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  1. I honestly forgot I can edit items in PKHex too. ^_^; But it's not that I simply looked for a solution, but it was more out of interest on what's the deal on this.
  2. One big difference Gen 5 made was that TMs had unlimited use. Which was a godsend. Meanwhile, for Gen 3 games it has also been figured out how to implement it. Pretty simple hex edit really if you know how to follow instructions. But I've seen nothing of the sort of Gen 4 games. Naturally they aren't as easy to hack as Gen 3 games afaik. So I'd assume it won't just happen by snapping your fingers. Yet I don't see anything about it at all. Like no one is even giving it a thought to implement the unlimited use of TMs in Gen 4 games. Has nobody tried this yet or they have and given up? From a non-hacking perspective it's such a small thing that changes a lot. So it would be great if it could be implemented in Gen 4 games too and not just Gen 3 games. Mostly because I don't really care much for the gen 3 style games.
  3. I can confirm it works. I can upload Pokemon to use the Dreamworld and have traded a bunch of Pokemon with other people via the GTS. Dun ask me how I did it though. Just glad it's working.
  4. Yup, woops for me too. Thanks for the help.
  5. Third day in a row I only get Sparkling Sea. Never had a Water-type tucked in. But I'll try that last thing tomorrow, wouldn't be surprised if that was the magical solution. ;
  6. It keeps going into the same area, the sea one. Any reason why? Kinda pointless in using this if I keep getting the same thing.
  7. I think you've confused samurai with ninja's. Ninja's are the sneaky ones, samurai mostly follow an honor code which suit with the Fighting-type.
  8. I have noticed that the Pokemon Rangers in Pinwheel Forest also say nothing after beating them. While that isn't a huge problem, the items they give can't be received either. This problem effects most likely all of that kind of trainers.
  9. So it changes your male character and some names. I guessing you are planning more than just that, maybe you should list that to create interest.
  10. You're probably just very unlucky. I have had no problems with encountering shaking patches of grass, besides the fact that it takes a while sometime.
  11. [sPECIAL-LEVEL-EVOLUTION-BUG-FIXED]5-Generation-Evolution-Editor"]http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?11507-[RELEASED-V1-2][sPECIAL-LEVEL-EVOLUTION-BUG-FIXED]5-Generation-Evolution-Editor There is a read me included that pretty much explains everything.
  12. Or you can use the Evolution Editor to edit the method of evolving or what a pokemon can evolve into.
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