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Generation 4



In this generation I started with a girl called TINA. In this generation we have 493 pokemons in our videogame. I have to be honest like the DS. I ended up hacking it when the diamond game came out. the dawn of pokemon except with some improvements in the game note that I had some leaders and some coaches teams of the most absurd did not find a place in what I was seeing in this generation I have in my possession the diamond the platinum the soul silver (I have the others but this is within the gen5) the game for its time was very good many people after these people I leave it I liked cyntia I liked the Galaxy team very much and I liked it as a concept everything was even for me my beginnings with the pokesav pokemons and make others for my friends always looked for me and made me the order and I as god creator created majestic pokemons endowed with a destructive power manipulated by the hack the platinum to this I improve the teams of the leaders more post game even the battle tower with the facilities that never enjoy much the truth is that in this generation I have not had many shinys but the truth is that I really enjoy this gene maybe annoying was the GTS all the requests were of a crazy caliber gave place to that there would be no type of reciprocity between players enjoy much of the subsoil so is that I am a standard bearer



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