acelerador -> gaspedal frenos -> brakes motor -> engine caja -> trunk ventana -> window eje -> axel claxon -> born conductor -> driver gas -> gasolina gear -> marcha wipers -> limpiaparabrisas transición manual automatica -> transmission manual/automatic rearpew mirror -> espejo retrovisor cinturon del asiento -> seatbelt bumper -> parachoques señal de recambio -> turn signal parabrisas -> windshield
  14. Hola a todos Today Sports (deportes) tennis -> tenis basketball -> baloncesto Fotball -> Fútbol Voleyball -> Voleybol Hockey -> Hockey Ping pong -> Tenis de mesa criquet -> Cricket Horseback riding -> Equitación the game -> el partido the team -> el equipo
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