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  1. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Hey, I'm still here too. The shiny Hall of Origin Arceus just really hates me right now. If it means anything, I used ACE in my VC Silver to get a glitched shiny transferable Mew. I did the Trainer-Fly glitch in my Blue version first before trading it over and doing the Coin Case shenanigans. It's not legal by any means, but seeing as there is a fake shiny Ash-Greninja wondercard in the unreleased section it could be worth something if anyone wants it.
  2. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Sorry if I'm bumping this up, but I got the default Lillie's and Breeder Rada's Battle Tree Pokemon from Ultra Moon thanks to dumped Battle Videos. Not sure if they differ from other copies but this is what I got. 689 - Barbaracle - 8F31574A722E.pk7 701 - Hawlucha - BF42F38AA1E5.pk7 743 - Ribombee - 05E594329739.pk7 764 - Comfey - 607D39A7C6A0.pk7
  3. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Nice work! Also, just for the sake of it, I used Trigger's PC to extract all of the debug secret bases I ended up getting. I used a public save for this, which explains the "Jordon" names. Debug Secret Bases.zip
  4. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    I found another beta Pokemon to add, but I'm having trouble getting access to it. In the German Ruby Debug version choosing the "Make bases (to max)" option fills in all Secret Base slots with a dummy trainer that always has a single Treecko at Level 5 holding a Master Ball. Each dummy trainer has a random trainer class, Trainer ID, and Secret ID, so each Treecko is technically different. You can see this info using Trigger's PC, but since the tool is meant for legitimate users I can't extract it. PKHeX doesn't even support Gen 3 Secret Bases so I can't extract the Treecko with that either.
  5. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    If I may ask, what is that glitch exactly? I can't seem to find information about it and I'm a bit curious. I'm still hammering away at the Hall of Origin Arceus right now. He still hasn't popped up shiny yet but when he does I'll contribute it.
  6. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Here's my legit Shiny Darkrai from my Pearl game. Took a week of soft resetting just to get it, so it should spice up the unreleased New Moon Island Darkrai section: 491 ★ - DARKRAI - 0C6E9B435B4F.pk4 Also, as an added bonus, here's a shiny Shaymin from the same Pearl game. Literally just a few days after the Darkrai hunt I encounter this beauty, and it took me completely by surprise for it to appear that soon!: 492 ★ - SHAYMIN - CBA1B2CC72C5.pk4 I'm going after the god next, the Shiny Hall of Origin Arceus. Haven't ran into it yet, but I'll contribute it to the Hall of Origin Arceus project once I get it.
  7. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    I'm back, and I brought something with me! I spent quite some time soft resetting for this, which is the main reason why I stayed away from here for a while, but it finally paid off. What is it exactly? Well, it's a Shiny New Moon Island Darkrai from DP! I used PokeGen and PKHeX to give me the Member's Card and activate the event in my Pearl game, but other than that no cheats were used. At least it's easier than abusing the tweaking glitch to get there. I'll contribute it if it's needed for the DP New Moon Island Darkrai section.
  8. You can add the rentals from Pokemon Stadium 2's (Pokemon Stadium G&S) Gym Leader Castle that I obtained if you want:
  9. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    TCRF just updated with two more Pokemon from GSC that have unobtainable egg moves, Bulbasaur and Snorlax, and both cases just so happen to be about the move Charm. Did the devs really like that move or something? First the Oddish and now these two! It shouldn't be that hard to get the moves on them since I'm sure there's a glitch to get Ditto to learn the move, or heck, we could even just breed with the Charm Oddish in the event gallery for the Charm Bulbasaur then use the Bulbasaur for the Charm Snorlax due to egg groups. This has to be done on Crystal version though, because according to Serebii Charm on Bulbasaur is a Crystal version exclusive egg move for some reason.
  10. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Here's another thing to add. Thanks to suloku's Pokemon Stadium 2 dumper, I have managed to obtain all of the rental Pokemon reserved for the Gym Leader Castle. I tried doing the other modes, but it doesn't seem to dump registered teams there. Anyway, here they are. Not sure if I missed any or accidentally named something wrong: Pokemon Stadium 2 Gym Leader Castle Rentals.zip
  11. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    The only way I can think of for doing that would be to do a local wireless battle with the teams using the unrestricted level cap, which I unfortunately can't do since I don't have a second copy. Hopefully somebody else can get them without the Level 50 cap. At least the Level 1 Mimikyu was able to go through unscathed.
  12. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Thanks for the input. Here's the dumped Pokemon from the PGL sample teams. While most of them had the expected "From PGL" as the get method, the Salamence was apparently from ORAS through "a Pokemon event" and the Aegislash was from X also from "a Pokemon event." Pretty odd if I say so myself. PGL Pokemon.zip
  13. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Sorry to bump this up, but I managed to get access to what I think are some Pokemon you weren't meant to access the normal way. Remember the Global Mission where you needed to get BP from the Battle Tree? Well if you didn't have a team prepared for any of the facilities, the PGL hosted two sample teams for Singles and Doubles. After recording a battle video with both teams, I dumped the extdata to get access to them. Their internal information is...odd to say the least, but I'm not sure if they are classified as unreleased. I also saved the QR codes for the teams for preservation sake. If they are classified as unreleased and are needed for the project, I'll put the download up.
  14. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    From what I checked it's just the final game. Might be worth looking into just in case, for the retail save files are compatible with it for some easy access to other modes. It's probably from my setup, but it also tends to crash at random points.
  15. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Thanks for the advice anyway. I didn't know that there was more in the Japanese version than the international one, so I guess I'll migrate over there. EDIT: I used suloku's tool to extract every Pokemon in the Japanese Stadium into JPK1 files. Since these files are already compatible with PKHeX, I'm uploading them as is. Pocket Monsters Stadium (JPK1).zip