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  1. Here's something not exactly related to the main games. I used SkyEditor to extract the Grovyle, Dusknoir, and Shiny Celebi from the final special episode so you can insert them into the main game. It's not much, but since they're unobtainable outside of the special episode I thought it would be nice to have. It should technically be possible to extract the other special episode Pokemon by replaying their special episode then using SkyEditor to extract them. Not sure about the temporary members during the main story though (Bidoof during the expedition, Chatot during Brine Cave, etc.) Grovyle.skypkm Dusknoir.skypkm Shiny Celebi.skypkm
  2. I actually used that event as an inspiration.
  3. Sorry for the delay, but I got some interesting submissions that I thought would be pretty nice.
  4. Eh, I might as well try this out. Anyone know where I could possibly make one of those fake cards everyone has been posting?
  5. I'm getting system errors when trying to run it.
  6. Sadly I don't really have anything to contribute other than some memory dumps of some "demo shinies" from the GS demos. It's a pain to see if they remain shiny when pasting the memory into the final Japanese Gold every time I find and dump one though. I know it's possible to happen with the right DV combination and that's what I'm aiming for. I even got some from the PC debug. No demo shiny Kurstraw though which makes me sad. :(
  7. Hahahahah, that's my custom tournament you posted there! And yes, I still have it on my PC.
  8. I kind of figured that was the case. You still have my support.
  9. As much as I'm really looking forward to someone finally making a complete game out of the scrapped concepts, I do wish the demo rom was used as the base instead of Crystal. Don't get me wrong your work looks amazing, it's just an inconsequential gripe in the back of my head. Even so, you got my interest and I'm hoping to see more come out of this.
  10. I was searching for a demo shiny Pikachu and got these instead. Thanks to a glitch involving Sketch I couldn't afford to waste a turn attacking Smeargle. Here's the three demo shiny Oddish and the demo shiny Raticate after trading to Japanese Blue. 020 - ラッタ - FCEC.pk1 043 - ナゾノクサ - 65F4.pk1 043 - ナゾノクサ - 766E.pk1 043 - ナゾノクサ - AFDC.pk1
  11. Yeah, you should probably swap over to the BGB emulator if you want more accurate things in the demo. It's recommended by the fan translators after all. I'll try to see what I can do about the battle debug if that's how you got those last few proto mons. If it's worth anything, I also heard that the unused Burned Tower Entei event exists in the demo somewhere, but with the drastically different region I can't determine where that would match up with the final. Even then, with the lack of scripts outside the demo area it would probably be impossible anyway.
  12. I didn't get a "Johtan" Leafeon through resetting, but I ended up getting these instead...on the same save file no less! In the process I saw one shiny Flambear, two shiny Cruz (including the one pictured above), and a shiny "Johtan" Noctowl in the PC. Here's the "demo shiny" Slowbro I got after trading to Japanese Blue. 080 - ヤドラン - 89B3.pk1
  13. Pikachu can be found in Silent Hill during the daytime I think, but it's a very rare encounter. I got mine there and accidentally leveled it up a few times as I was searching for "demo shinies."
  14. I wasn't talking about injecting into the final Gen 2 games, I was talking about injecting into the demo. With so many changes between the beta and final, the Gen 1 mons are the only ones that can go through everything with no issues, after those it doesn't match up. Any pk2 that contains one of the scrapped Pokemon designs will only work properly if injected into the demo and nothing else, which no online tool can do at the moment.