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  1. Oh, that's nice to know! It does make it a shame that the only shiny Arceus that can be legally put into Pokebank is the Japanese Hoopa one.
  2. That may be true from what I've seen, but for some reason when I skipped over PK5 and converted it straight to PK6 Pokebank saw no issues with it. I assume its because one of the checks was eliminated in the generation shift for it to see nothing wrong. This was also how I got my shiny Shaymin and Darkrai into Pokebank as well.
  3. Here it is. It's the same Arceus from earlier in the thread but I personally grinded it up and nicknamed it. 493 ★ - Azure - 57510CB5CCBF.pk4 As for Shaymin, I actually already have the Gracidea item from an official Shaymin I obtained; I just can't use on my shiny DP Shaymin as it just says "It won't have any effect." Despite what the article on the unreleased Shaymin says about how all Shaymin can transform from the Gracidea, it's wrong.
  4. If it's of any interest, once I caught my shiny HoO Arceus (the one I contributed in this thread) I grinded it up to level 100 from the wild Pokemon around Stark Mountain and battling the Elite Four, getting the Sinnoh Champ ribbon in the process and some of the Memory ribbons, before dumping my save file and using PkHex to convert from PK4 to PK6. I put it in one of my Gen 6 games and accessed Pokebank. It took the Arceus with no issues. This was actually how I got my shiny Shaymin and Darkrai through Pokebank, although I got rid of Pursuit for Natural Gift and grinded to level 50 on Darkrai. For Shaymin, I got rid of Defense Curl for Bullet Seed, although I didn't need to grind since Platinum's Shaymin comes at the same level. To give it a bit of a Gen 4 signature, I also taught the shiny HoO Arceus Silver Wind. In a final note, any Shaymin caught in DP cannot change into Sky Form in Gen 7. I assume it's because it lacks the "fateful encounter" flag.
  5. So apparently a demo version of Pokemon XD exists on a Multi-Game demo disc, labelled v32: https://tcrf.net/Interactive_Multi-Game_Demo_Disc_October_2005 I couldn't find any footage of it anywhere, so I don't know if it's just the intro that's playable or something else completely. Even so, maybe we can get something out of it? The preview image shows a Jolteon and Gardevoir after all.
  6. This is why I get skeptical every time I receive a shiny Pokemon through Wonder Trade. I mean, you should be extremely ecstatic and surprised when you get a rare shiny Pokemon over Wonder Trade, but because of the existence of hacked and genned shinies, along with how easy it is to pull off, I can't afford to use those emotions when I get traded one. I'm...probably not going to upload the rest of the potential hacked mons I got through Wonder Trade.
  7. I must have been one unlucky person to have gotten these then as I was Wonder Trading. 297 ★ - Hariyama - 9791DEFC84D5.pk7 053-01 ★ - Persian - C04B68997955.pk7 The Hariyama originally had a Toxic Orb attached and the Persian had a Gold Bottle Cap. I had to remove them to put them in Pokebank. I also have a few more of these fake mons that I unluckily managed to get over Wonder Trade. They weren't from the AusLove.TV guy, but I'll upload them if anyone is interested.
  8. Okay, I can do that. Just don't make the Ribombee have a hindering nature and I'm perfectly fine. I'm going to need your friend code if we're going to be doing this, online trades and all.
  9. Thanks for the offer! Is there anything specific you want me to trade in return?
  10. Well, I'm now back to square one with my search. At least I know what the Totem Ribombee looks like on the GTS, even if it wasn't the one PokemoKing99 said he uploaded. Still, my luck finding it on the GTS is still almost impossible, so if anyone is still up to trade one to me I would really appreciate it.
  11. If you would just give me your friend code this could go by way easier. That way we could trade directly instead of using the wonky GTS system.
  12. I'm going to need it if you're going to trade me that Totem Ribombee.
  13. If you read the first post you would easily see it at the bottom of the spoiler tag.
  14. Thanks. Add my friend code in the first post and make sure to tell me yours so I can add you. We're doing an online trade for this. Is there any specifics you want in return? I don't exactly have too much to offer...except for maybe a glitched shiny Mew transferred from Silver.
  15. Do you have a legit Totem Ribombee that I wanted and fits the criteria? That's what I requested after all.