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  1. I read how it works, and the seed to generate the Jirachi is just taken from the checksum of a section of the RS save. So it is possible on retail. A program exists that lets you take your save backed up from a cart and it will scan it and tell you what you have to do to get a shiny which the change is just a frame perfect save time. It includes a LUA script to do the save auto on a emulator but you could also basically RNG it on a real cart since it is just saving on the right frame. After the save is prepped it can be restored on a cart and get the Jirachi using retail hardware.
  2. What about using bank to insert a Pokemon first then swapping it with the starter in the party.
  3. Since you are using a Mac, you don't have to bother with using a Hex editor. Use the following command from a terminal in the same directory as your file dd if="Pokemon - Emerald Version (USA, Europe).sav" of="Pokemon - Emerald Version (USA, Europe)-new.sav" bs=128k count=1
  4. I would think Deoxys would be roughly equivalent of Celebi for rarity. A mythical that can has a one exception game (OK OR/AS is technically two) with unlimited one per save capture. So just one step lower since the old events are not exclusive to Japan. It just sucks that it can't be shiny outside of old events. Are you going to include stuff like non-mainline games like Mew being permanently available in Pokemon Ranch?
  5. I read on Twitter that if using a old save you just have to rebattle the e4 to trigger the event. You don't need a whole new save.
  6. I did get a email about the event and if you click though it to the learn more for DIalga and Palkia it lists the movesets including the fact they have slightly different movesets between SM and USUM Link to movesets https://www.pokemonlegendary.com/en-us/distributions/detail/
  7. Thanks to the work of a developer named akkera102 the old SendSave GBA multi-boot home brew now works with a modern device so no more dealing with obsolete parallel ports. You just need to use a Xboo style cable but connect it the the Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins. Instructions for the what wires go to which pins and the software is available at https://github.com/akkera102/gba_01_multiboot The instructions only show how to compile the multiboot executable for sending regular roms like games. Adjust it to compile SendSave.c for the executable required for SendSave to work. I personally tested it with Leaf Green and it works great.
  8. If anyone also wants to check that on a 3DS itself using a NTR overlay can find it here https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-gen-1-pokemon-vc-wild-encounter-dv-ntr-overlay.459869/page-17#post-7152679 Use from that post for now not from the first post but read the first post for instructions. Also Nature is only shown for party Pokemon not wild. Also it's for all gen 1 languages already and planned all languages for gen 2 but English only currently
  9. As expected glitch Mew can't be transferred.
  10. It had been so long I had forgot about the ball not being saved. Sad about the shininess because my earlier idea of why they would make them shiny is going to eventually happen after gen 2 VC is released and someone is going to lose it when trading anything like Gyarados from gen 2 to 1 then transfer directly from gen 1
  11. I tried out the new Transporter with one of my if traded to gen 2 shiny Pokemon and it isn't shiny in gen 7. It didn't even retain the ball it was captured in and reverted to a basic Pokeball. I would of thought basic stuff like that would be retained.
  12. Servers are working now, I'm just getting my Mewnium Z now! Make sure to connect with your primary game first if you have multiple since the crystal gets added to it and you only get one per Bank account.
  13. I do plan on testing it out since I have a couple shiny Gyarados (only plan on transferring one though) from two Silver play throughs and some shiny Dittos from the gen 1 glitch that I plan on transferring. (I have a EMS flash cart and mega memory card so I look forward to having my ACTUAL first shiny in the new games) Sadly I have no expectation of the glitch Mew being allowed through Bank and the official new event ones are guaranteed perfect stats in gen 1 so definitely not shiny. So I expect no shiny Mew's. Although I would praise Nintendo if they went against all precedent and allowed glitch Mew's through Bank. On that note I wonder how people with the new event Mews are going to feel if the know perfect stat Mew gets transferred and ends up with randomized IV's with only 3 perfect.
  14. I wish they would take info on if it's possible to get a shiny if it had would've been in gen 2. Until actual release I'm going to assume it's possible due to the logic that eventually gen 2 VC is going to be released and have shiny pokemon and they're not stupid enough to think no one is going to trade the shiny Gyarados to gen 1 (possibly to do the shiny Ditto glitch) which has a official stance of not losing Gen 2 shiny status of returned then doing the back transfer of the Gyarados directly from gen 1. Could you imagine the complaining on social media if it came through to gen 7 as a regular Pokemon.
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