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  1. USUM - Movie 10 Darkrai (Korea)

    Move: Dark Void, Feint Attack, Nightmare, Ominous Wind.
  2. [ Bug Report ] Amoonguss Encount Error: B2W2

  3. It is Amoonguss caught by the real machine. Route 23 appears only in Black 2 / White 2 of 5 gen. Fake item This is an individual that has symbol encountered. Fixed Lv56. It seems that it is set to Lv54 in PKHeX.
  4. [ Request ] Vivillon: Form legal mode

    It was helpful. Thanks!
  5. [ Request ] Vivillon: Form legal mode

    Thanks! Check the check result output.
  6. [ Request ] Vivillon: Form legal mode

    Isn't Regal mode implemented in a form that varies with the region? Now changing the form doesn't become illegal. It may be difficult because there are many corresponding areas in the form, but will it be realized?
  7. [ Bug Report ] Gen 4: Coin Counts

    Both DPP and HGSS have up to 50,000 coins of Gen 4. Thanks commit!
  8. [ Bug Report ] Gen 4: BOX Wallpaper

    Thanks !!
  9. [ Bug Report ] Gen 4: Coin Counts

    Gen 4 coins can own up to 50,000 coins. Misc Editor can only set up to 9,999 coins.
  10. [ Bug Report ] Gen 4: BOX Wallpaper

    Gen 4 is POKéMON CENTER, MACHINE and CHECK wallpaper don't match. SIMPLE wallpaper is correct. 1. POKEé CENETER (ポケモン) PKHeX: CHECKS / DPP HGSS: POKEé CENETER (ポケモン) 2. MACHINE (きんぞく) PKHeX: POKEé CENETER / DPP HGSS: MACHINE (きんぞく) 3. CHECKS (チェック) PKHeX: MACHINE / DPP HGSS: CHECKS (チェック)
  11. [ Bug? ] Eggs Transfer for Gen 4 (DPPt and HGSS)

    Thank you for quick response!!
  12. [ File Support request ] Importing DUC files

    Thanks! Import and export can now be done without problems.
  13. Made in Japan "ProAction Replay Max 3" This is a function to back up NDS save file to SD card. It is output as Save files is *. DUC. The data size is 524452 Bytes. Header 164 Bytes from Hex Data 0x000000000 〜 0x0000000A3 is extra. Are you planning to support * .DUC File import? Pokemon HG_03192029.DUC (File size: 5224452 Bytes) Pokemon HG_03192029.sav (File size: 524288 Bytes)
  14. Drag and Drop with PKHeX, Met Location is (None), Met Date is 2000/01/01. Data is not correctly transferred. These occur between any version of gen 4. The Met Location on the game screen is displayed as "Mystery Zone", Met Date as "2000/0/0". This is incorrect. Link Trade with real game, Met Location and Met Date are displayed correctly.Displayed as "Link Trade", Met Date as "2018/3/21".
  15. [ Question ] Mystery Gift Tool: Advanced Search