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  1. Yes my gen3 cart is authentic, so my english R4 gen4 game will recognize my gen3 for transfering as long as i beat the champion, right?
  2. Im trying to migrate pokemon gen to gen, but only lack of the real cartridge of gen 4 English version, so can the R4 rom of gen 4 game receive pokemon from real gba cart so that I can transfer them to japanese ver gen 4 to pass on instead of spending extra money on another gen 4 cartridge, would it work?
  3. which means if I drag all PM (with legal data) gen to gen by PKhex, and transfer all from bank to HOME, they will be all set, and also with the transfer tracker info after in HOME, right?
  4. I am trying to transfer pokemon from previous emulator game to gen 6 sav on 3DS and bank and Home, so here is my question. There's a saying that if you do actual transfer between cartridges from gen to gen, there will be some data change for your Pokémon, kind of a proof that those pm are transferred, which makes those PM literally absolutely legal; while if you just simply copy all data from a game sav to another gen's sav by PKHex, those pm will not contained such "transfer info", although all other data is still legal, still lack of the "transfer info" something like that. I am wondering if this is true and if yes how to check with that, also, After I read the newest update version of PokeHex, I found the following line: Transferring from one generation to another, converting formats along the way Is this a description exactly about my question that now dragging Pokémon between gen savs on PKHex will also generates the "transfer info" to pm. or just something else?
  5. OK I get it. Guess I have to start a new journey. Thanks for your explanation
  6. No need to infect back, as long as it can be load normally on emulator is fine I also found there are 00 00 FF FF FF FF FF.... strings in the .gba ROM, is there any way about it? like fix the checksum something?... Im not an expert about this so maybe a stupid question. Just trying my best to rescue the data...
  7. I bought from Amazon. I am doing some research here, too. So what if maybe they are the fake, is there any way to rescue my data still?
  8. I used an NDS with a R4 cart to extract sav by backup tool. Is there any other way to extract? Im not sure if its fake or repro
  9. Hello, @theSLAYER I have the same issue with my Leafgreen save My GBA SP run out of power at excat the time I was saving the game so now my game says "save file has been deleted" But I know its not really deleted as how you helped the previous people fix theirs So could you also help me to fix my save files? It would be A great help! POKEMON_LEAF_BPGE01.sav
  10. im having a similar issue
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