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Generation 3



  • with the arrival of the third generation having in my possession ruby sapphire fire red and lead green there is nothing more to say that was for me one of the most editions I got through a friend of my father who gave me a choice between a game cube or 4 games of pokemon that I was getting little by little because they passed them to me and then they gave them to me because he had already grown up with a boy and a wife and that was how he decided to leave pokemon to the 3 generations For me it was a gene that I liked pretty much the graphics and I was struck by their tones with that sublime quality I hummed them when I wanted to come back from school to hear them again and again with 386 pokemons and many game modes that the truth offered me I miss guys the slots of that city and what to say about a league of the most memorable I remember how lost I was in the victory street but I leave a good taste in my mouth all the games and with the arrival of the emulation my prime r contact with the emerald was in Japanese but later in my language the truth is that I noticed an improvement with respect to everything and the green redesign of the character fascinated me was quite the edition that more shinys I've had to date as I was older and I understood better what they were saying to me in the game because I enjoyed the games even more. They caught me very small, not even infant. It was literally a baby when I played them and see all the recourse they make me cry but I do not feel sorry for them. these games I remember the exchanges and I remember that I had pokemons from the colosseum one of the games damaged my data and I started again like a girl who call her Maria in fire red obtain my pidgey

List of shinies

  • Pidgey
  • Electrike
  • Numel
  • Golbat
  • Graveler
  • Whismur


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