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  1. Change directory in Terminal: cd users/robertspradlin/Downloads/PKHeX So when you’re in the PKHeX folder, do: wine PKHeX.exe
  2. Hmm. The default icon is irrelevant. If you cannot launch the .exe directly with wine (preferred method) than you should consider moving the PKHeX folder to $ /.wine/drive_c/Program Files/ Run the exe in that environment instead. Which method did you use to install wine? Personally, I <brew> Wine (I use the dev version) Winetricks and any other components such as, getting Xquartz up to date, pull latest winetricks.
  3. Try the wrap for macOS 10.12. It’s in the OP.
  4. If I were in dire need of unlimited TMs, I would edit my save with PKHeX. Using PKHeX, we are able to edit the count field of TMs in G4, specifically. You can only set the amount to 99; It is obviously not unlimited, but it gets the job done. See These: Thank you RoC for the save!
  5. How well do you pay attention to your fellow community members? Great! Now name the last avatar used by the user above you! No cheetos please XD
  6. Hey Apple, instead of moving the Auto-Brightness toggle around within Settings, can I get a toggle for it on Control Center?

    Maybe in 2020 “)

    1. Sabresite


      Maybe it is possible to customize the touch bar to have it?

    2. jasenyoface


      There isn't a widget for it, however there is a toggle for Night Shift and True Tone after a "3D Touch" or long-press on the brightness slider.  



      btw @Sabresite, Wineskin will run on High Sierra! and PKHeX for Mac thread has been updated. Finally. 

    3. Got_Eevees


      ...That's nice...Pkhex on Mac..equality for all pc's...

  7. Download FAQ Support Forum PKHeX 17.10.17 is now available! Checkout the new details below and visit the download link above to grab a copy! View full article
  8. In order for this topic to remain open, two guidelines need to be met: Stay on topic Do not “double post” Formal warnings will be issued. This means: moving forward, posts will need to be approved before appearing on the forums; warning points will also be applied to your account; lastly, temporary/permanent bans may be issued. Is it worth it? For the most part, this thread has been cleaned up and it would be wonderful if it stays this way. Thank you and carry on.
  9. From the album: Killian Arthur

    First time in a long time since he has let me hold him. Over the past month, he has been exploring the outdoors during daylight hours. He was very persistent on running outside every time the door opened, so finally, we decided to go with the flow and let him out He’s so much happier now, not to mention all of that pent up, aggressive energy is being used for healthier things such as exercise. Killian has become very laid back in such a short period of time; I’m able to actually pet him for more than five minutes. Is it male Vs male thing? He’as always gotten along with the girls. Haha
  10. In my experience, using the data in "04 - Gen II - GSC Collection {pk2}"works fine for Gen 2.
  11. This is because Winebottler wouldn’t allow me to apply a theme.
  12. @Got_Eevees as long as you follow the guidelines in the OP, Ho-Oh and Lugia are fair game. I'm looking forward to seeing your submission Got_Eevees!
  13. From the Wine drop down menu: Configuration -> Desktop Integration -> Install Theme Use a .msstyles file type. (you can find some OS X themes online) Select apply! Open PKHeX again. That should work. Thank you for pointing that out! I typically run PKHeX with Wine instead of using the wrapper in the OP. I discovered that PKHeX.app isn't compatible with macOS 10.3. As soon as I get the wrapper sorted out, I'll update the OP with new links. That is, if it will be compatible.
  14. Voici le PKHeX pour Mac 17.09.22!


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