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  1. This is my feeble attempt at a competitive team for the VGC in philly. any advice would be great. Hold items are not chosen yet and any info would be cool. Garchomp Jolly Sand Veil Hp:6;At:252;Speed:252 Physical Sweep -Dragon Claw -Aerial Ace -Fire Fang -Shadow Claw Hippowdon Carefull Sand Stream Hp:6;Def:252;SpDef:252 Sandstream Wall -Slack Off -Yawn -Rock Slide -Crunch Armaldo Carefull Battle Armor Hp:2;At:252;Def:128;SpDef:128 Physical Tank -Rock Slide -X-Scissor -Aerial Ace -Metal Claw Lucario Timid Steadfast Hp:6;SpAtt:252;Speed:252 Special Sweeper -Aura Sphere -Dragon Pulse -Dark Pulse -Water Pulse Magnezone Calm Sturdy Hp:6;Def:252;SpDef:252 Special Wall -Discharge -Flash Cannon -Metal Sound -Magnet Rise Omastar Calm Shell Armor Hp:2;Def:128;SpAtt:252;SpDef:128 Special Tank -Water Pulse -Icy Wind -Earth Power -Sandstorm Well thats it. Figure im trying to go a little heavier on the D than the standard. lookin forward for responces
  2. if it is a remake it better not be DSi exclusive...would be a very poor decision on their behalf. although the 1st gen remake was the same platform as the 3rd gen...by that logic 2nd gen remake would be that same as 4th gen. guess i'll see the result in a week or so
  3. the wide lens is what i was talkin about...and i can agree with another item maybe being better...but i would rather ensure the sleep hit. just me
  4. y not give it the zoom lenz as a hold item and make it near 99.9% accurate...thats what i do.
  5. if there are specific NFE pokes that people are interested in i would be happy to add them to the project, but take into consideration that NFE pokes will not have the stats able to really compete in heavy battle (the major goal of this project). If there are requests for specific NFE just post it and when i get to that type i will add em to the batch of planning. If you want a scyther done i will do that after im done with the gen 4 bugs since i already did the gen 1. i should have the planning of ALL BUGS by this friday or sat. Then the breeding begins. If there is a NFE bug type that you would like me to do please post it soon as i am almmost done with the planning and looking to start breeding.
  6. i wonder why that desicion was made. i know that japan got this event twice. that seems to me that there is a big calling for the gift. i dunno it justr seems odd that an event that needed to be given out twice in japan can't be shared in the US
  7. i like quake's idea for a wild location chart. If it can be split up for locations and encounter rates for different games (pearl, diamond, plat...ect). Locations would be great as an add to the dex and if the encounter rates can be displayed also that would be great.
  8. small update: The first 2 gens of bugs are done and are ready for breeding. I plan on getting the rest of the bugs planed (between breeding sessions of my VGC team) and should have all the bugs ready for breeding by this weekend. If anyone wants me to post the "design outline" for any of the bugs just ask and i will post it here. For a intro to what i am doing here is the "design" for pinsir: Team Role: Sub-Punch; Ability: Hyper Cutter; Hold Item: Leftovers; Nature: Adamant; IV focus: Attack and Speed; EV spread: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, and 6 Hp; Moveset: Faint Attack (egg), Focus Punch, Substitute, Stone Edge; Details: This build will enable the first turn use of substitue and the ability to sit back and focus punch turn 2. The faint attack and stone edge are for good type coverage. If anyone has any advice on this build or would like to post some input (mmmmm input...stephanie need more input....) im always welcome to hear it. thnx for readin the rant
  9. im not to worried about wobbuffet, my armaldo is ganna eat him, but i do agree that garchomp is going to be everywhere in this event...even in my party...i am IV breeding for the philly event as i type this :grog:
  10. yeah most of my info is in the form of handwritten notes on the actual gameplay and less the coding of the game itself. The guides are mostly nintendo released guides ect.
  11. bug type for the win! i have a sub-punch pinsir that is a house
  12. looks great sofar. if you need helpo with data i have tons of stuff from 3rd gen forward. i have tons of notes i have taken, and guides from various places, so if there is any info that you are missing lemme know and i will see if i can track it down. maybe the learned moves can be sorted by version of the game. like weedle learning bug bite at lvl 15 in plat only. otherwise looks great
  13. i did a few wiki entries for the first few kanto bugs and the template i used is pretty simple. if there is a format or template that should be used let me know and i will fix em up. i am adding pages as i work on my "massive pokeon undertaking" but if it should be done another way or somewhere else, just lemme know. I do agree that there should be some kind of format for the wiki dex entries
  14. now correct me if im wrong, but didn't the first jap secret key have the share option? its not available on the WiFi version i got this morning.
  15. due to the upcoming VGC event i will have to put the project on hold for a few weeks till i have my team built up. i will keep everyone posted when i get a chance to get the rest of the bugs done. Once im done with the planning of the bugs (this weekend) i will break for the VGC and then i will start the actual breeding.
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