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  1. Oh man, the OT Eclipse is perfect because of the "blood moon" look they have going on. I'll probably actually have to go out of my way to try to RNG an ID for these so I can nickname them. It's the first real event that is making me feel obligated to do so since Gen 5.
  2. Let me know if we need a wc7full for Necrozama when it releases in a few days. I can dump it, but I'm assuming I'll need to update my firmware in order to redeem it (because my JPN CFW 3ds is on 11.6.0-39J lol) Otherwise, I'll just redeem it on my normal JPN 3ds.
  3. The eShop will be forever shut down on January 30, 2019. You had until March 26, 2018 to add more wii points if you wanted to buy games. So unless you have points on the wii right now, you can't buy any games.
  4. Not sure if this helps or not, but I do have a hacked wii. I can import saves, and get around the region lock. I also have Japanese cartridges of Diamond and Soul Silver. If you can find any saves with the mystery events in it, I can see if it will communicate with the game. (Not sure if it'll get pissy that the wii isn't Japanese though.) I'll have to test it when I have free time.
  5. Yeah, I personally would not consider it a legitimate preservation. Some people might be interested in the data and a way to re-create it, but it's not like what I was able to do with my personal Crystal Pokemon that perished with my battery. For example, that Suicune, I was able to use a LUA script to soft-reset an emulator until I got it back. In this case, my OT, my TID, the Suicune's DVs, and the location data matching (Female trainer, caught at level 40 at Tin Tower at night) All other variables like friendship/level/evs/moves/pp can vary or be grinded out by me before I send it up to Gen 7. It's... not really not something you can do with an event pokemon. I really don't have faith in getting lucky and finding one in the storage system. I think that would require someone to plan in advance, and even I didn't think of that option until a few years after my games died. The people that have those most likely are hoarding the cartridges and know the worth. Though, this did give me an alternative idea. If my memory serves me right, you have to load up the game and get the clock message before the game erases. (Turing off the gameboy and rebooting, the save will gone after that) So, I guess it might be possible if there was a GSC that wasn't booted up before the battery died and allow you to preserve it that way if it does work this way. But I think that would require more careful planning, and no way to test it before trying to back up the data immediately. I'm not sure if thrift places/online auction sites test stuff before selling them though...
  6. Ahhh... I didn't consider that possibility since they were trading them. That would make sense why the pokemon weren't for public download. They wanted to use them to bait other collector's, even if they were clones. Having it for public download would have severely limited their trades since everyone could just get it for free. If we have any contacts in Japan, it might be worth while to have them pick up any copies of Pokemon Stadium Gold Silver if they ever find any cheap at like a thrift store. (Like a couple dollars) Rental teams I think would have significant promise. A quick google search makes it seem like you can get around the region lock using a gameshark, and that's how I was poking around in the RAM. But, that would really depend on if you think this kind of preservation would be worth it, since it wouldn't be a 1:1 thing. I used Stadium to get the important information and LUA script to SR so I could get the the 1:1 copy back, outside of level/EVs which require me to grind. This... is a bit different. If you think it is worth while, let me know and I'll check out sites like eBay for good deals.
  7. Well, if anyone can contact them ever in the future, maybe we could offer to purchase them in lieu of a rare trade? I wouldn't mind contributing a little bit to help secure them since I believe preservation is important.
  8. I'm not sure if this would be noteworthy in terms of preservation since it wouldn't be the pokemon exactly, but... I think it might be worth mentioning that if there is a celebi in a rental team for the "Pokemon Stadium GS", even if it's not in the storage system, there is that tool by Suloku that works with rental teams. If there's no way to dump the save, you can use a Gameshark to view the RAM and get crucial information. For example, this is my Suicune: 39C5 is the suicune's DVs. Where 3897 is the location data. These were the only pieces of info I really needed to re-obtain my suicune, but I imagine you might need more for event preservation. But... it's better than nothing. With such a limited battery life, it might be the really only viable way to find one.
  9. Apparently works on the most recent compiled version of PKHeX. Guess it got fixed already. Not sure if this is a bug or just... I'm missing something or not. My friend tried having the database work on the most recent release of PKHeX as well, but it was also infinitely loading. ((In their case, they were able to access the database on an pre-USUM version of PKHeX, Build 1907, compiled on 11-16-2016)) But, here's a video of my steps at least I'm using the most recent released version of PKHeX (the video says December 18th, but it was the version released on December 1st lol) While I didn't show it in the video, I have also tried putting the .pk7's into folders. Still nothing. Any help would be appreciated. The database would make filtering through my collection easier than loading individual save files.
  10. Hrm, I didn't consider the possibility that I might be able to re-rng abuse the Raichu. (Which is stupid since I thought of doing that for Umbreon lol) I really don't like editing Pokemon; so I was really desperate when I did it. His name was the only thing I changed, so I'm not sure if I have to go so far as reobtaining him? Unfortunately, my Sapphire was another victim of my sister so I don't have that save anymore, but I -think- I can always use a LUA script + RNG abuse for the TID/SID again on emu if I really needed too. My RNG knowledge is pretty limited with Gen 3, but I think you can do wild abuse on the emu too since it's treated like a dead battery. The things I do for these pokemon I swear... I have absolutely no knowledge of trash bytes (and no idea where to even start learning about them, but I'm not opposed to learning.) Would sending up a Raichu from Sapphire (or Gen 3) to Gen 5 with the desired nickname, and copying and pasting the name in pkhex be enough to fix any possible problems? Otherwise, I might take you up on the Colosseum fix since that is something I could have done in the past. I'll have to think over how much I hate myself to replay sapphire and learn how to RNG on there vs just trying to edit the problem more. I think as long as Umbreon is okay, I can live without Espeon. I really bonded to the Umbreon, and I was really upset that it might have been an unintentional victim of whatever I was doing on Ruby. As long as I don't need to re-rng him, I don't think I need Espeon's PID at least. I have no memory of editing it, and was pretty alarmed it was flagged. Not sure if it's just logic changes in pkhex or just an under the hood fix by PKHeX, but he looks fine in most of my backup saves besides some weird ones where the location data is missing. (No idea why it's only on some backups and not all of them either) I'll have to think over what I want to do with Raichu some more though.
