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  1. Will be coming back to look into this at a later point, because several of the addresses listed in the reply above do not seem to be correct just from a cursory glance, especially because medals SHOULD be triggered by these edits, but obviously there are a lot of them to go over. I also know some of these are stored at multiple locations but the medals will only check for the changed number at one of them (generally in Trainer Records), so we'll have to see.
  2. You might find this helpful. Additionally, freckles CAN be toggled as well, but only with older versions of PKHeX (like from early 2016). The newer ones don't appear to track the correct value and I wouldn't imagine it's a super high priority thing to get fixed.
  3. Wish I'd seen this sooner, whoops. Have you tried using PokeGen? It's always worked consistently for me.
  4. If there was, it would render it useless anyway since it's not just a checkpoint, decryption is done server-side. It'd be worth your time to just install CFW on your 3DS instead.
  5. I've been tracking down offsets for trainer records in B2W2 for a while, figured I might as well share them here in case there was any interest in making it editable or if they're curious or whatever. I'm calling them "trainer records" because they're things the game keeps track of and I'm not sure what else to call them. Also full disclosure, I've been using BWTool to dump the specific Trainer Records save block, I don't know shit about encrypting/decrypting anything, so full credit to suloku for making this possible at all. The offsets listed in Trainer Records assume the block is the only thing you're looking at, rather than the full save, and that it's been decrypted. These are all the ones I was able to figure out that don't seem to have documentation already. Number of passers-by encountered: 0x21120 (actually stored in the Trainer Data/Bag/Sayings block, this is the only one like this that I've found) Times fished: 0x20 -- 0x21 (Stored in Trainer Records) White Treehollow/Black Tower Battles: 0xC4-C5 (Trainer Records) Join Avenue Shops Created: 0x018E --0x018F (Trainer Records) Souvenirs received: 0x0192 -- 0x0193 (Trainer Records) People guided: 0x018C -- 0x018D (Trainer Records) Times challenged battle subway -- 0x0C0 -- 0x0C1 (Trainer Records) Pokemon evolved: 0x28 -- 0x29 (Trainer Records) Balloon Minigame Points: 0x1E0 -- 0x1E1 (Trainer Records) Times played balloon minigames: 0x190 -- 0x191 (Trainer Records) Pass Powers Times Used 0xB4 -- 0xB5 (Trainer Records) Hope I've formatted this correctly. Presumably these are all signed, though I'm not really tech savvy enough to call that for sure and am going off the knowledge that offsets of this nature in this game were also signed.
  6. Oops, my mistake. I'm in the process of checking now, and have discovered I have a maxed out Entree without completing the tutorial somehow? Which is weird because I could've sworn I did complete the tutorial given I have two DSes and distinctly remember doing the bridge thing myself. A lot, even. It took hours and I hated it. It seems to be a group of flags from 0x1D901 to 0x1D907, which you'd set to FF FF FF FF FF FF, but I can't be sure (and I wouldn't know how to deal with the checksums anyway. I also only tested this across two games, and it's worth noting that across the two it didn't seem to set the same flags. This is about as far as I personally can get you in terms of testing because again, not great with checksums, and in order to edit this stuff in and see if it's really just these 5-6 bytes, I'd need to know how they're calculated in this gen and where they're even stored. Though if you're just after the trainer star, there is a cheat code for it. Sorry, I hope this helps.
  7. Yes, PKHeX has it listed in Event Flags. The Entree itself can also be edited in PKHeX, though I remember having to kind of fudge it a little. Pretty sure this project is dead, which is a shame, because it's the only editor I've found that seemed to have an interest in editing trainer records the way PKHeX allows for Gen 6 and up.
  8. Oop, sorry. Thanks so much for the response, and happy new year!
  9. Apologies if this has already been posted about. Been noticing wild-caught Pokemon in X/Y have been getting flagged as illegal. Not sure why -- included are a couple Meowstics that are essentially the same in terms of the circumstances they were obtained in. It's been flagging seemingly every single vivillon as illegal as well (collected a bunch randomly just to check and it doesn't seem to like any of them. I've had a few other things suddenly flagged as illegal that don't make much sense but this one stuck out to me the most (I don't know how likely it is that every single Vivillon I've ever gotten just so happened to be genned). bug check.zip
  10. Ultra Moon changed how Regular battles work at the battle tree, and permit the use of box legendaries and mythical Pokemon. Because of this Lunala (and every other legendary) can now legally have a Battle Tree ribbon for Regular singles/doubles/multi, but the program still flags it as illegal. (If anyone was wondering it does suck the fun right out of it but honestly I'm all for cheesing my way through a game that tries to cheese me first.) I also wanted a day-Lycanroc, so I traded my own Lycanroc to a friend, had her evolve it in her game, and then she sent it back. However, it still gets flagged as illegal due to being a Moon-native day-Lycanroc. I realise the latter is probably not really fixable, but the former is something I figure might have been missed. I hope this helps! Enclosed are the pkm files for the Lunala and the Lycanroc respectively. 792 - Nebby - C12BD7FEF265.pk7 745 - Laika - 71EB95301F52.pk7
  11. Been poking around a bit more, and it seems like it has issues with Eggs hatched in Ruby/Sapphire in general: in particular, an Egg from any species from the Safari Zone, which is a bit frustrating for anything I've bred Volt Tackle onto, and any Eggs traded from FRLG and hatched in Sapphire (like the Togepi Egg). Somehow, changing the "origin" game from Sapphire to Emerald also clears up nearly every single legality issue I had, including the aforementioned ones. Do Ruby and Sapphire use different methods to determine PID that haven't been looked into much?
  12. Wish I'd known that three years ago. I've got about 300 of these things to re-transfer with PKHeX. But god you don't know how happy it makes me to hear that. You kids these days with your legality checkers. Back in my day we used an untranslated Japanese program still in alpha and HxD and we were grateful.
  13. ???? I've hacked some of the ones that got flagged but that definitely wasn't one of them. I caught the parents and decided I wanted one with Volt Tackle so I bred an Egg off them. I definitely fucked something up in PokeGen, then. So I'm just gonna say as a warning to everyone else: don't use this thing to unscramble PKM files. It doesn't work the way I thought it does. Oh well. This has been a learning experience. Thank you for the help!
  14. Did that, rolled a new PID, and put the trainer info back in. It fixed the Raichu, but stuff like the Starmie that I actually caught don't seem to fix. I'm gonna go all the way back to my Gen 3 fie and bring everything forward again (this time properly without stapling everything together using HxD and PokeGen) and see if anything is still messed up. The one labeled FIXED is the one PKHeX accepts as legal after I had it roll a new PID. For some reason this method is working with some Pokemon, but not all of them. 026 - Elektra - 87F109E70E6B.pk7 026 - Elektra FIXED - 7516D53D303B.pk7
  15. Something got scrumbled when I was faking PokeTransfer then, I suppose. Putting Gen 4 pkm files directly into a Gen 5 file using PokeGen chews them up a little and I could have easily missed fixing something I should have.
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