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  1. Dear Slayer Sorry to revive this thread but I think it is better to continue the conversation here God only knows that I have spent HOURS studying this post between my lack of experience and my bad English lol, I want to be brief, I have injected a event (wihout WonderCard) in my game and I have modified the following data indicated in red to make the game believe that this JAP event Diancie [0131 ORAS - ポケセン (PokeCen) Shiny Diancie (JPN).] Got it my friend from Japan, he came to Spain and exchanged it to my 3ds with EU region, would it be correct as I have done? I have left empty the "Residence" section. I think this is the only way I have to acquire these events in my region... If you tell me something is wrong I will just dedicate myself to inject my cartridge the events in my region in (SPA) my head hurts from going around so much Really, thanks a lot for dedicating your time, it means a lot to me.
  2. Wow, I'm so out of date, I thought if a friend and I have 3DS from different regions, I could trade Pkmns locally because here it doesn't affect the pokemon having the classic ribbon, I didn't think this would affect. could you please tell me if this is correct to see if I understood? GEN V: Distribution event for JP region (local/wifi) not accessible for N3DS EU (not even being physically in that country). GEN VI: Distribution event for JP region (Nintendo network / serial code) is not accessible for N3DS EU (even if you are physically in that country). There is no way to have this pokemon legally on my console, i.e. I can only have as legitimate the ones that are from my region / the ones that accept All Regions, like this one Diancie, right? Thank you very much
  3. Ok I understand perfectly, but if I drag the .wc6 file to my game (EU Region), PKHex doesn't mark it as illegal, I understand it as if a user from Japan had sent it to me by exchange, this makes it legal in my game or am I wrong? Maybe it is not because my name appears as OT.. I don't know if there is a way to get this pokemon Thanks Slayer
  4. Hi, sorry if this question doesn't go here, I can inject this event in my original cartridge (ESP) ?, this was possible legitimately? i.e., a person from Spain could go to Japan and download all the events they made or there was some kind of limitation? do you know where i could look for information about these possible regional restrictions? thanks a lot!
  5. This can be injected into an original Pokemon cartridge, or is it impossible to replace the original game ROM? Thank you!
  6. I can rest assured that PKHeX has never flagged me anything illegal, and as Atrius97 says, who cares if there's minor inaccuracy hehehe, guys, you are the best, I'm very satisfied with your answers, thank you very much
  7. Wow thanks for your answer, do you have any idea if the latest version of VBA (M 2.1.4) does handle the random number generator correctly? Well, I also understand then that if I only use the emulator to level up my Pokemon or even advance events in the game there would be no difference of data. For example, when starting a new game on the emulator of a Crystal Pokemon and saving with no further objective than getting a specific number of EO, is the same result as doing the same thing on the original hardware, right? Thank you very much for your help!! eternally grateful
  8. Hello everyone First of all, I apologize if this topic has already been addressed or if I am not writing it where it belongs. The question is that I've been curious about this for some time and I would like that someone knowledgeable on the subject could solve my doubt, I know that ROM is the image of a game and the Emulator is the program that makes it play as if it were the original console, but the save file generated by an emulator is 100% identical to the original cartridge¿? (for internal data purposes). I've all the original Pokemon cartridges that I keep with much affection but the problem of these cartridges as you all know is that unfortunately you can only have one active game and does not give much option to replay them, so I play my games combining different media, original cartridge, in VBA, or even in my mobile phone, and what I'm doing is to extract the SAV and inject it back into the site that interests me to play it (It has always been compatible and without problems, at most I had to add a few hexadecimal codes at the end and then remove them depending on the device where I play). SUMMARY: There is some difference even if it is minimal between the save data that generates a game started or continued in Emulator and the original cartridge itself? Thank you very much to anyone who can solve this doubt and above all I hope I have explained well...
  9. @suloku Dear suloku, please your answer about this is very important to me, I would like to know if any data is maliciosly altered by altered by having activated these fields and having the GS Ball in physical cartridge in a GameBoy, and if it would be reversible by resetting the game, thanks a lot.
  10. Great! I'm very glad to hear that. Well, the emulator dumps the save to .sa1 but I change it to .sav and everything fits perfectly. oops, sorry I'll make a note for next time
  11. Hi all, I would like to know, if I run a ROM in a computer emulator, play and re-save and export that .SAV file and it's injected again with PKHex into the original cartridge, Does this make any changes? Does it alter anything or is it exactly the same? Thanks a lot Regards PS: Obviously without using GameSharks etc. at most the fast forward function in the game with the space key.
  12. Dear friends @suloku @ajxpk First of all sorry if this has already been answered, this topic is a bit confusing to me... Extracting and using a .sav from my original cartridge game, I've modified with PkHex the fields I indicate in the attached image and injected it back into my original cartridge to get the GS Ball event and receive Celebi in my own GBColor (was succesfull) My question is, have I done wrong? I would like to know if this change has somehow irreversibly modified my game (ROM) of the current cartridge? I've read you guys talking about something about the memory bank data and although I don't quite know what it is I am a little afraid that I have altered something as I've done all this on my original game, I wouldn't like to and would be willing to remove any changes including restarting the game... Thank you very much for your help!
  13. Hi suloku did you find the solution why this works in emulator and not in original cartridge? Thanks!!
  14. Now yes 99,9% it seems to me a more than reasonable percentage to convince me, I also don't think that in the pokemon community there are people who seek to annoy with these things.. Thanks for all!!! finally I'm going to inject the events from here, I have more than 1 year interested in this and finally I want to do it.
  15. I don't understand what you mean by "We get our cards contributed to us." you haven't answered my question if the file that is downloaded on this page is 100% identical to the official or is a simulation, on the other hand with the images of the ROMS distribution that I have found I just wanted to ask if they were original, since you indicate that they are piracy right now they are deleted from my computer, as I said I wouldn't like to put anything corrupt in my games, so I seek to ensure both of everything, thanks again.
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