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Generation 2



  • The second entry in my life was in johto this time my starter was from grass the problem was that I put hidden movements to my starter leaving completely useless which made me resume my adventure this time was water and was more expert and were to my credit 251 pokemons add 2 new types and the table of weaknesses expands the game and I got more adult and I was already aware that it was a paper and scissors stone in which you had to draw a good hand to finish the opponent what overflowed me was the amount of medals and the return to kanto I have the silver and crystal pokemon in my possession the problem with this game is that you do not find a place where you can raise levels against the net with nothing less than an incomplete level 50 team for my luck my pokemons had a good moveset and I ended up studying the network pattern respect to the return of leaders and an elite four that becomes raw with their revenge seem exquisite additions I have to say that in this generation I learned much more even the use of ditto to discover that it was compatible helped me to complete the pokedex given that I was given evolved phases but I wanted the inputs of the previous evolutions in this my relatives we had fights had a team decent which defeated them they came to be surprised that it was wearing a red gyarados given that they thought it could not be captured

List of shinies

  • Ditto
  • Onix
  • Raticate
  • Caterpie


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