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Questions about pokesav, please help!


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So I'm pretty new to this, and using Pokesav on my Platinum file.

I'm trying to make legal pokemon. The only pokemon I'm editing are ones that I've hatched form eggs. I have a few Gen III starters that I've bred and then hatched as well. Assuming I only edit level 1, newly hatched Pokemon, do I need to use the PID generator to fix my PID after I set the IVs? Also, do I need to use the Trash Byte normalizer? Is there any way I can avoid using the normalizer?

Finally, if I finalize my EV spread and moveset for my pokemon at Level 1, can they be detected as illegal later on when they've leveled up?


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if a pokemon is illegal it will be detected at any level.. unless you use the appropriate programs to make them (or edit). Any pokemon that is edited or made with an outside device other than the game is considered illegal.. Whether they will be detected is up to how good you are at making them.(IV's,PID's etc.)

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