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Generation 5



This generations i played in emulator but this year i played in ds and i have more recent memories of both unovas first of all in my opinion oshawott evo line and movesets are useful along the adventure in this game suffered because the game its downloaded so early that means the experiencie doesn t work and enter status its equal crash the game finally i have decent rom and began playing unova its colorful and contrats the most modern and the same time the oldest gym leader its good selection of type and the team building its pretty well i my opinion i remenber use cheats in this gen after beat the elite four and beat everything for find beta items or explore more detaled the map of unova i recognize the legendary hunting in this game its well and his characters have defined personalities N in my opinion defines one side of my personality and its impossible feel emphaty for him he struggles of unfair system and valor for along time its changed completely because he understands even more when he started his trail i remenber in this game feel lost every place in unova its treasure seriously in this game althougth its complicated because meet my first girlfriend and yeah his attention of her are important more later when broke up with her resume the game in his game i dont find any shiny but this adventure are complete for me


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