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Generation 5 2.0



  • the first time pokemon make games like that still we have 649 pokemons and the story its in the same region unova but 2 years later this game save good memories and i remenber have good post game you know what my dear reader this game its good eixample how pokemon black and white and the second part its not the same its compltely different and unova its even bigger his people changes and kyurem have power for combines with zekrom and reshiram i remenber the curve of levels in this game are fair and decent the same like his interface like black interface so much this game introduces another gym leader and introduces in different order pattern i remenber how my girldfriend (yeah still) when i trying capture virizeon how she wants my attention again and wants talks to me for something i more detailed this situation its summer and she enter in my room and my house without any permission and without for any reason and quickly threw her literally on the street again yeah my old relationship with her its crazy because she possesive and the age are specially the problem but his age mind are different in other words she dont  loves me and she never feel love since his first boyfriend and its difficult for here make his relations more solid behind my psicology knowledge in this game  shinies but its because i beat the 10 floor and someone gifts a shiny gible pokemon world tournament oh my god another thing makes this game so amazing seriously i remenber my friend and me in the screen beating leaders and beating red and how he congratulate me because he rejects buy this game but he takes the chance for play in my emulator and his opinion still the same rejects second part of pokemon
  • Gible
  • Haxorus
  • Dratini


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