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  1. Thanks for understanding! See you around the forums. “)
  2. @noiserus moving forward, please pay attention to the forum descriptions before making a post. This topic has been moved from Pokémon Event News to Pokémon Game Discussions.
  3. Thanks theSLAYER. I had to do some things on my 3DS, before I could help out. @Gamerboy820 Nevertheless here is my FC: I’ve got the berries and the Darkrai. Let’s trade! Accepting throwaway Pokémon.
  4. CFW talk is okay. But yeah follow the guide in the link above. After, you’ll be able to manage your save files and use them with programs like PKHeX.
  5. @Venom_rich, look for the log that Kaphotics mentioned and post it here. It’s a lot faster than guess work.
  6. Spawns Roselia Delibird Seedot Marill Raids Any Starters Magikarp - I don’t pass them up = “shiny for sure this time” [N]H[O]PE
  7. Pokémon Supernova Sun and Penumbra Moon is now widely available for VG players! Only a month after Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon were released we are presented with the first ROM hack for USUM. Truly explore the Alola region like never before! So let’s get into it but first and foremost, @Dio_Vento, thank you! If you’re familiar with some of his other works from the past such as: Rutile Ruby & Star Sapphire and last year’s hit Nova Sun & Umbra Moon, than you probably know what sort of fun you’re getting yourself into. However, if you’re new to this scene, follow along. Pokémon SnS/PuM is a fully functional ROM hack to use only with Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon games. To clarify, you must own or buy the original game(s) to use a ROM hack. Moving right along, there are four builds available for this ROM hack. Each build holds unique properties so read the descriptions carefully and choose the one most suited for you. Pokémon in SnS/PuM: Bigger variety can be caught in the wild (no version exclusives). Access to all Pokémon evolution lines excluding non-Legendaries before the Elite Four. Also the probability of them holding items is increased significantly. Pokémon that require special evolution items and Pokémon that are capable of Mega-Evolution may be found holding their respective items in the wild. A Pokémon’s special evolution action such as Trade Evolutions and time/location based evolutions has be altered In favor of convenience. And much, much more. Poké Marts and Items: The more un-popular items have been purged from Marts and replaced with “competitive” items. Also watch those price tags -the economy is ever changing. In addition to those changes, some items’ effects have been changed. One item was renamed and repurposed, also keep and eye out of a new item: the Restoration Wing! It fully restores your Pokémon’s HP and status conditions. The Restoration Wing cannot be used during battles. Last but not least, changes to Trainers: Trainer teams have been re-designed to be more competitive and carry more Pokémon. All island bosses and main foes carry six Pokémon. This is a great training experience for your Pokémon with EXP Share, and for you. Hours of grinding isn’t really necessary as you will level up fairly along your quest to match your opponents. You may find yourself thinking outside of your normal way of play; coming up with new strategies in response to the harsher demand on your team. View full article
  8. Overall, very nice! At 1:06 you got a Pidgeotto instead of a Pidgey
  9. From the album: Killian Arthur

    I don't know if I should cover him up or scare him :))
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