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  1. Getting really frustrated here. I've looked online, tried a bunch of "fixes" that worked for people in the past with this, but none are working for me. I've tried setting OT/Not OT names the same and different, tried messing with memories, etc. 350 ★ - Milotic - A38A752EFB92.pb8
  2. Using Ultra Moon. Using the Deoxys from LeafGreen. Basically, I just want each form to be shiny with 6IV's (or whatever highest possible IV in each stat can legally be). I chose the LG Deoxys, clicked re-roll on the PID thing a bunch of times, but I still get PID mismatch. 386 ★ - Deoxys - 2EF259C0A0AA.pk7
  3. Basically, same as title. Examples: Mr. Rime in SW/SH that's met from Hisui region can now be in the game. Stuff like that.
  4. There's a typo at the end of your paragraphs.
  5. This specific forum is for video games. But to answer your question, no, I personally don't know about TCG values.
  6. So you download a game file and then don't even check if it's updated?......
  7. I don't know why you people expect PKHeX to auto-update right when a new game update comes out. Use your head here. Jesus. If the game just updated and you suddenly can't open stuff on PKHeX for that specific game, what does that tell you? I can't imagine how annoyed Staff gets with all these threads with this same issue but even I am annoyed as Hell everytime one is posted, lol.
  8. Here's a topic I found about that but there was never a final edit/reply of the outcome but that it was being looked into. Do you know if the devs confirmed to fix this by chance, @theSLAYER? Here was your final reply to it: https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/59270-transporter-blocking-a-few-mons/?do=findComment&comment=268210
  9. Funny update to this Pikachu/Raichu thing...I just had a Blue cartridge arrive from eBay, so I dumped it and it happened to have a Raichu that gives the same exact illegal message. Says it's from Yellow with a 190 catch rate. But ok, looks like it's marked on latest dev build now from what Slayer said above.
  10. Not sure what the forum rules are regarding non-English posts/replies, but anyway: The original user who made this post hasn't logged into the website since 2020.
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