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Found 3 results

  1. I've been lurking on this site for many years, but never actually made an account. Today I thought I would finally change that because I have some news I wanted to share with you. You probably already know Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver will release on September 22 on the 3DS Virutal Console. Amazon Japan recently opened up pre-orders for the boxed edition of these games and it states that with it, you will get a special 3DS Theme which roughly translates to "Pocket Monsters Gold · Silver - People's Theme". Source: https://www.amazon.co.jp/s?field-keywords=B07599P5H2|B0758ZJ6Q4 There are currently no public images of this 3DS Theme available, but since I couldn't wait I went and found out myself. After some digging I found out that there currently are 3 Pokémon Gold & Silver themes uploaded to Nintendo's CDN, all are uploaded to the JP, US and EU regions: Pokemon - Pokémon Gold Version Pokémon - Pokémon Silver Version Pokémon Gold-Silver - Cast Top image type: Static Bottom image type: Scrolling Top image type: Static Bottom image type: Scrolling Top image type: Scrolling Bottom image type: Scrolling Background Music: Main Title Theme Background Music: Main Title Theme Background Music: Gym Theme Has artwork of Ho-oh at the top and artwork of various Pokémon at the bottom Has artwork of Lugia at the top and artwork of various Pokémon at the bottom Has artwork of the 8 gym leaders at the top and artwork of various main characters and trainer classes at the bottom It looks like the theme Amazon Japan is talking about is the third one and it is currently unknown on how to get this theme in the US and EU. It is also unknown on how to obtain the first two themes at all in any region. Normally you are able to buy themes thought the 3DS Theme Shop, but there are some themes which are pre-order/special edition of hard- or software exclusive. We will just have to wait and see on how to get them, but we at least know there will most likely be a way to get them in all regions. That's it, hope you like them as much as I do! Update (20 sept.): Since all of these now are publicly available I have removed the spoiler I posted the images in previously. We now also know how you will get some of these themes. The Gold and Silver themes were officially revealed after September 13th's Nintendo Direct and you will be able to get them by buying the games on the Nintendo eShop in JP and US. I do also think this is the case in the EU but I cannot find any information about this and I cannot confirm this myself. The download code will appear on the eShop reciet (together with a Celebi code for Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon). It seems like in order to get these themes, you have to buy the game directly from the eShop itself. There appears to be no code for these 2 themes (and Celebi) on the reciet if you buy a code from a retailer (ex. Amazon) and activate it yourself, which is rather weird. How this is done with the codes in the boxed copies of the game in JP and EU is currently not clear. If you happen to have a Japanese 3DS though, you will also be able to get these themes though MyNintendo Japan, both themes cost 20 gold coins each. The third "cast" theme is not officially revealed yet, but it turns out that if you are in the US and also buy a code though Amazon and pre-load in on your 3DS, you will find a code for this theme on your reciet instead, just as with Amazon Japan. It appears that this is the only code on the eShop reciet though, so no Gold or Silver theme (and no Celebi code). It is currently not known on how to get this theme in EU.
  2. I'm having trouble finding the Team Plasma Themes on the Theme Shop in the US. They were supposed to be released in the US on February 1st, 2018. It is these themes here that I am looking for: I have no Idea if I'm in the right place for this kind of topic, but if anyone can help me and/or notify me of when they do get released, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  3. The first generation was... well the original generation. The second was: -an expansion of the first -PURE (I mean how alot of the new Pokemon had a softer/cuter tone. Also applying to other details than jsut the designs, like creating actual grass pokemon which are not part POISON. All the pre-evolutions aka babies. The starters being pure types through all 3 stages and so on) The third can be described with: -fresh new start -EXOTIC (all possible locations ranging from volcano over desert, islands, to a city on trees... more rarer type pokemon like dragons, ghosts, dark (and more cool combinations)...) The theme of the 4th generation was openly mentioned in interviews by official people: -ULTIMATE (extremely powerful legendaries, and alot of em... alot of strong evolutions to older pokes, very big region, almost all pokemon available one way or another etc.) SO what could be the theme GF is going to use for future generations? My ideas: -BALANCE this would mean very few new water and normal pokemon for example, some highly needed evolutions instead of just the cool ones (so farfetch'd, luvdisc etc), gyms using types which arent in every region (theres no dark gym yet, but 4 fight, 3 electric, 3 water 3 rock...) new pokemon with rare competitive abilities, improving alot of older pokes movesets to make them useful... =O?
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