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  1. So im trying to make pokeblock for contest ribbon but my cartridge battery dead so I renew one. And as you know if i renew the battery the RTC will be reset to 2000 while if the RTC record a berry was planted at 2010 i need to wait RTC 10 years for the berry to start to grow in real life. Ive tried use sav edit for RTC, but seems not working, sometimes even the berry diappear. I can still play the game on emulator on PC, so anyway i just need to make my berry grow. How should I do to make it?
  2. There still the difference Changing the ROM instead of LEVEL directly because this 50 lvl rule does not make sense and just like start from GEN4 the Game allows mons temporally become lvl 50 for battle tower, while in gen 8 still not allow you to modify lvl in game
  3. I am trying to do a ribbon collection for shinny pokemon I hunted manually, while I just realized that in Gen 3 there's a lvl50 Battle tower ribbon which cannot be obtian once your pokemon reached higher level than 50. So how should I modify the rom to break the 50 limit? I know pokemon are just data string but I also spent long time to train and battle. If I just simply change their level by PKHEX its kind of spoil the whole journey and effort I devoted on that mon, cauz once I can modify the level, cant anything else not be changed? So I would rather modify the rom which only for this lvl 50 case, aka, to stay the sav data the same but I can use any pokemon participate in the lvl50 BT. Either the way eliminate the lvl50 limitation or temperately make mons in battle tower become 50 which like later gen is fine. How should I do that?
  4. Pokémon Sw/Sh LAN issue · Issue #2074 · Ryujinx/Ryujinx · GitHub I am trying to trade between RyujinX emu and a real switch following this guide which said we need to make the wild area news the same new at the emulator side if we want to trade successfully However according to the link, it just show several links about how the basic operation of PKHEX how to import file, while I still don't know where to get the wild are news file
  5. Well, yeah, this time works. So the key is its not only set or unset the particular one we want, but also do the opposite for the rest thanks
  6. I don't get it. No matter I check or uncheck flag bock with their species number, it will cause the black screen. And in the un-edited sav version, for those I haven't captured, some are already check while some not.
  7. it seems the contrary. I saved out of the ultra wormhole and teleport works fine, while if i save in a wormhole, the screen turns black. Another quesiton: how do we manipulate the species, or just keeps reload until legendry appears?
  8. Cool. Which area I should edit? the OVERWORLD in block data? but what does the R stands for in this section?
  9. Keep travelling through wormholes but encounter only a few legenaries in hours feels not good. Is there any way we can do to edit the sav or rom to increase the chance to encounter legendaris in wormhole?
  10. As I heard HM cannot be learned when migrate PM, so I forgeted HMs, and it stayed fine for previous version of PKHex. But for now it starts to say not learning all 4 moves is inlegal, while in game it is legal to forget some moves by move deleter
  11. You know, cannot start to the real catching process until we encounter those 3 birds up to 10 time when they roaming across the whole map. It so annoying. I checked the event section in PKHex, there's nothing related to record birds meet times. Is there a way to change the encounter time to 10 so we can directly start the real battle with the birds? Such a mechanism could be a good strategy for player to consuming time when gen 6 was just released, but for nowadays its just a waste of time. I just need to capture all legendries and migrate them to next gen.
  12. Tested. The answer is Yes Legendries from previous Gen count! Yeah, gen 5 really suck
  13. Tested. The answer is Yes. As long as you don't transfer them to next gen, the game will always remeber OT's first met level as first met level
  14. Many legendries are limited to the edition (OR / AS), while some legendries won't be accessed until you have legendries from both editions, such as Kyurem won't be approached until you have Zek from OR and Reshi from AS. So my question is can I bring the same PM from previous gen to unlock those? Because as my knowledge to previous gens, some version works while some not. Such as gen 4 allows you use 3 regis from previous game to unlcok Regigigas, but in Gen 5 you must capture in-game legendries to unlock certain legendries. So what about Gen 6?
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