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  1. Footprint ribbon is (currently) unobtainable in game in Sword and Shield.
  2. Oh, yes. I have noticed that placeholder for Alcremie before; but, for Alcremie it is made more clear with form listing (not in numbers). I was just confused about Runerigus' number editor. I haven't checked for other games (only Sw/Sh), so perhaps @N4styPlot is referring to other games?
  3. Really? On what other mons have you seen the number editor? So far, I was only able to identify on Runerigus. @theSLAYER thank you for experimenting this with me.
  4. Glad you were able to get it to work. I had mine with focus sash and down to 1HP and traveled under that bridge and for some reason mine wasn't evolving. So that number represents how much damage it took prior to evolving?
  5. It was initially caught as a Yamask on route 6 and yes, it has been modified (stats) before on PKHeX on an older version. However, on the current version, it is showing up as legal.
  6. Hmm, interesting. Mine was caught as a Yamask and evolved manually.
  7. While randomly looking through my mons on PKHeX and Runerigus out of all of them, I noticed a number editor for this mon (not sure if others have this; I have not checked all mons; but, from the ones I've checked, they don't). The number starts from 0 and goes all the way up to 319. Can someone please explain to me what this number editor is used for?
  8. Will PKHeX be able to support Mystery Dungeon Dx in the future? I know the game isn't out yet, but I'm assuming the demo version uses similar save file as the full version? Sorry if this seems dumb, but I'm new to side games (non-main series).
  9. Make sure the met location and gigantamax levels are correct. A common mistake I see around here. Here is a an example of a "legal" Corviknight from a max raid. 823 - Corviknight - 7AF81274E100.pk8
  10. Alright, thank you. I will try to post in more detail "guide" later today or tomorrow
  11. Maybe it has to do with not saving for a while? Read full explanation of what I mean above your most recent comment.
  12. It's weird because if I just randomly create mons rapidly (regardless of legal or not) then save, the problem doesn't occur. However, it only seems to happen when I go on for not saving (on PKHeX) for a while (while creating mons), then save, reopen, the problem seems to occur.
  13. After re-downloading and testing, it seems like the problem still occurs for me.
  14. I will try and get back to you after testing. For now, thank you for taking your time dealing with me.
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