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  1. Because you do the edit "manually", all the thing that save manager does is extract the save.
  2. Since the stuff you randomnize are in the ROM I think you still need a Gateway to run the ROM. Also I "fixed" the problem with Animal Crossing (if anyone needs it) after the regular steps, when the screen glitches just press A and it will back up your data
  3. I tried with Pokémon Y & AS Flawless, Bravely Default Awesome but AC:NL is not working just one time and I can't import it to the game now
  4. I used a Clefable with Moonblast (Forgot to teach it before evolving and use PS) and it worked.
  5. The only thing I have problems with, and I'm not sure that it's the exploit's fault, it's that at random occasions the 3DS doesn't recognize my SD card
  6. The only way they can "patch" this is to erase both applications from your library since they couldn't fix the ninjrhax exploit till this day, they only removed the game from the shop to stop people from getting it, but the ones who did get it before they can use it till this day. Also, Smea confirmed that once you downloaded IronHax you can change your DNS back to what it was.
  7. It's out people http://smealum.github.io/3ds/ As said before, you can use all the previous hax. However if your only option is Youtube and IronFall the only difference is that IronFall doesn't use internet all the time except just the first time.
  8. IronHax will be usable for those who download it, however he is now asking us to download Youtube to as a backup
  9. I made this Groudon https://mega.co.nz/#!bVQDwKyJ!bjBVTGUyjacxPNHbyfnwXKkPEJaW-J5XOuQ17uGQ6Dw Make in it the most "legit looking" I could do it, but it doens't work on the GTS
  10. It work, it's amazing. