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  1. You can't, Powersaves doesn't allow it. Read my post above.
  2. I've been trying to find the Brendan/May Lati@s in-flight models for ages and like you and only managed to find the cutscenes version. Where did you find them?
  3. Finally someone has found how to do this! Had a random trawl and these are what I've found. Not tested it yet, though. Will have a go later. 041 - where you battle Groudon 043 - Cycle road 044-065 - contest arenas/stages 066 - Wally final battle (red flowers) 068 - some kind of city with big tall buildings 069 - soaring? 070 - Shoal cave 071 - Shoal cave 2 078 - Roxanne's gym 076 - Room with loads of pipes. Gym? 108 - A volcano. Mt Chimney? 085 - Gym 8 (Wallace) for some reason they labelled this one! 113 - Final battle against rival after credits 083 - Gym with all the wooden flip doors 107 - Round grassy arena with little huts. 094 - Same as above, no huts 096 - Pool of water surrounded by trees 092 - A cave 097 - Lots of tall trees - petalberg woods? 086 - Ash route 090 - Slateport beach 103 - sky pillar inside 110 - world championships! 111 - Another worlds stage? Has slightly different world map 156 - Standard wifi
  4. Beyond starter editing, are there any more interesting things that pk3DS could support in terms of CRO editing? Portal legendary encounters or things like that?
  5. Does anyone know where the lava/water effects for the title screen are? I've changed pretty much everything in a/1/5/2 that I think it could be and nothing so far! I'm guessing they're somewhere else. I'm trying to change the background textures green.
  6. You can already edit item name and description, can't you? And I think the item sprites can be changed in Ohana3DS. But I don't think adding an item is possible yet, only changing an existing one.
  7. I believe you have to work within the confines of the original model, otherwise it will appear garbled like yours did. It's why the only custom models people have made so far (Wallace, Red, Ash, Blue etc) are basically just edits of existing overworld/in-battle models. What kind of changes did you make? When you start to change the height, add custom clothing etc, it starts to get a bit messy. Yours isn't as bad as one of my attempts! [ATTACH=CONFIG]12433[/ATTACH]
  8. I can't open anything in Rebirth for some reason, only the regular Ohana. When I unpack the GARCs myself using GARCtool, they come out like this (and both models and textures be opened in Ohana): As far as I can see these aren't BCH files (or are they?) When use Ohana to unpack the GARCs, the files look like this: I can't get any of these files to open in Rebirth. The 'open' button only allows BCH files (which apparently I don't have) and the 'import' button just does nothing when I press it. Is there some kind of BCH converter? Or am I unpacking the a/0/0/8 GARC wrong?
  9. Been using this to edit textures for a while now and it's worked perfectly every time, but I've hit a couple of snags... Vivillon is the first model I've come across that doesn't seem to display the textures on the model in Ohana, so you're basically working blind. I'm trying to make some custom Vivillons with different patterns, and I'm obviously doing something wrong because all the patterns are appearing perfectly in place... but on the back of the wings. Here's the test I've been using: I've tried lots of variations but no luck. And here's what I'm seeing in Ohana when the texture is loaded: Normally I don't mind just figuring it out for myself but because repacking the a/0/0/8 folder takes 2-3 hours for me, it's getting a bit annoying doing trial and error. Another thing... where is the Brendan/May on Mega Latios/Latias stored? I can't find it in the overworld model folder. I've edited the Latios and Mega Latios overworld models to the shiny texture, and they appear correctly as Latios is preparing to mega evolve, then for a second after it mega evolves, but once you're in control, it reverts back to the standard colouration. Presumably this is because there's a separate model somewhere with the player characters on the back?
  10. Is is possible to add forms where a Pokémon either has several forms already, or has none? I have some edited models that I'd like to show up in the Pokédex as purely cosmetic forms. The first two examples have multiple forms already - Purple Flower Floette, and a Camouflage Pattern Vivillon. The other is a little more complex (I presume) - several coloured Greninjas based on real tropical frogs. I would like to be able to flick through the Pokédex and see all the named forms. I know actually creating Pokémon beyond the 721 isn't possible, but what about forms? I haven't seen anyone do it yet, but I don't know if that's because it isn't possible or because nobody cares.
  11. Why are you pressing the home button when you see Brendan? This is live RAM editing, effectively changing your save file while the game is running, so you actually need to be in-game and not on the title screen. HOW TO USE And since you've got a Gateway card, why not just use SaveDataFiler?
  12. Are ORAS Pokémon games? I think that answers the question. Powerplay IS Powersaves. There is literally no difference. It's a sneaky marketing gimmick. The hardware is identical, and the software can just be downloaded online. I bought the dongle marketed as Powersaves, but I've used the Powerplay software ever since it came out, simply because it looks better and I've heard it uses a dedicated Pokémon server, whereas the Powersaves software is for all 3DS games (not sure how true this is).
  13. It isn't a video. What's happened is your computer has associated the file type with a media player (VLC?), but it is absolutely not a video! Anyway, you don't need to "do" anything with the code.bin. Just put it on your SD card and forget about it. Have you tried using the sample Pokémon in the first post?
  14. There is no way to go back to a previous firmware, unfortunately. Once you're on the latest firmware, that's it, there's no fix. The Gateway card requires you to be on 9.2 or below, so that's not really an option. The only thing you can do are buy another 3DS, search for a second hand one with firmware 9.0-9.5.0-22. That really is your only option, and you're not alone, loads of people have accidentally updated their firmware.
