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  1. I noticed a lot of my Pokemon were showing up as not legal. For example, I have Inteleon with Sniper and Ice Beam and it was showing as illegal on PKHeX for Sword / Shield. When I remove them, they were showing legal. Then when I used ability patch to get sniper and teach it ice beam again in game, it showed as illegal when I checked PKHeX again. Thanks team, your help would be much appreciated.
  2. Just that I think there are Gen IV mons with pretty cool hidden abilities. I know that people have been datamining this game, but has it been discovered if there are Ability Patch in this game (and for that matter also Ability Capsule)? I guess the more important question is, are there hidden abilities at all?
  3. I generated a Polteageist to have flawless stats with curry mark and it showed up as legal. I used an ability patch in game to get its hidden ability and now it's showing up as illegal. Why is this? When I revert its ability to its standard ability on PKHeX it shows up as legal again. 855-01 - Polteageist - 3D8B933B5F35.pk8
  4. Thanks, I shall try and test again next time.
  5. They are all listed as, "Invalid: Encounter Type PID mismatch" How do I fix this? Or can someone fix it for me? main
  6. I'm assuming I'm just being dumb; but, could someone tell me what's wrong with these? From my research, they should be correct. 026-01 - Raichu - 68B0EB69CBC7.pk8 103-01 - Exeggutor - CA2350269E59.pk8 105-01 - Marowak - 133A11AED7F9.pk8
  7. No sweat, take your time. So if I inject them one at a time like if I inject just the pokeball shirt will it overwrite or merge? On that note, will there ever be a way to merge instead of overwriting?
  8. I was just wondering if injecting a piece of clothing (ie, the Pokeball shirt) will change anything in my game. Like, will it remove any of my other clothing I have unlocked? On that note, I know there is a file with every clothing; however, I've heard reportings that when injecting that, it removes new sets like W X F X G and the crown.
  9. But from doing or not doing what is that dependent on? Just curious how people manage to get banned / bricked while others don't. Like what do they do to get detected vs. not getting detected?
  10. No, I'm not asking what should I do to get banned / bricked Switch, I just want to know how do people get banned / bricked, so I can avoid it. I've had a Switch since launch and have used CFW ever since it became available and I have never been banned / bricked.
  11. Footprint ribbon is (currently) unobtainable in game in Sword and Shield.
  12. Oh, yes. I have noticed that placeholder for Alcremie before; but, for Alcremie it is made more clear with form listing (not in numbers). I was just confused about Runerigus' number editor. I haven't checked for other games (only Sw/Sh), so perhaps @N4styPlot is referring to other games?
  13. Really? On what other mons have you seen the number editor? So far, I was only able to identify on Runerigus. @theSLAYER thank you for experimenting this with me.
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