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  1. My best friend and I have been doing mystery egg runs since BW2. For this game, we did the theme of constellations. Since we have very similar taste, our pokemon ended up being the same aside from two lol (right down to if the pokemon was shiny or not, since we RNG abuse) My party (all in moon balls for the theme) Tiamat the Deino ("Hydra") Ascella the shiny Shellder ("Sagittarius" since it flings things like an archer) Fortune the shiny Togetic ("Columba") Sargas the shiny Gliscor ("Scorpio") Kalama the Litwick ("Libra") Sitara the shiny Servine ("Serpens") Only difference is I bred her a shinx ("Leo") and shiny staryu ("aquarius") instead of Togepi and Shellder.
  2. @MegaKazuki Houndoom is exclusive to US. Manectric is what you get in UM.
  3. Like it's predecessor, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon has introduced several new pokéball combinations by expanding its regional pokédex. Not only did this create tons of new Beast Ball and Apricorn ball combinations, it also brought forth some new hidden ability (HA) combinations as well as some other miscellaneous changes! New HA Combinations Apricorn Balls Jynx line Kanto Raichu Kanto Exeggutor Kanto Marowak Regular Balls Orange Flabébé line White Flabébé line Miscellaneous Heavy Balls The glitch that prevented capturing these pokémon has been corrected. Beldum Line Tapu Koko Tapu Lele Tapu Bulu Tapu Fini Event Lycanroc The event Rockruff with the ability "Own Tempo" has been confirmed to be breedable by @theSLAYER. Upon evolving, it will turn into Dusk Lycanroc. Because it counts as the same species, you are capable of chaining all legal balls by breeding with a regular Rockruff, Unlike the wondercard, there is no shiny lock for breeding. This means you can get a shiny dusk Lycanroc! The legal balls are: All store-bought pokéballs (Pokéball, Great, Ultra, Dive, Dusk, Heal, Luxury, Nest, Net, Premier, Quick, Repeat, and Timer) Beast Balls All Apricorn Balls (Fast, Friend, Heavy, Level, Love, Lure, Moon) Electrode Electrode is another strange occurrence. It is found Rainbow Rocket's Castle, and is very easy to miss if you are not prepared. Because non-alolan pokemon have a call rate of "0", it is impossible to get it's hidden ability. This means the only new combination for Voltorb/Electrode is Beast Ball with the ability static and soundproof only. The encounters are shiny locked, so if you want a shiny variation, you will need to breed. They also pack Explosion, so be sure to be properly prepared. Flabébé line The Flabébé line is also noteworthy to mention due to the mechanics needed to acquire each color, as well as a bug. At the moment, only red Floette are capable of calling for help. Blue, orange, white and yellow Floette are unable to call. Because of this quirk, the blue variation is the only color that is unable to be have it's HA legally for Apricorn/Beast balls. You can still have its hidden ability in regular Pokéballs from the Friend Safari in XY The yellow variation is only found only in Melemele Meadow. It can be encountered normally, or from another Flabébé calling for help in this meadow. The red variation is only found only in Ula'ula Meadow. It can be encountered normally, or from another Floette calling for help in this meadow. The blue variation is only found only in Poni Meadow. It can only be encountered normally, as it has a call rate of 0. HA is illegal Apricorn/Beast Balls. The orange variation is found in Melemele Meadow and Ula'ula Meadow. It can only be encountered when another Flabébé or red Floette calls for help. The white variation is found in Melemele Meadow and Ula'ula Meadow. It can only be encountered when another Flabébé or red Floette calls for help. Breedable Pokémon Beast Balls Bulbasaur line (Island