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  1. I don't think you understand what they're saying. I've seen this method posted in a few places, and apparently it does work, but I'm reluctant to try it as it means updating the firmware on one of my 3DSes. You need two 3DSes - one with the latest firmware and one with a firmware capable of using the various RAM exploits. You patch the game on the one with the latest firmware, then put that SD card in the one with the lower firmware. Would that work? Are patches visible on the SD card as files? Could someone not upload it so people could just drag and drop it into their SD card? Or are they linked with the 3DS system you download it on? I'm guessing it isn't as easy as that, or someone would have done it before.
  2. If they remove Pokémon, they might as well just not include them in the first place. As much as I love spoilers, it would be nice to be genuinely surprised when they reveal a new event legendary. I don't really know why they didn't do this in X and Y. I suppose it is better to have everything on one cart rather than loads of add-ons stored on the SD card, although loads of 3DS games introduce new characters and even maps and areas via patches. I'm guessing they didn't expect X and Y to be mined. Kaphotics and SciresM have posted details of the changes in the past using a diff checker (http://pastebin.com/QsNqLSqV & http://pastebin.com/jkhAFgcQ). They haven't really added anything substantial before, certainly compared to other 3DS games. They sorted out the Lumiose saving bug, then added the Pokéball animations and Friend Safari Vivillon sprites which was the most notable thing they've done. That patch also, annoyingly, stopped you using impossibly hacked Pokémon with friends, with the same checks as Battle Spot. Before that you could use unreleased/illegal Pokémon which was just harmless fun, although with the widespread use of the new RAM editing exploits I guess it would be pretty annoying running into 12 year old passer bys trolling. I wouldn't be at all surprised if this patch only has minor bug fixes and it's main purpose is forcing people to update.
  3. They've never removed a Pokémon with an update so I doubt they'd do it now. Volcanion and Hoopa aren't going anywhere and neither did Diancie.
  4. PKHex is a program and can be used whenever you want to use it. It is not dependant on 3DS firmware If you mean "can I use RAM exploits in 9.5?", then that depends on which version you have. If you have anything below 9.5.0-23, you can use RAM exploits. Anything above that, and you can't. This is highly unlikely to change, and if it does, the disclaimer at the top of this forum will be amended to reflect this.
  5. But it's a feature which can be used, just not with RAM2Sav since it's a constantly changing number. It's just one of the limitations of RAM editing, since you're basically editing your save file within your game. If you edit your save file and just inject it in (Cyber Gadget, Gateway), you can edit constantly changing data like play time and party Pokémon
  6. Old thread, but can I just point out... 1) You cannot play with permanent mega evolutions in Pokémon Amie. It crashes your game and I've heard of one person who has lost their save file. The game isn't designed to have mega evolutions outside of battle so obviously they won't work in Amie. 2)Pokémon revert after battle and when they're left in your party and the game is closed. This happens 100% of the time. If you want to keep permanent mega evolutions stored, put them in the PC. They will stay like that forever, or at least until you battle/close the game with them in your party.
  7. What save dongle? R4i? No, you can't.
  8. You can't trade illegal Pokémon. The request you've described is super illegal, so there's no way of getting it to you at all. If you can't get it in-game, you can't trade it. The only way you can get Pokémon like the one you've described is via cheating, so your brother is out of luck.
  9. It's not like you need to have any interest in learning any Japanese whatsoever, since the modified version is the only one that allows you to use PKHeX with it, and that is available in English One thing that is worth noting to people thinking of getting the Cyber Gadget... with Regionthree, the region free spider exploit, you can play Japanese games on a foreign (US/EU etc) 3DS. So if your 3DS isn't on the latest firmware and you want it to be (to use the eShop for example), all you need to gen in the future is a Japanese copy of the game and the Cyber Editor device, not a Japanese 3DS as well like before. Once you've started your save file on your Japanese game, you can update your 3DS firmware, and use the Cyber Gadget instead of RAM2Sav. You're not missing much. I had it back when sixth gen save editing became available when the Cyber Gadget came out, and it was just a lesser version of PKHeX. I question whether the "legal-locked" mode works, since it would require an incredibly complex program with all the different variables that the servers check for.
  10. As countless other people have been told, you cannot downgrade your firmware. NEVER update your firmware if you plan on using things like RAM2Sav, not unless the update has been deemed safe, which will happen instantly pretty much. Unless your game was not version 1.2, that's not possible. I've just double checked and I can get online fine in Pokémon X/Alpha Sapphire on both my 3DSes. You can't be blocked from going online in a Pokémon game without the latest 3DS firmware (or at least, they haven't done it so far) but you can be blocked from going online without the latest game patch. When they release the ORAS 1.3/XY 1.4 patch, people will be forced to update their 3DS firmware if they want to go online, and I'm surprised a patch hasn't been released solely for this purpose yet.
