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  1. Will PKHeX be able to support Mystery Dungeon Dx in the future? I know the game isn't out yet, but I'm assuming the demo version uses similar save file as the full version? Sorry if this seems dumb, but I'm new to side games (non-main series).
  2. Make sure the met location and gigantamax levels are correct. A common mistake I see around here. Here is a an example of a "legal" Corviknight from a max raid. 823 - Corviknight - 7AF81274E100.pk8
  3. Alright, thank you. I will try to post in more detail "guide" later today or tomorrow
  4. Maybe it has to do with not saving for a while? Read full explanation of what I mean above your most recent comment.
  5. It's weird because if I just randomly create mons rapidly (regardless of legal or not) then save, the problem doesn't occur. However, it only seems to happen when I go on for not saving (on PKHeX) for a while (while creating mons), then save, reopen, the problem seems to occur.
  6. After re-downloading and testing, it seems like the problem still occurs for me.
  7. I will try and get back to you after testing. For now, thank you for taking your time dealing with me.
  8. Yes, I was mass creating them totally from scratch (not from pre-existing mons). However, as it does not seem to save them (even though I hit save after quitting), I am to create one at a time, close, reopen, and repeat.
  9. I manually create the mons from scratch and save them. It doesn't seems to allow me to edit them in a bulk. Right now, due to this problem I am having to create one at a time, close, reopen, repeat.
  10. I too am on the latest version. Sometimes when I edit in one Pokemon, save then quit, they are there. However when I do bulk at a time (I did around 30; all different and legally available in Sword/Shield; no error marks shows up on any of the Pokemon), they don't seem to appear when I reopen.
  11. Yes sir, I did all that. And when I'm done I click on quit. Then when I reopen, the mons that I have saved before are not there.
  12. Whenever I edit in a new Pokemon and save the file, it doesn't actually save. As when I reopen the file on PKHeX, the Pokemon that I just edit in is not there. Is there a way to fix or prevent this?
  13. Oh, I see! Sorry, my bad! I'm assuming there also isn't a way to edit the adventure start date? Thanks!
  14. What if the gift I want isn't a Pokemon, but an item? Like the leather bag, track suit, etc... https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/category/203-generation-8/
  15. How do I import the .wc8 files on PKHeX for Sword/Shiled? I don't see the mystery gift button
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