Scan) Charmander line (Island Scan) Squirtle line (Island Scan) Weedle line (Island Scan) Pidgey line (Island Scan) Ekans line Seel line Onix line (Island Scan) Voltorb Line * Lickitung line Mr. Mime line Jynx line Hoothoot line Natu line Mareep line Aipom line Yanma line (Ultra Wormhole) Wooper line (Ultra Wormhole) Pineco line Dunsparce Heracross Remoraid line Slugma line (Ultra Wormhole) Mantine line Houndour line Larvitar line Treecko line (Island Scan) Torchic line (Island Scan) Mudkip line (Island Scan) Lotad line (Ultra Wormhole) Seedot line (Ultra Wormhole) Taillow line (Ultra Wormhole) Ralts line (Island Scan) Mawile Aron line (Island Scan) Meditite line (Ultra Wormhole) Electrike line Spoink line (Ultra Wormhole) Swablu line (Ultra Wormhole) Corphish line Baltoy line Kecleon Shuppet line Tropius Clamperl Turtwig line (Island Scan) Chimchar line (Island Scan) Piplup line (Island Scan) Buizel (Ultra Wormhole) Buneary line Hippopotas (Ultra Wormhole) Skorupi line (Ultra Wormhole) Snover line (Ultra Wormhole) Rotom (Island Scan) Audino (Ultra Wormhole) Basculin Dwebble line (Ultra Wormhole) Scraggy line Sigilyph (Ultra Wormhole) Zorua line Minccino line Ducklett line (Ultra Wormhole) Frillish line Elgyem line Stunfisk (Ultra Wormhole) Mienfoo line Druddigon Golett line Pawniard line Larvesta line Chespin line (Island Scan) Fennekin line (Island Scan) Froakie line (Island Scan) Scatterbug line (Island Scan) Litleo line Flabébé line (All colors) ** Furfrou Inkay line Binacle line (Ultra Wormhole) Skrelp line Clauncher line Helioptile line (Ultra Wormhole) Hawlucha Dedenne Noibat line Apricorn Balls Bulbasaur line (Island Scan) Charmander line (Island Scan) Squirtle line (Island Scan) Treecko line (Island Scan) Torchic line (Island Scan) Mudkip line (Island Scan) Lotad line (Ultra Wormhole) Aron line (Island Scan) Electrike line Corphish line Kecleon Shuppet line Tropius Turtwig line (Island Scan) Chimchar line (Island Scan) Piplup line (Island Scan) Hippopotas (Ultra Wormhole) Skorupi line (Ultra Wormhole) Snover line (Ultra Wormhole) Rotom (Island Scan) Audino (Ultra Wormhole) Basculin Dwebble line (Ultra Wormhole) Scraggy line Sigilyph (Ultra Wormhole) Zorua line Minccino line Ducklett line (Ultra Wormhole) Frillish line Elgyem line Stunfisk Mienfoo line Druddigon Golett line Pawniard line Larvesta line Chespin line (Island Scan) Fennekin line (Island Scan) Froakie line (Island Scan) Scatterbug line (Island Scan) Litleo line Flabébé line (All colors) ** Furfrou Inkay line Binacle line (Ultra Wormhole) Skrelp line Clauncher line Helioptile line (Ultra Wormhole) Hawlucha Dedenne Noibat line * Voltorb cannot have it's HA in a beast ball. ** Blue Flabébé cannot have it's HA in these pokéballs. Non-breedable Pokémon All the following Pokémon, except Zygarde, are found in ultra wormholes and are capable of being shiny. Zygarde is still shiny locked. Beast Balls Articuno Zapdos Moltres Mewtwo Raikou Entei Suicune Lugia Ho-oh Regirock Regice Registeel Latias Latios Kyogre Groudon Rayquaza Uxie Mesprit Azelf Dialga Palkia Heatran Regigigas Giratina Cresselia Cobalion Terrakion Virizion Tornadus Thundurus Reshiram Zekrom Landorus Kyurem Xerneas Yveltal Zygarde Apricorn Balls Regirock Regice Registeel Uxie Mesprit Azelf Dialga Palkia Heatran Regigigas Giratina Cresselia Cobalion Terrakion Virizion Tornadus Thundurus Reshiram Zekrom Landorus Kyurem Xerneas Yveltal Zygarde
  4. Yeah, I kinda figured as much. The Riddler's hints were pretty interesting, and kind of fun when they came to fruition. It was always like a lightbulb going off when you got to see the real pokemon: Like looking back on this, Passimian and Oranguru are right on the dot. The stafff I think was for Kommo-o, the idols for the Tapus, etc. The way they did their riddles was pretty unique and fun.
