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  1. well ok it was just a random idea i had lol
  2. well if the one you posted you used for legality checker, then it should come out completely legal, but it does not..the one Kelly posted came out valid and as Big Brother's egg.
  3. HUEVO is a spanish word that means egg so what the title means is "wooper egg"
  4. if a pokemon is illegal it will be detected at any level.. unless you use the appropriate programs to make them (or edit). Any pokemon that is edited or made with an outside device other than the game is considered illegal.. Whether they will be detected is up to how good you are at making them.(IV's,PID's etc.)
  5. Holy Crap that's amazing!! ..
  6. mispelled FOURTH in the first post^^ juust sayingg.. lol. ---------- Post added at 07:40 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:33 PM ---------- I also prefer Venosaur but i think Torterra would be a better choice if you were to pick it for battling.
  7. man i went for 3 days!! until just this second!! ugh.. lol
  8. i have the same problem..
  9. whoops lol i guess i should have thought of that hahha .. well anyway i could still use it..
  10. Hey Sabre, i noticed that in you're sig you have a shiny chansey as your rarest pokemon. Well here is a shiny chansey egg. it took me a while to get it but here it is .. happy friggin birfday:) Shiny Chansey Egg.pkm
  11. I would like to put my idea out there for anyone that has some experience in programming. I thought it would be useful to create a program that will "simulate" breeding, such as codemonkey's pokemon generator. I'm sure this won't be easy but if anyone wants to help me, please do.
  12. dude even tho i never tlked to you and stuff, i enjoyed reading your posts and gaining so much knowlegde from them.. lol but thanks for that and hope you return soon.
  13. mine was a shiny cacnea in pokemon ruby.. i ran away cuz im just dumb like that lol.. i didnt know about shinies until later hahah!.
  14. granted but then you become addicted to pokemon games, while theyre becoming overcrowded because of no pokemon deaths, and every step you take you encounter a wild battle making your pokemon experience unbearable. I wish i could learn to develop programs.
  15. i have the 3 starters from HG theyre untouched, not shiny, but i think i should still put them up: Starters HG.zip
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