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  1. I'm curious about one thing - Serebii lists several inventory items for shops that aren't actually available (for example, Training Lv. 20 and Wonder Lunch). Presumably the names/effect descriptions are extracted from the game. Is it possible to get these (even if it's by some future event), or are they completely unobtainable?
  2. On a similar note, from looking at the code, you've got Flatter down as boosting the target's Sp. Atk by two stages. In-game, it only boosts it by one stage.
  3. 1st and 2nd generations don't have a backup save. They just don't store a checksum in the save either, so they don't know that you've corrupted it (and allow you to continue as normal). Also, I believe that some flashcarts don't save a backup (my brother's Supercard Slot-2 doesn't), so if you lose your save on one of those, you're screwed. If you're playing on a real cart, it shouldn't happen.
  4. That's true, but defeats the point of being able to trade with official games
  5. On Japanese games, you select a region of Japan rather than a country. These will account for some of the missing locations. Anyway, I'm interested in connecting to the GTS with a script, but I'd rather not use this method... The reason is that I want to write a script for fangames made in RPG Maker to connect. But if I'm understanding correctly, this can only be done (so far) using an existing GTS 'account' and thus won't be able to deposit/withdraw Pokémon without messing up someone else's trade, right?
  6. Does anyone know anything about this?
  7. Wait, what exactly is a matshp? From the context you put it in, it seems to be something to do with building models.
  8. We can get the DS card to connect to a fake GTS server, but what about the other way round? I tried writing a program to connect to the real GTS, without much success. I tried connecting to the GTS server, referring to the wiki page, but it gave me a 403 error. The request I sent was: GET /pokemondpds/worldexchange/info.asp?pid=117094747 HTTP/1.1 Host: gamestats2.gs.nintendowifi.net User-Agent: GameSpyHTTP/1.0 Connection: close I'm assuming the DS games have to 'log on' first to get a unique PID, right? Has this been figured out?
  9. As far as I can tell, the differing PIDs depending on TID and SID ensure that the Pokéwalker Pokémon can never be shiny. A Pokémon is shiny if its TID, SID, and both 16-bit halves of its PID XOR together to make a number less than 8. For all the Pokémon of PIDs with the format 0xXX0000YY, the XX is the inverse of the upper 8 bits of TID^SID. Therefore, the 'shiny value' for these Pokémon takes the form of 0xFFZZ, meaning that they can never be shiny. For the Pokémon with PIDs like 0xXXFFFFYY, the 'shiny value' differs; however, the lower 2 bits are always 1 in the samples above. The 'shiny values' for the given Pokémon are (in the same order as above): 0x0304 0x0301 0xFF98 0xFF4F 0x03DB 0xFF37 0xFFE8 0x0FCA 0x1FC7 0x039A 0xFF0F 0x7F9D So it looks like Pokéwalker Pokémon can't be shiny. I'll test this theory with my Pokéwalker-obtained Pokémon, too. However, we still need to figure out what determines which of the two groups a Pokémon falls into (0xXX0000YY or 0xXXFFFFYY). Could you provide the gender of each of the Pikachu?
  10. It looks like a combined Pokédex / info / calculation / save hacking program, as far as I can tell. Can't you run the site through Google Translate?
  11. This looks like parity checking to me. So there's most likely a parity bit(s) in there somewhere.
  12. I think the site you're referring to is Pokésho. Here's a link to the sprite section for anyone interested. Some of the older sprites are GBA-style, and/or have a different style of shading.
  13. That's basically hacking the Pokémon; you might as well just sav the Pokémon in the first place.
  14. OK, the new HG/SS save page is up. I covered everything I know.
  15. I did some of my own messing around in HG/SS over the weekend, and found some info. I'll go add it to the wiki now EDIT: Mind if I copy and paste a couple of paragraphs from the D/P entry?
  16. Yeah, because the checksum is in a different location You can view the details of your party members, though.
  17. I noticed that too, when I was searching for my SID in a hex editor. Some of the save data is in the same location as D/P, such as the trainer ID and party Pokémon.
  18. Uh... The shiny check is exactly the same. The problem is that it's only checked when you receive it, not when it hatches. Since shininess partially depends on the trainer ID, this means you can trade it to another game before hatching it, and it will have the standard 1/8192 chance of being shiny (unless you RNG or cheat).
  19. Hmm... Once this is cracked, would it be possible to use this to let a simulator (such as Shoddy Battle) or a fangame connect to Nintendo's servers, and battle against actual D/P/Pt carts? That would be quite interesting...
  20. D/P players can't access the Global Terminal, so they can't upload boxes...
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