  5. With the latest trailer, it seems to be giving more credit to a leak that appeared on 4chan awhile ago. Interesting. And this one doesn't really have any proof aside from some things that might've been easily guessed (rental battle facility like we saw today, the expanded ultra beast worlds), but I feel like sharing it anyway just in case:
  6. I honestly always used the item cloning glitch that was present in the JP release of Diamond and Pearl. It was fixed for the international releases, but it was definitely a life saver. You would get into a double battle with a pokemon with thief, and a ditto holding the item you want cloned. Have ditto transform into anything. Once ditto is transformed, use thief on the ditto, and you should have a copy of the item at the end of the battle. ((IIRC, it's been several years since I've done this method)) I think others would just use the GTS method, but I could never successfully time that right. But, that method is dead as far as I know since the DS wifi was discontinued. Though, if you're willing to run an edited rom to have unlimited TMs, there's really no reason to not give yourself 99 of each of the TMs with PKHex. It would be nice to have it by default, but PKHex is fast and reliable.
  7. I think it would be a really nifty idea if you could actually get it to work. I would definitely use it, at least. All the current methods are.... rather time consuming or expensive.I recently went through the difficulty of getting the DVs of my pokemon off stadium 2. (Thanks to the user, SadisticMystic in the discord, actually!), and spent a decent amount of time trying to figure out a way to rip the save data since I knew I'd never be able to understand the technical information in this thread since hex goes wayyyyy above my head. ((I was pretty much crying at the idea of trying to get something so old that could run that hardware to dump the memory/save, so I'm glad they were able to help me)) For the sake of anyone who is curious about the methods I have seen: Method 1) $220: 64drive ($200) and UltraSave ($20) The only really "modern" one I was able to find. You need the 64drive to use it. Unless you are interested in a flash cart for the N64, it's really hard to to consider purchasing for the price when most other save managers for other consoles are way cheaper. Method 2) Gameshark I believe it might be possible with a gameshark, but it's... complicated. You need the N64 expansion pack, and You can with a Gameshark 3.2+,(pref. 3.2 since 3.3 had some faulty boards, see but you need antiquated hardware (a parallel port on your motherboard as USB to parallel doesn't work for most people, for example) You can see some details here: http://www.paulscode.com/forum/index.php?topic=810.0 https://www.kyleniewiada.org/blog/2016/05/ocarina-of-time-n64-save-transfer-guide/ https://www.kyleniewiada.org/blog/2015/04/transferring-n64-saves/ https://gamehacking.org/vb/forum/video-game-hacking-and-development/retro-hacking/6217-n64-gs-3-3-help-with-pc-linking-usb-to-parallel-printer-cable Method 3) Make it yourself - GL&HF https://github.com/sanni/cartreader/wiki
  8. I am very sorry for your loss. I also -highly- recommend that once you get a custom firmware 3ds or access to Homebrew (from the link Kaphotics provided) that you use JKSM to back up your save data: https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-jks-savemanager-homebrew-cia-save-manager.413143/ And you can use this for DS games: https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-twlsavetool-v1-0.412887/ I explicitly use it for emergency backup saves, but I make sure a friend of mine always has a somewhat recent version of all my game cartridges in case of things being stolen, technical failures, natural disasters, etc. Storing it in the cloud (and updating it somewhat regularly) is also a viable option. In your case, you can use it to rip your save, and inject the wonder cards from the event gallery into the games with PkHex. Just make sure it is redeemable on the game version and 3ds version you are using so the pokemon are legal. For example, some events are exclusive to ORAS, where some are exclusive to XY. (This applies to all generations)This way you can reclaim the events you lost. Example: I also did want to add that Pokebank is actually linked to your NNID. When I bricked my 3ds doing a shell swap, I had my NNID moved to my new console. Bank retained all the pokemon I had previously stored inside it. (Which is good, because I had like 2,000+ pokemon in there) I lost a lot of my digital games save because of that, which is why I'm very adamant about ensuring you have access to backups. Good luck!
  9. A starly that hatched from an egg in Gen 7 is being flagged illegal for the ball. You can catch both Starly in the Great Marsh in Diamond and Pearl, and Starvia in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum in the Great Marsh as the daily binocular pokemon. https://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/location/396.shtml#diamond https://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/location/397.shtml 396 - Starly - B02A88F36653.pk7
  10. I was hoping whatever legendary pokemon they would give us would not be shiny locked... However, looking at the shiny locked pokemon, it's pretty much all mythical outside of this generation. (Sides Zygarde, who will probably keep the shiny lock since it had one in SuMo) I doubt the Tapus, UB, or Cosmog line will have their shiny lock removed. Kind of disappointing. At least ORAS gave us Reshiram and Zekrom. Ahh well... At least the trailer looked interesting.
