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  1. Bingo evandixon! I have similar thoughts. Also, I am rewatching it.
  2. Play day with Clarence!




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      Whoops, I think I set my language to French by accident :P

    2. jasenyoface


      And that's a great thing wraths! haha

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      Pas un accident, @wrathsoffire76

      Not an accident, @wrathsoffire76


      You chose French and French chose you.

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  3. No not at all! Lol. Actually Sylveon’s evolution involves affection. Espeon and Umbreon was the inspiration. Psychic/Dark
  4. So, yeah... Netflix is the home of Death Note movie 2017. Has anyone watched it? What did you think?
  5. Yes it’s possible. But remember, even an Eevee has a cap on friendship before it evolves.
  6. Since you asked; I believe that most people on here are serious; they're serious about their contributions and take-aways from the site. And that's a great thing! At the same time, there are some people that are not serious/thoughtful enough. Sometimes the most friendliest/kindest thing you can do is to check someone. Its obviously up to you on how you choose to handle your emotions in that situation. People commonly read or search for intention and tone in text. I find that if a text reply is vague or ambiguous the meaning of the message could be lost due to the lack of emotional restraint from the recipient of that message. However, since we are in this section of the site: Rick and Morty is freaking awesommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme! Season 3 on now, watch it! (in Rick's voice)
  7. Request satisfied via trade; OP & me.
  8. until
  9. Take note: I can gen this pkm file for you. Thank you for using the format to make your request. What ability would you like the Mew to have? Eject + isn't an option. There is an item called "Eject Button", though. If thats what you meant, let me know. Generally, when a member requests a pkm file, we got to assume that they have read the rules and have no ill intent with the file, regardless of the file's legality. When a member suggests bad intentions with the file (outlined in the rules) is when it's a problem. And finally, one thing wrong here is that this topic is posted in the wrong location. I'm moving this post to PKM Requests forum. If anyone has a followup question or comment please contact me or another staff member.
  10. Sounds awesome. if they did do it, I get the feeling they would use Granbull as the base with fairy/dark XD
  11. Also, somehow factor in why They chose those specific Pokemon to debut the first Alolan forms.
  12. I'd like to see a Mega Evolved Alolan Pokémon. It's gotta happen at some point?
  13. A while ago, I was going to make a funny about Mankey not have an Ash cap event. The recent Pikachu Outbreak parade got me thinking about how Pikachu, Ditto and Mimikyu are related. Mimikyu envies Pikachu. Mimikyu presents itself as Pikachu. Ditto can be Pikachu. Still not sure where I'm going with it, but maybe Ditto has an alternate form (Mimikyu); it's a ghost/fairy type without the (desperately desired) move transform. ha
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  16. RoC’s PC contains save data for FRLG, as well as save files from other generations. Check it out:
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  18. Yeahp! Ya know, I'vent been able to obtain a "special 2 km egg" from the special Pokéstops. I saw on reddit that a player posted pics of a shiny Pichu. I'm not sure if it's legit, probably is though.
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