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  1. How do i achieve this ? I've seen a lot of this. Even if PKHeX doens't support, where can i hexedit on the save ?
  2. Im using the pk3DS to set MAX O-Power so i can give free opowers to people on local meetings. I set the usability to 2 (Anyone) and cost to 1 Self and Others, still showing on gray. What can i do to make this to work ?
  3. 156 and 157 are Wifi Battles but they aren't because i tested.
  4. I just found it ! Decrompress the GARC file in romfs/a/1/3/6 and replace the .137 with another one. If you want to decompress the .137 files then you have to use pk3DS with option un(Pack) + BCLIM
  5. Thanks but that's it's not what im looking for. Im looking to edit my ROM so i can use on real time battles another scenario. But i appreciate your help
  6. Greetings, Im trying to figure how to swap the battle backgrounds, i've seen this "BVEditor" but i want to play battles with different background. I found how to swap trainer models, music, but battle backgrounds it's something i can't find any extra info. Where do i need to change ? Or what steps do i need to accomplish ? Thanks !
  7. Yes, but even using a Japanese VPN doesn't work. I've tried. Maybe they ban the CRC Header. Hope this is not the case. Edit: I can't use my Pokemon Y and Pokemon OR. Looks like i have to sell and move forward with the 9.0 3ds i have.
  8. I have the same problem but it keeps doing the same thing for 4 days in a row. I contacted tech support and they told me this: Original response in Japanese for those who understand Japanese:
  9. Greetings, Im organizing a tournament in my city and i would like to lock the battlebox like VGC championships. Its that possible ?
  10. Looks like the only thing unable to use without updating the console is the eShop. People can confirm its possible to play online without updating the console.
  11. They have very different data structure. Better if you export those old gen WC to pkm and import them on PKHEX.
  12. I would like to know if this possible but don't understand where to edit.
  13. Why i can't check the Opponen team on the BV ?
  14. I know that, but i want to transfer my character records, hall of fame, pokedex etc... Dear Kaphotics, Here is what i did: Dumped my Pokemon Y US RAM SAV. Dumped my Pokemon Y JP RAM SAV. Opened my Pokemon Y US RAM SAV. Exported using shift + export. The target cart/system its Pokemon Y JP RAM SAV. I loaded my exported RAM SAV on my japanese cartidge, got black screen after save game and restart.
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