  11. Your save is displaying the same way on my computer. However, my save (which is on an emulator right now, as I haven't imported it to my 3DS yet) is displaying my OT just fine. No issues with the nicknames either. Converting it to the VC size, it's still displaying normal for me. A random throwaway save I did on the console has no issues either. I'll attach my throwaway save in case it helps the developer figure out what's wrong with yours: sav.dat Edit: I think it has something to do with the default name. Using "ゴールド" from the drop down menu instead of inputting one is giving me the same issue. Typing ゴールド in manually is also giving me the same issue. ゴールド OT.dat ゴールド typed in manually.dat
  12. Opps, forgot about this. First part is... bad news. The badly fake JP FR I have does not read at all anymore, so I definitely cannot do tests from JP Diamond on retail. But, for some... mildly interesting news, I found a backup of my emerald on my computer. Because of this, I was able to test a batch of the same pokemon being sent up on US Pearl retail vs being sent up on the emulator. Unfortunately, I don't know if I brought my gameshark (or whatever) with me when I moved since I could only make my ancient laptop run the program, so once I run out of pokemon that originated on that cart. That'll be it. However, I can test a variety of things that are still on the cartridge if requested. (Like specific nicknames or whatever) This batch is all not-nicknamed, but I can send up a nicknamed batch tomorrow. One thing of note though: The Pineco and one of the miltank were holding a dive ball when I sent them up on retail. I dunno if this affects the trash bytes or not, but I didn't have them hold it on the emu transfer. Aipom - Emu.pk4 Aipom - Retail.pk4 Docile Miltank - Emu.pk4 Docile Miltank - Retail.pk4 Mareep - Emu.pk4 Mareep - Retail.pk4 Pineco - Emu.pk4 Pineco- Retail.pk4 Quiet Miltank - Emu.pk4 Quiet Miltank - Retail.pk4 Spinark - Emu.pk4 Spinark - Retail.pk4
  13. Oh right, @theSLAYER's post reminded me of something else. if you're injecting the wondercard, make sure you're doing it on the correct version too. For example the Flying and Surfing Pikachu: As you can see, XY is not listed there. That means that serial code would not have worked on those versions. For another example, the '14 pikachu cannot be on ORAS as the games were not released yet when the event happened. ((And man, I'm upset with myself now for only getting one serial code for those pikachu when the event was on-going. An alolan Raichu with surf and fly would've been awesomeeeeee))
  14. Those moves are not HMs. HMs are Fly, Surf, Cut, Strength, Flash, Rock Smash, Waterfall, and Dive in Hoenn Gen 3. Those moves you listed above are able to be transferred without any problems to future generations, as they aren't HMs. Up until Generation 6, there was no way to transfer pokemon with HM moves forward. (You get an error message that you must be delete the HM move) So all surfing events for the Pikachu line from.... - Gen 1 (no way to connect to Pokemon Stadium legally on the Virtual Console releases, and no way to transfer from the original catridges) - Gen 2 (see above) - Gen 3 (Cannot send to Gen 4 without deleting the HM) - Gen 4 (Cannot send to Gen 5 without deleting the HM) Are unable to know surf legally. If you want a Pikachu that has surf on Gen 6+ (there were no events for Gen 5 to my knowledge), it has to be one of the following: Legal only on Korean 3ds: Legal only on Japanese 3ds: Legal on any region 3ds:
  15. I assume you're talking about the OT problem with Mew? That is a bit more of a different problem. The programming issue was with the character they used in the OT. Something that was easily overlooked as it looked identical to the character they wanted to use. Even fanbased projects, like Pokecheck, had this problem. In my case, they used the wrong apostrophe when using their transfer system to Gen 4, which somehow Gamefreak's terrible hack checks managed to catch. It's not easy to catch a problem like this when the symbol looks the same. With shiny checks, they most definitely have perfected that now. The only case of a programming error was the Colosseum bonus disc Jirachi (and maybe the channel Jirachi?I think this being found shiny is a newer discovery), and if I recall correctly, they had lower than normal odds to be shiny. It also seems they run tests of their wondercards, so it most definitely would be caught before going live at least. That said, they could make the scrap campaign pokemon shiny. HA Shiny Mewtwo was first released this way, before it got a distribution in other countries. Shiny eevee was another one, though there is nothing unique about it. They most likely will make it so it's either always shiny (like Mewtwo or Eevee) or never shiny though. Having the shiny is a nice way to make people want to participate in the campaign though. I just hope if they do, it won't be a last one like Mewtwo again because Mewtwo would've cost me over $100 on ebay. Would be nice to have the "random" shiny wondercard chances again though. Outside of eggs (which they can't shiny lock for reals, so some they just let have the chance be shiny without needing to trade), the only one that could be shiny in Gen 6+ was a magikarp IIRC. Gen 5 at least had a few wondercards that could randomly be shiny.
