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  1. Wow It works! thanks @theSLAYER I just updated the game from v.1.3.0 to v.1.3.1 and followed your guide
  2. Hi I just followed this guide but ain't work.. I really want to spawn spirtomb in this game without interact 31 players,
  3. It works on LGE or LGP but sword & shield it errors..how to fix this? I'm using Yuzu Emulator btw
  4. The wild editor won't save when I edit the fly encounter like dragonite/articuno/charizard and so on.. how to save or fix this?
    It works in B&W but do you have B2&W2 of this?
  5. Any suggest a wild pokemon editor tool or anything else for B2W2 ? just like this Zero's Wild Pokemon Editor?
  6. Wow it works thanks BlackShark & theSLAYER it needs to update checksums before save
  7. Recently I'm Using "Gen V Save Tool by Suloku" For Editing Hidden Grotto Like Dragonite.. After I edited the save file and run it in the game it erased my file.. anyone how to use this tool? I'm using Back save just incase.. I want to spawn Dragonite in Hidden Grotto
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