  11. I did this in August, not in PKHeX but manually in a hex editor. I can't for the life of me remember how to do it though. I vaguely remember using a diff checker after changing the icon manually in-game, and stumbling across the value. I'll have a go later.
  12. Piracy aside (there's no suggestion this user doesn't own a copy of a gen 6 game) I doubt Game Freak feels respected when people plug their games into Cyber Gadget Save Editors and hack away, or edit the RAM, or anything other than what the games were designed for. Nope, it doesn't matter what the update is, if you don't download it, you can't go online. Which means people who have just bought copies of ORAS or X and Y won't be able to use any RAM exploits, since they'll have to update, which requires the latest 3DS firmware. I'm surprised they haven't simply sent out a dummy update with absolutely nothing in it simply to force users to update their firmware.
  13. The program may reset stats just to let people know what will happen when they do inject them. Unless you have a modified 3DS or a Cyber Gadget there's no way to get hacked stats.
  14. What method are you using to inject your save file? RAM editing (RAM2Sav) or actual save file editing (Cyber Gadget etc)? Hacked stats get reset in the PC, so the only way to have Pokémon with them is if you put them directly in your party. With RAM2Sav, you can only put Pokémon in your PC, therefore hacked stats are impossible. With the Cyber Gadget Save Editor, you can place Pokémon in your party and edit other "live" bits of data like play time since there are no limitations because it's "true" save file editing. Not being able to edit live information is one of the limitations of RAM editing.
  15. Something which has tripped me up before... you can only have one Kyurem form at a time. If you have Black or White Kyurem somewhere in your boxes, it will give the error message you posted. So is it possible you had one tucked away somewhere that you forgot about? It was only after I found out that you could only have one that I unfused it was suddenly about to fuse again.
  16. If it isn't your save file that you have backed up from your own game, you can't write it to your cart. Don't try it either, you might brick your cart.
  17. Yes, you can extract Pokémon with ease, and have been able to for nearly a year now. What you can't do, however, is edit your Powersaves save file. Follow SciresM's guide on partially decrypting your Powersaves backup here http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?37269-X-Y-Save-File-Research&p=183148&viewfull=1#post183148
  18. As this is a non-legendary (although even legendary Pokémon are easy to get now), why can't you just hatch it in-game? It really isn't difficult. The amount of time it will save you, seriously. Pokémon files are complex, and the checks are rigorous. If you're that determined to cheat your way to a perfect Pokémon, just do the easy stuff in-game and the even easier stuff in PKHeX. Once you've hatched it, then you can edit it in PKHeX, and it will work flawlessly, as long as you don't go wild. There really is no need to go creating Pokémon from scratch, out of thin air, when you can just do it properly.
  19. I doubt it was Pokémon Shuffle that caused Nintendo to act. It happened far too quick. It's more likely that they've been working on sorting this out since it appeared in January. The revenue they will have lost from Shuffle would have been miniscule. It's very easy to finger-point, but without some of the key members on this site, we'd have no hacking tools like RAM2Sav (and yes, this is a hacking tool, and if you use it or any similar exploits to, term, hack the game, you're a hacker - hey, nothing wrong with that!).
  20. I missed it by hours! I was bored and wanted to download some demos, so I had to update. I never update unless I need to, and saw the latest firmware was safe so went ahead. About this time 24 hours ago. Lucky! Off topic, but why would you think that? All the signs are there - a weak third member of a trio just plonked in a cave with no backstory, with unreleased moves that clearly belong to it (the two Kyurem fused form moves were in B/W). We don't know what form the next game(s) will take, but we're getting a Zygarde-focussed game, no doubt about it. For some reason it's the in thing to deny a Zygarde/Kalos game at the moment, I'm seeing it everywhere. I don't get it. I think people are overthinking after they went and surprised everyone by making BW2. It might not have been Pokémon Grey, but it was a second story in the same region with the third member of the trio, as is tradition. I'm not sure what you're talking about. "Get hold of" what? What's being released in "about a week"?
  21. You can't change the region as far as I'm aware. It's fixed. It's not a simple software difference.
  22. From what I've heard it does work on digital copies since they are the same as physical copies. Whereas the Cyber Editor and Powersaves require you to connect your cart, RAM2Sav is live RAM editing while the game is open so it doesn't really matter what format the game is in. I realise you've had two conflicting answers so I'd check through this thread because the creator(s) of this exploit have definitely clarified this at some point.
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