  16. Crystal or Lake ball are my preferences. Though, I'd be a sucker for a full starry ball, similar to the moon ball.
  17. Alright, so it's just showing the bad nicknames to warn me. Gotcha. The Gen 7 stuff was transferred through bank (was it was in my living dex in Gen 6), so I guess bank doesn't wipe the OT. As for Pichu... I'm a bit confused? I'll trust you if you say it's hacked, but the error I have with it is in regards to the ball legality. Safari balls can pass from Pikachu bred in Gen 6. The only possible thing that would be illegal in Gen 6 is if it has the HA and the safari ball, and it doesn't. A quick edit in Pkhex to make it a pikachu (and changing the level), shows it as legal. It looks Pkhex isn't checking that the ball can be passed down through breeding.
  18. If I'm remembering correctly.... Yeah, they have server side verification. I can't speak for Wifi or in-life events, but for serial codes, they definitely do. If you want all the pikachu, you will need to make dummy profiles. For a personal example, I input a pikachu serial code (which was not a universal one since I was doing the Japanese event) and got a strange error message ("The gift was not there.") When I tried to claim it on another game (as I wasn't 100% positive if I could claim a second pikachu on the JP games since they were unique codes), it told me the serial code was already used. Trying it again on the first game got the redemption to work. Even though it failed the first time, the code was registered to that game. It's not a game synced game, so it's looking at the OT/TID/SID or something.
  19. I don't know if this helps, but this is a pichu I have sitting around that hatched from an egg on emerald for comparison if you give Kaph the .pkm of Raichu. 172 - PICHU - 72ACA36FD883.pk3
  20. I'm not sure *when* the Word Filter was added, but I know Gamefreak didn't wipe the names until Gen 6 for me. ((Note because these are backup saves, I can send whatever you want to Gen 6. Just ask) Gen 5: Flygon called "Sexwhore" (This Flygon lost the name upon transfer in bank on Gen 6) Ditto called "Sex Maniac" (I assume this ditto will lose the name upon transfer like the Flygon did) Ponyta called "wtfhax". (I assume it'd be renamed to default upon a pokebank transfer like the others) Rattata called "beaver". Magnemite with the OT: "アナル♪~" ( it's flagging the "Ameru" part) Combee called "TItty" (This I know would get renamed and give my character the OT Shiro since I have a pokecheck of the name being wiped back in the day.) Gen 6: This charmander with some weird word filter "^J[oo]d.* OT is Jodaan, which is the only thing I can think of. Gen 7: Solrock with the OT "Bobo" Accelgor with the OT "Mona" Misc Issues: I'm not sure if this intended or not. This Darkrai has more than the allowed EVs, and it won't let me see the legality check (which points out more issues) until I set it below 510. It takes me directly to the EV tab, so it might be? Dunno. It won't let me save the pokemon to upload it, but I *think* this is probably the .pkm based on the file name. (Which I would've ripped in the pokegen days to show off how badly it was hacked judging by the timestamp of the file) I'm not sure if this is PKHex or not, but I'm getting a few pokemon that are getting really corrupted name strings and other weird things I never saw on my previous checks. I could've just missed them if they weren't being flagged in the last version, but oh boy did they freak me out seeing them today. I've seen around 3, and they're all on Gen 5. Example: 058 - ǑŖŅśŖƫ - 1132C3C1E7AD.pk5 loldarkra.pkm 077 - wtfhax - D56A78D5F2FC.pk5 132 - Sex Maniac - DDEA091CA10D.pk5 330 - Sexwhore - 32F92379B560.pk5 338 - Solrock - CF6847266D34.pk7 617 - Accelgor - 77C1ADC0C836.pk7 Flygon renamed in Gen 7.pk7 004 - Salamèche - F70CBEE9B3AF.pk6 019 - Beaver - B6557E0FA32B.pk5 081 - コイル - F12767C33366.pk5 415 - Titty - 970B169D4A0E.pk5 Edit: More baby pokemon issues. This time it's flagging safari pichu as illegal, when pikachu can be caught in the safari zone in Gen 3. It came from wondertrade so I can't verify the legitimacy of the pokemon, but the ball type is legal.172 - ピチュー - F1532736B237.pk7
