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Found 7 results

  1. Yesterday I used for the first time an Action Replay DSI cartridge for cheats. In doing so I lost all previously caught pokemon. Is there a way to recover them or at least recreate them? I had a Lvl 68 Torterra that I raised from the beginning and now he is lost. Help?
  2. Hi there everybody!. I just wanted to make you all lose the game!! *Evil Cackle* For those who don't know what the game is: The Game :biggrin: *Runs*
  3. Hey all. I caught a Shiny Cleffa in Mt. Coronet, and promptly lost it because I (stupidly) left my DS and Pokemon cart on an airplane. I know just about everything about the little guy, but would like to generate some legal PID/IVs for him, keep him Shiny, Male and Modest. It looks like SCV's command line PID/IV Generator can do this, but it doesn't seem to be hosted on Project Pokemon any more. http://projectpokemon.org/editing/pidivgenerator.php This link is also missing... http://projectpokemon.org/IVPID.zip I've messed around with the PokeSav PID/IV Generator, but have yet to come up with any valid combos that will produce the guy's most important points. I'm not terribly concerned with IVs. Any idea where I can find this, or can give some better insight on how to pick IVs that will give me the results I'm looking for?
  4. hello, I got all the wonder cards the PKMDB and need this wonder cards can yoy help me? Australia Alamos Darkrai Alamos Darkrai Netherlands Alamos Darkrai UK Shaymin Peli11 Spain Note: The wondercard have the shaymin french? only the id is correct for not the region Shaymin German: The wondercard have the shaymin french? only the id is correct for not the region Shaymin Italian: The wondercard have the shaymin french? only the id is correct for not the region
  5. Well I just got pokesav I want to make legit jirachi, suicune, celebie and latias. I guess I need to pal park them but I don't have a lg fr sap ruby game for ot and id. I've also never used pokesav I've watched youtube videos and read forms I'm still just confused. I can make hatched no prob I get that. I don't get pal parked. Please help
  6. alright, here are the ARDS and ARDSME installers of Action Replay Code Managers. Action Replay DS Installer Action Replay DS Media Edition Installer Action Replay DSi Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 x86/x64 Installer also, these have the correct NDAlink.inf files, which are the driver files, that connects your ARDS to the computer. if the ARDS one doesn't work of connecting your ARDS to the computer, then try the ARDSME one; because they're both the same, it's just that the ARDSME one has an extra program with it. now you don't have-to worry about losing your ARDS discs, because I've provided them for you. one more thing, you don't need to mount these on your virtual drive, to run the setup files; if you have a virtual drive. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This tutorial is for people who doesn't know how to use this, or for newbies of ARDS. If you know your way around ARDS and the Code Manager, then disregard this tutorial. Link to tutorial Note: the formatting in the htm file is broken while in Google drive, but the images within the Google drive folder would work fine. Remember, this tutorial was made before Platinum ever came out. Now you know why Platinum is not on the list in this tutorial. Of what isn't in the tutorial Copying&Pasting from XML files. Reason: When opening the XML file on notepad or wordpad, there's extra html junk in it, that's why that drag&drop XML files is much easier to do, and the txt files is best way to copy&paste. Of what ARDS can't do from pokesav Event pokemon flags. Reason: When clicking onto the "ARDS Code Output", there's no checklist of what event pokemon you want checked or unchecked. So that part is only reserved of flash carts. If anymore of what ARDS can't do on pokesav, let me know, and I'll post the information up, after I test it out as well. - Soldjermon
  7. i had diamond propper version, but i also have a r4 card, just i have currently misplaced my pokemon diamond, and wondered if anybody had a .sav file. that has a few badges if not all. ill change all id's and name etc, just dont want to use cheats to get all badges but also dont want to have to start again specially when im working on platinum also at moment. thanks in advanced, if nobody has then its not a big issue, also, if anyone needs pokemon making etc i can upload them. but i wont make an illegal pokemon, eg 999 all stats etc.
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