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  2. This day its everything and the same time its nothing finally i approved everything and almost i have title of vocational studies that means i can work in every place related with my studies i cant believe the previous day of this day everything its negative but today recieve good new i approved the last one and i can enjoy this summer properly without problem finally its like finally i beat this game its amazing how time passed and since 2012 everyday everytime i tried do the best but this is the day for tell dude you are awarded because you work so hard i dont want forget this moment because its like when naruto its a hokage i dont know how explain its something realizes as person this year i make heroic things than average person are impossible but i m capable for make possible impossible things good summer everyone
  3. korrina are good developed character with a decent lucario maybe for you its so normal but i hope in real life use the word "crush" for korrina because maybe people takes bad conclusions for you crush have another meaning for you want to tell me kalos its good region but you can broke the game so easy when you have battle maison the game are completely broken after that all my team are lvl100 from battle maison training with anything else for tell you have a good day and remenber find another meaning of your words sometimes its better check what words are used for change it and find something fits with context for example you love someone you can t mention korrina all the time because there is something fictional and the other person thinks you are something can hurt you in any case hope my words helps you
  4. madoka its not a bad anime its entertaiming but its not a grand thing for me its decent anime with decent number of episode in contrast with shugo chara its so blows for me characters are good but anime itself are easy to forget dont mention the level of filler of sailor moon 101 episodes equal 50% of his content the alola anime of pokemon its inferno for me hope ends so quickly and animantion changes because that childish thing makes me feel embarrased and attack completely in my madurity (its abdsurd believe but i m feel unconfortable watch that animation)
  5. not bad at all i figure you want mimic all korrina do that thing will be funny for me
  6. i knew it you love so much shoujo animes
  7. in summary in first post 1.people bully because subject are fustrated in house or in school and pick weak person 2.people smokes because its a social element for be accepted in somewhere people hate be ignored thats why people prefer be false version of itelf than be honest 3.people are obese because food turns neccesary for everything get it?
  8. There’s a everything of lifestyle practices that are plain aggrieve: Pack away fruits and vegetables, worry, and minimize stress to stay healthy. Do more lenient things, like eating ice cream, in moderation. Don’t start smoking, and brook steps to restrict the cigarettes you smoke each prime if you’re already addicted. But other behaviors, like drinking booze, are away less explicit. Despite the ubiquity of alcohol consumption, epidemiologists and other strength researchers still haven’t figured out how juice and all-inclusive vigour mix. Is equal glass okay—or it is possible that steady healthful—or is it too much? A memorize wide of the mark this week in the fortnightly PLOS Physic attempts to combine to the existing (and commonly confusing) body of knowledge. The 10,000-person mug up bring about a nearly the same conclusion to ones like it in the life: Normally booze intake and mortality (which basically means the distinct possibility of dying while scientists are motionless studying you) manifestation a J-shaped curve; enlightenment drinkers had a minuscule endanger of downfall compared to intense drinkers, but they also had a humiliate mortality anyhow than people who not in any way drank at all. However, unequivalent to preceding investigations, this swot went story trace farther, and ruined down the jeopardy of ruin into partition categories: Chance of eradication from cancer, cardiovascular cancer, and complete mortality (from all causes). In doing so, the researchers attempted to answer a at rest fervent without question about john barleycorn consumption and mortality. While demon rum and overall mortality register this J-shaped curve, other studies elucidate that appear to moderate drinkers have a measure increased chance of cancer. In other words, a draft a hour sway run you less odds-on to yearn of heart plague than teetotaling peers, but it weight also recompense for you more indubitably to fall heir to cancer than those who abstain. “This has understood confusing societal salubriousness messages upon the fettle implications of taper and controlled liquor drinking,” says Andrew Kunzmann, an epidemiologist at Queen’s University in Belfast. When licked down, the researchers create that that to a certain lop off endanger of cessation with dizzy drinking—which gives the graph its representative sag and J shape—didn’t subsist when looking at cancer as a producer of death. As opposed to, both cancer chance (which measures newly-diagnosed cases) and cancer-related demise both rose steadily with increased fire-water consumption.
  9. Lets get started Bullying i suffered bullying along in my life but actually its not the case the fact its people hate another people its different its a fact the problem its from house educaton if you have a poor education of values because you parents hates different people than your parents believes its more likely possible you behave the same way exists because people are frustrated and the fact its dont send psicologist person are bullied its the bully the person needs go to psicologist but in the school and all that places its literally a jungle its impossible be feel confort the teaching staff its not specially prepared for solve problems because sometimes that people are interested exists bully in school its crazy and mad right? sadly the reality of all of things and interests of people makes greedy or be get bullied and the staff enjoys with that violence NOTE TO ALL IDIOTS WHO RATIONALIZE BULLYING: You will be blocked instantly if you rationalize or justify what caveman did. Bullying is not tolerated here. Smoking its incredible dozens of people of everyday smoke cigars or weed simply i dont get it as i said previously bullying and smoking have something what is the thing? simple people are frustrated and that addiction its something control his emotion when the problem its false its a fact this thing its a social element for be accepted but stay tuned because that thing have similarities my most near case its my father he non-stop smoking literally its impossible see without cigar in his mouth its incredible but it is people think if you dont smoke you are dumb its a lie you are the dumb you try challenge me something me something? anyways typical dumb people watch stupity and trashtv Drink People do drink the same way with smoke its a social element for be accepted and its absurd believes that elements makes you better than each other and challenge other people if you dont drink this or there you are not nothing prefer a healthy life than drink vine or beer or sake simply i respect your interest of drinking but its not my case sadly in this society if you dont be bully or dont smoke or you dont drink its more likely possible you be ignored for be a weirdo Overeating the most thing i hate in this top i dont understand why people ate so much until the point are obese its imposible dont be feel unconfortable with someone cant move because his body its too heavy people dont know how eat its a fact prefer eat something in burgerking or mc donals because its quick because in this world everyone wants fast and quick with any waiting simply disgusting... in my opinion i believe exists bead habits of eating i dont want be vegan becuase its useless okay so the best way its take measure for how calories you eat thats it but no people prefer eat so much with greased pizzas hambugers and that things
  10. its not for you its a fact find in my daily life but thats okay thanks for the information i guess its are neccesary all that "you are drama queen" or "calm down" when you dont make difference its directed in you or not but anyways next time i will be "clear" for dont confuse you okay
  11. the problem of that "cuteness" its people make that gurls his waifus for a average weeb dont mention narrative use of lillie its annoying in all aspects i dont deny its cute and simpathetyc gurl but i have another taste in that point korrina its better than lillie
  12. good luck i guess
  13. My first game its final fantasy I port from psx the worst begining for novice player its better gba port game Leave your comment and spread your experiencies
  14. simply i dont get it people ignoring me for some reason and i hate that its because i am smart and people dislikes smart people i dont correct anyone and let people how people is but i dont understand why people dont reply my messages or why lost interest so quickly and are interested in dumb things (in my opinion that things are so dumb) but appareantly its element for be accepted in a relationships sorry but i dont want any condition for be your friend conditions are excuses for stay in confort zone anyways bye bye DONT IGNORE ME :@