  21. It's really hard to tell just based on the picture, but nothing from generation 3 is being flagged as illegal in my PkHex in any of my backed up saves. (Emerald, Gen 4, Gen 5, Gen 6, and Gen 7) I don't think I have any net ball things from Gen 3 (aside from Colo, but that shows up fine) sitting around still, so I'll have to go play around on Emerald. Do you have specific examples aside for the net Starmie? Is it just Generation 3 games? Is it just Sapphire or all versions? (I'm assuming at least FR/LG since Dunsparce cannot be found in R/S)
  22. @Logic This is if your save originated on an emulator. You might to import it into an emulator then do this to edit it to make it the right size. I'm not sure if there is a way to do it straight from pkhex.
  23. For the event, I do not have much hopes that it will be released. While I can see them doing it as a motivation to purchase the game, I really am doubting they will given how much they seem to want to do shiny locks at the moment along with... other complications. It was distributed through the Pokémon Mobile System GB. From what I know of the patches, it looks like they are removing it (or at the very least, scrubbing images related to it) in the Japanese patch. I'm honestly not sure if they can even distribute the GS ball through the Mystery Gift option. If they can, it'll most likely be another real life event like the VC Mew. So, if they do have the event, it'll be "legal" if the event is in your language your Celebi is on. If not, it'll continue to be illegal, just like English shiny Mew from Emerald is illegal as the event was never released outside of Japan. As theSLAYER stated, that's pretty much why I used "Legal" rather than "Legitimate" when referring to re-obtaining my old TID. There's no known ways to RNG abuse in Gen 2 right now, so you have to either hack or soft reset. I chose to brute force it with a LUA script to soft reset for me. Your TID can range from 0 to 65535, and getting exact DVs would be about the same chance (1 in 65,536). Much, much rarer than an actual shiny pokemon. So, yeah. the game is generating it instead of me altering it, but I'm taking a huge shortcut by making a program do it for me.
  24. Even if they do release Crystal (and it is looking likely at this point based on what dataminers have found), unless they release the GS ball event, Shiny Celebi will still be illegal. There is nothing you can do to get around this. It was not the intention of the VC release to be able to put our "original saves" back on there (and many of them are long gone. My USA crystal died over 7 years ago.). Even if you somehow managed to get lucky enough to get a GS Ball back in the day (which, was probably rather rare...I can't seem to find any numbers on it), and managed to save the original save data using an external tool, it's not something that is going to be recognized by Gamefreak as legal by any stretch of the imagination. It requires methods that are unsupported by Gamefreak/Nintendo. It's not going to stop me from using my "recreation" of original save with my original TID and DVs on my favorite pokemon, but it's still not the intention of the developers. In my case though, they can be generated in the VC, so they will be "legal" when I move my save over. (Providing I don't send anything over that would be unobtainable outside the VC, like say a surfing pikachu from Pokemon Stadium) GS Celebi right now, cannot be generated by normal means. If they -do- release GS ball event, it will need to be released on the language your celebi is on in order for it to be legal. If they only release it for Japan, and your Celebi is English, it will still be illegal. (See: Shiny Mew from Emerald, even if Gamefreak's hack checks are terrible and will pass up English Mews lol) Just keep your fingers crossed that they do the event if they release crystal. Otherwise... Celebi is doomed to be forever illegal.
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