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  1. On I pkhexed a partner Eevee on Pokemon Lets Go Eevee and then traded it to Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and now the game thinks my partner is the pkhexed Eevee is there any thing I can do?

    PS: I cant trade or send to professor the Partner Eevee but the SID TID and OT is is from my Eevee save and not my PIkachu save so I thought I could send it to the Professor.

    1. theSLAYER


      You probably should have started a thread, as opposed to writing a status etc.

      Also, how did you "trade" a partner Eevee to Let's Go Pikachu? I'm pretty sure any partner variant couldn't be traded?
      Likewise, any partner variant can't be transferred. If you want to remove it, just use PKHeX to remove it.

      If that can't be done, and you're really bothered by it, then you got no choice but to start over.
      No other way around it, as far as I can tell.

    2. PokeJamesZ


      Ok sorry for writing in status did not know how to start a thread but I manged to fix it by swapping the order of my Pokemon and then transferred the partner Eevee to the professor so now only have a partner Pikachu again.

      PS: I was able to trade the partner Eevee from Pokemon Lets Go Eevee by giving it a random trainer information Aka a random SID a random TID and a random OT so that the game then thought it was not a partner Eevee from Pokemon Lets Go Eevee

    3. theSLAYER


      Are you sure you inserted a partner Eevee? Partner Eevee has a different form ID from regular Eevee. Like how “dusk” rockruff has a different Forme id, despite looking like a regular rockruff.

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