  15. You have partially decrypted your save file, and can view/edit in PKHeX. That much has been doable since about February 2014. What you can't do with Powersaves is send this edited save file back in your cartridge. This was achieved by a select few, but the method was discovered by Datel and patched before it was released to the public. Currently there is no chance of "tricking" the Powersaves dongle into putting your edited save file in, because, as I understand it, their servers check the save file before and after it has been taken from your game cartridge. When you restore the backup in the Powersaves software, it detects that you've tampered with it and doesn't allow the injection. This could easily be disabled by Datel, making the Powersaves able to inject PKHeX-edited save files, but their business model seems to be to only allow what they see fit (even though the sales would probably go through the roof if they announced they were taking the restrictions off) Their are a few options you have to inject your save file: 1) RAM2Sav - A free exploit released in January this year, available to anyone with a 3DS, internet connection and firmware 9.5.0-22 or lower. This method was patched in the 9.5.0-23 update on March 2nd. 2) Gateway card - This requires you to be on firmware 9.2 or below, and you need to purchase the Gateway card. There is a Gateway program called SaveDataFiler that you use to extract and inject your save file. 3) Cyber Gadget Save Editor - This is save editing in its purest form, as it completely bypasses your 3DS and just connects to your cartridge to a dongle, like the Powersaves. The difference is that you can do anything you want with your save file. The downside is that it only works with Japanese cartridges. I import my games anyway and I've been using it fine since it was released in July last year. That is it for the foreseeable future.
  16. It doesn't still work, as it says in the message at the top of every page of the forum and countless times in this and the other RAM exploit threads. The 3DS came out in February 2011, and X and Y in October 2013, and it's took this long to find an exploit. Once an exploit is patched, that's it. It's gone. Exploits are not supposed to exist. Until someone finds another, basically by trial and error, you're out of luck.
  17. As far as I know, in ORAS, the shiny locks only apply to story legends, because it'd be weird to have a regular Pokémon in a cutscene and a shiny one when you battle (although in XY they went a bit tight and decided to shiny lock everything, even the Legendary Birds that you don't see in the overworld. Mewtwo and Zygarde I can maybe accept since they have overworld models). Anyway, in ORAS they seem to have gone back to just cutscene legends being shiny locked. I'm guessing these encounters are kind of hard coded to never be shiny, rather than a species-specific shiny lock. So a Groudon/Kyogre/Rayquaza/Deoxys encountered in Petalburg Woods could, theoretically, be shiny. Nobody go shiny hunting on my say so though! I suppose it wouldn't take too long since you can encounter hordes/use the DexNav. But obviously, this is pretty pointless since it will still be illegal online. If you can edit the encounter tables live, I'm guessing you can do lots more. Granted, it's all pretty pointless, which is why nobody has made an in-depth program yet. There is a project on GBAtemp for Gateway users which is basically an action replay, complete with the same code structure and style as the DS days. It would be cool to have something similar for 9.5.0-22 and below, for non-Gateway users. A suped-up version of KazoWAR's encedit program would be great, where you can select the game (X/Y/OR/AS), route, Pokémon, form, level, shiny or non-shiny etc.
  18. So this isn't exactly related to the thread's topic, but interesting nonetheless. I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned on here considering it's been around almost as long as the other RAM exploits. Thanks to KazoWAR who created the program. Instructions: 1) Use the encedit program to set the 5 pokemon that will spawn. 2) Click Save, its saved to encdata.bin. 3) Copy code.bin and encdata.bin to 3DS SD card. 4) In OR/AS go to Petalburg Woods. 5) Save the game. 6) Reset the game. 7) Once you are back in Petalburg Woods, press home and go to the browser. 8) Go to http://loadcode.projectpokemon.org 9) After browser crash go back to game. There are a few limitations: 1) Like the other exploits, you need to be on firmware 9.5.0-22 or below. I'm not sure what the lower limit is. 2) It only works for Petalburg Woods 3) You can't make the wild Pokémon shiny, although they won't have a shiny lock on them. I suspect the last two are something which could easily be changed in an updated version of the program. Looking at the raw data, I don't know if it's as easy as changing 'Petalburg Woods' to your desired location, but I doubt it. Files: http://www.mediafire.com/download/88folb28y61t28x/encedit.rar Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/xLJ4ZZ2p
  19. So... This was done without a Gateway cartridge, so anyone with the correct firmware (that can use RAM editing) can do this. Tutorial coming!
  20. RAM editing encounter tables is possible apparently (which surprised me), it's just nobody has made a tool for it yet. There was talk of somebody on GBAtemp making such a program, way back when all the RAM exploits first became public, but I've not seen anything yet. Shasseur66 is making a tutorial apparently, so we'll see.
  21. I'm fairly certain you did have to update to go online, at least you definitely did with 1.3 on XY.
  22. Well, until they're made available. Only took Arceus 6 years and Reshiram/Zekrom 5
  23. PKHeX worked with Powersaves for about 48 hours, what must have been over just a year ago now. The method wasn't publicly released, but Datel sussed it out and patched it. It's all done server-side so Datel could easily just allow the hardware to be used with PKHeX if they wanted to, and maybe in the current climate where Powersaves isn't all that, that would be a better money spinner for them.
  24. The code isn't the problem, the method to do it has been patched. The exploit's discovery was basically guesswork in the first place, and now it's back to the drawing board. It took, what, 15 months to find the web browser exploit. I wouldn't expect anything else soon.
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