  11. So, several years ago, I made the mistake of nicknaming my Raichu after my ex before sending it up to Gen 4. It was incredibly stupid, but 17 year old me wasn't the brightest. This Raichu is my oldest surviving Pokémon, being around 15 years old. So he's really not replaceable. Back when Pokecheck was a thing, I tried to change the nickname to what it was originally ("Ryan") with PokeGen. ((He was on Gen 5, so I no longer had the option of RNG abuse to change his nickname)) However got a ton of illegal trash bytes. I kinda... brute forced it until it was no longer red on Pokecheck. (I deleted the original .pkm after uploading it to another site so I could get him back without the premier ribbon) While he shows up legal on PKHex now, I just want to make sure his trash bytes are fine. And this second Pokemon... another special one. I don't even remember hacking in Gen 3 outside of Ruby (my containment game, which was long before I had Colo so I thought I stopped by then BUT I GUESS NOT), but apparently I did something to my Colo Umbreon. My sister's ex apparently erased my Colo save, so I don't have access to Espeon anymore as extra checking. I just want to make sure the ID/TID is combo is legal with the PID. If so, I might be able to re-RNG the save in the future. If not... well... Guess that's what I get for doing whatever I was doing in Ruby. Okay, I am absolutely baffled at my Umbreon since now it's showing up as legal in PKHex? I do have no memory editing it, but??? If someone could let me know if it's fine, then I guess I don't have to worry about re-RNGing it unless I wanted Espeon back. Here's the Gen 5 and Gen 6 .pkm 026 - Ryan - 928A53D031B6.pk5 197 - Moonlight - 91D83B8BBD8D.pk5 197 - Moonlight - 105D3B8BBD8D.pk6
  12. I'm not quite sure if this is how PKHeX is viewing the data or not (or if this affects all Gen 3 and not just emerald; my other Gen 3 games are MIA so I can't test it on the other versions), but... I imagine it is giving this error because the eggs are displaying in Japanese? (Japanese OTs can only be 5 characters long. This is a dump of my NA emerald save, so my OT is able to be up to 7 characters long.) I have done nothing fancy with the egg. I just shoved a ditto and houndour in the daycare. As far as I can tell, all eggs revert to Japanese. I'm not sure if it's just how the game generates the eggs which is why it's displayed as Japanese in PKHeX. However, the egg displays English text in the actual game (both on the emulator and on cartridge) The legality error resolves upon the pokemon hatching. ------ @Kaphotics Also, I was told to remind by the end of the month (In November) if the Crystal movests weren't fixed. You mentioned to me that they were missing, and you weren't quite sure why. My quilfish is still getting spikes flagged. Figured I'd do it now since I'm reporting some other issues. In my original thread, Quilfish displayed fine for you, most likely since it wasn't a VC save. You should have my .DAT if you need it in the original PM. But here's the .pk2 anyway. 228 - HOUNDOUR - 1DF596FA62A6.pk3 228 - タマゴ - 10F596FA62A6.pk3 211 - Pvffs - 92DC.pk2
  13. Could I have my name changed to "Brittany"? I think it's available. Thanks in advanced.
  14. He doesn't want 50 species registered. He wants you to manually catch 50 pokemon. They can be the same species, as I was able to get Charmander with like 15 pokemon registered since I caught over 300 nidoran for candy.
  15. It's really only a "paywall" if you're getting the pokeball exclusively for Mew. It's intended to replace the "Go Plus" peripheral, which costs around $20 USD. In my opinion, it's worth the extra $30 from the Go Plus because of the LGPE in-game bonuses that you will get from using it with Pokemon Go. The fact your pokemon will spin pokemon stops for you automatically is incredibly lucrative to me, especially because having to push the button on the peripheral or look down at my phone may be considered rude depending on what I'm doing while I'm out. It also doubles as a controller for the game, which I do find nice. (And controllers for the switch vary from $25 for the classic controller to like $75 for joycons or the Smash Brother controller) As for the "paywall" price, it's really not that bad compared to some other ones. I know I'm jaded since I've been playing for 20 years, but wish I could've gotten Mew for $50 back in 1998. As far as I remember, you needed to win a giveaway to obtain one. It was gameshark (which was probably around $30) or bust since the Mew glitch wasn't going to be discovered for another 5 years. But for real paywalls... Some serial codes go for over $100 on eBay even on the day they were going to expire. (am I still salty I didn't get to buy this code because of the price? Probably) Any real life events (which is pretty much exclusively how Japan gives out it's mythical pokemon per gen. Gotta go to the movies to get Zeraora) will cost you something to attend. It could be next to nothing if it's local, or it could cost several thousand dollars because of airfare + lodging. For this Mew, my issue is more that it only once, rather than once per profile. If you buy both games, it's probably not worth getting a second one unless someone else in your household plays Pokemon Go. I imagine this will end up being an item scalpers will pick up if there is no end date distribution, as only unused ones will contain the Mew still. (See: Pokemon Ranger which the cheapest new English copy costing $150 USD on eBay. This is the only way to get a manaphy with your OT, and if the manaphy egg was claimed from the game already, no way to get a second one. You need to use external tools to erase the save so you can obtain another one if you purchase it used.)
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