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  1. This I know. I meant that Celebi is one of the few that can't be obtained, regular nor shiny, in a normal gameplay. I mean, even Mew was obtainable by glitch. But yeah, GF loves to make legendaries obtainable only through events; Darkrai, Cresselia, Arceus in Platinum, the alternative forms in B2W2, etc.
  2. @theSLAYER @Britty So long story short: If it's going to be illegal and illegitimate any way you see it, I might as well just take him to my gen 7 games and enjoy having him on my team, but being smart about it; not taking him on any online events / battles until (if) there's a legal way to get him which at this point I really doubt will ever happen since GF stated how they feel about people praising shiny legendaries way more than regular ones. Only thing I'm still confused about is why PKHex marks it as legal when loaded on my original Crystal save file but illegal on any other generation (3 onwards)?
  3. So...it would be like saying that's why they stopped distribuiting the SG Ball event? They regretted allowing people to get him? I mean, it's the only legendary pokémon that can't be catched during any game Gen3 onwards, only by special distribution like the VC release, the PokéBank, etc. It would make sense...but it only makes me want him more. Now that I have him, I want him on my team but it's not the same if the system marks him as illegal.
  4. Let's bet, GameFreak will not release Crystal. They protect Celebi at all costs so people won't get him shiny. That's why the one they distributed with the VC release is shiny-locked.
  5. Okay, so first of all: Hi y'all Been lurking for a while but decided to create an account to see if someone could help me with this situation. You see, I found out that the only game where Celebi is not shiny-locked is in Crystal. And so, with the help of gameshark codes, I was able to unlock the GS Ball event that was originally only released in Japan. After this, I went with the classic soft reset method to get a shiny Celebi. I did. But my joy didn't last long when I came to realize there was no "legal" way to get my precious Celebi up to my Gen7 games. And so, I turned to PkHex, but to my dismay, it didn't support the first two gens That was back in june. Yesterday, however, the new update went live and it included Gen2 support. I was thriving. I immediately went on to check my Crystal save file and it recognized it and I was able to check my pokémon. My lovely Celebi was there, and IT WAS MARKED AS LEGAL! Oh! The joy! The happiness! I proceeded to save it as a .pkm file to load it onto my gen7 save file. But, when I did, it was flagged as illegal. Why most this happen to me? Is it necessary for me to suffer in order to gain something better later on in life? (TT_TT) Please, before commenting, keep in mind that LEGAL and LEGIT are not the same thing. I know for sure my Celebi isn't LEGAL, since GameFreak didn't allow compatibility between Gen1&2-Gen3 onwards and didn't launch the GS Ball event anywhere else in the world and I got it on an emulator, not the actual cartridge game. But it is LEGIT. I hunted him until I got him. I'm not the only one who has. I didn't create it on PKHex or any other editing tool. Is there any possible known way for my cherished Celebi to be marked as legal without losing it's shininess?
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