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  1. So, the correct/legal thing is that it's frozen that second, and this would happen when entering a PC in a newly purchased virgin cartridge, wow really thanks, you have helped me a lot since i thought it was the opposite and my game had been edited in some way... I try to do thing as legitimate as possible I will always love u for getting me out of this doubt
  2. But I've seen that this doesn't happen in all FR / LG / EMERALD, can it be deactivated? Why doesn't it happen to other people? Thanks!!
  3. Hello everyone, first of all i apologize if this topic doesn't go here, but i don't know where to post it. The question is that I have observed that in my original LG / FR and EMERALD cartridges, when entering any Pokemon Center, the image freezes for 1 second, i need to know why, as you know the normal thing is: ENTER->SCREEN IN BLACK-->IT LIGHTS UP PROGRESSIVELY AND YOU APPEAR INSIDE THE POKEMON CENTER, whitout the frozen image being left as indicated below I don't know if it has to do with the fact of having accessed the games with an external application to extract the SAV
  4. DaseR

    10ANNIV Suicune

    Hello, first of all thank you for your great work I would like to know if all the pokemon uploaded to this page are legal,that is to say, it is the same pokemon that was distributed in his day Thanks a lot Regards
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