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  1. you might need to install the japanese language pack for your OS otherwise im not sure, i have had issues with programmers notepad before but usual updating it will fix it.
  2. ok well z master your sortof rite and sortof wrong. i did update a lot of the game to either have DS quality or to have modified DS graphics and june yes i can i just uploaded them obviously i didnt redo all of the graphics mainly because i dont see the purpose in modifying something that looks good already
  3. thanks for answering the question for me ifyfg but yes hes rite coolness
  4. I have began Updating the Graphics for Fire Red and Leaf Green and have them ready to release now there will be 2 patch types with the patcher included in the file. Lunar IPS Tsukuyomi I will continue to update the game graphics and hope everyone enjoys them
  5. ive been going through different roms for the game editing and noticed something interesting. in the 3rd gen games there is a large group of images that make no appearances in gamelay but none the less are embedded on the game its self i will post pictures of them later on today
  6. ok what u forgot to do was patch it you have to patch the file and then compile it wit mkrom >patch blah.xml parsin pokexml version 1.0 368 >mkrom sstekst.nds Nintendo DS rom tool 1.24 - nov 2 2005 00:24:53 by rafael vuijk (aka DarkFader) thats what u need to do then itll patch the code into the files and then you compile it
  7. ok ive ben working on a quick translation of the HG/SS ive figured out how to patch it etc but i cant figure out what the issue with the sections involving the sections that have \X0001 and other pats of code in them if someone could tell me what these are it would speed up my translation process a lot
  8. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=5355 just posted a full tutorial
  9. 0.0 awesome now i can actualy finish my translation and have it look 90% real
  10. ok im not sure if its been answered yet or not but ive scoured the internet to find and answer to the question "how do you patch the text in HG/SS with poketext" and have succeeded. its quite simple but i will post a quick explination of the before process. if you are not familiar with "thenewpoketext" program then you will need to download it and a new copy of "ndstool" and a pokemon HG/SS rom they will all need to be in the same folder. 1. open "thenewpoketext" it will appear in a command prompt screen 2. type in the file name for the rom ex: pkmnHG.nds (dont forget the .nds) but dont close the screen after you have done this a new folder should appear with tmp_ before the filename ex "tmp_pkmnHG" 3. open the folder and go to "root" then "a" then "0" then "2" and copy the file names "7" 4. go back to the "root" folder and go to the "msgdata" folder and paste it 5. rename the file "msg.narc" and go back to the window for "thenewpoketext" 6. type in "getall" without the "" and type in the name of the xml EX: "HGtxt.xml" (make sure you put ".xml") for this next part i use "programmers notepad" because it can handle the size of the file without lagging my computer but you can use notepad etc to do it as well. 7. now open the xml with your editor of choice, youll notice that the text is broken down into sections imbetween (file id="#" change="false") and (/file) 8. copy one of those sections that you want to translate, (I started with "(file id="0"") and translate it. 9. open a new document in your editor and paste the translation, but now at the very top of the page you will need to paste: (?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?) (Poketext version="1.0") at the top of it and change the "change="false"" to "change="true"" then at the bottom you need to put: (/Poketext) at the bottom of the document 10. save the file as an xml (for me since i used "(file id="0"" i named it "file0.xml") in the same folder as the "tmp_" folder 11. now patch it into the game back to the "thenewpoketext" screen type in patch and then the name of the xml file EX: patch file0.xml it will pop up with "parsing pokexml version 1.0" and under it will be the file number that was just patched EX: I patched (file id=1 parsing pokexml version 1.0 1 12. finaly to recompile the game or just to make a brand new .nds file type in mkrom and the the name for the file EX: mkrom pkmnHG2.nds and now you have a rom with the section that you translated hope this answered a lot of uestions people had/have. note: the board wot let me display the proper characters for the brackets so (=< when it comes to editing inside the XMls edit: i was mistaken on the process for reentering the translated text into the rom instead of just making a new xml file you have to export a single "file" xml using the "get" command so that you can import the new file the syntax for that is "get {id} {XMLname}" EX: get 0 import.xml
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