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  1. A German demo of Pokemon Silver was released a few days ago, but it's not too interesting. It has the exact same start as the final and blocks you off before you get to Violet City. What is nice is that you can save in the demo...but it always locks the Continue option off so save states and walk through walls are the only way to progress. At least the save file loads in PKHeX with no issues for extraction. I guess you COULD try to get stuff in the demo, but it wouldn't count for much.
  2. As much as I don't want to bump this up, has any progress been made? Seems like the major hurdle is cracking the save encryption before editing.
  3. Aww, that's too bad. Guess it wasn't a save issue after all. That's still a pretty stupid restriction to render your cart immediately dead after sending it. Cheating multiple Manaphys or not, outside of flashcarts and emulation, we're going to run out of fresh Pokemon Ranger carts eventually and the Manaphy eggs will go with it.
  4. I know this may seem redundant considering that we have save files ready to send it over, but they also contains save data already on it and I want to keep my progress on my actual cartridge. Is there a flag in the save data that keeps track of whether the Manaphy egg was sent or not? I assume there is, for I want to find out if it's possible to roll it back in a hex editor to make the egg able to be sent again.
  5. Here's something not exactly related to the main games. I used SkyEditor to extract the Grovyle, Dusknoir, and Shiny Celebi from the final special episode so you can insert them into the main game. It's not much, but since they're unobtainable outside of the special episode I thought it would be nice to have. It should technically be possible to extract the other special episode Pokemon by replaying their special episode then using SkyEditor to extract them. Not sure about the temporary members during the main story though (Bidoof during the expedition, Chatot during Brine Cave, etc.) Grovyle.skypkm Dusknoir.skypkm Shiny Celebi.skypkm
  6. I actually used that event as an inspiration.
  7. Sorry for the delay, but I got some interesting submissions that I thought would be pretty nice.
  8. Eh, I might as well try this out. Anyone know where I could possibly make one of those fake cards everyone has been posting?
  9. I'm getting system errors when trying to run it.
  10. Sadly I don't really have anything to contribute other than some memory dumps of some "demo shinies" from the GS demos. It's a pain to see if they remain shiny when pasting the memory into the final Japanese Gold every time I find and dump one though. I know it's possible to happen with the right DV combination and that's what I'm aiming for. I even got some from the PC debug. No demo shiny Kurstraw though which makes me sad. :(
  11. If I may ask for a small feature implementation, would it be okay of you put a little star symbol next to the dumped Pokemon's filename if it ends up becoming shiny in both the demo and final? It's technically possible to happen if you get the correct DVs and I got a ton of DMP files that I have to manually insert into Japanese Gold to see if the stats add up to a shiny in the final. It would be less of a hassle for me if something like that was implemented.
  12. Didn't you say that Charm Snorlax is exclusive to breeding in Gold and Silver, not Crystal?
  13. This is a little bit off topic here, but I think I figured out why some Pokemon is GSC have Charm as an egg move. If you look in the Spaceworld demo's disassembly and go to Level Up movesets it reveals that both Cubone and Marowak could learn Charm at the time! From a technical standpoint then, if breeding was implemented in the demo, you could breed with them to get Charm on Bulbasaur and Snorlax, then for Oddish you just chain breed with the Charm Bulbasaur. What's not answered though is why some are version exclusive. By the way, I also heard that in the MYSTRY Mew save file there was a Blastoise registered in the Hall of Fame. You think it would be possible to recreate it? Sounds like an interesting project.
  14. Hahahahah, that's my custom tournament you posted there! And yes, I still have it on my PC.
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