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  1. Nah I don't work with that, usually I want to have a linux machine and ssh access so that I can install what I need and do whatever I want to. In that website I've used php, node and other stuff that I'm not sure I'll be able to use in most of the free domains
  2. Hello everyone, this is my first time here I hope this is the correct area to post. I don't really play competitive pokemon game but a friend of mine does, so he showed me www.pokecheck.org some time ago. Since it is died and I had a free weekend I've decided to do something similar. I'm using an aws host so I haven't bought the domain name to not spend (waste?) money. The website is very easy to use, you can find all the info in the home. If I see that people are interested in this I could support all pkm files, improve the filters, get a proper domain name, setup some features that yo
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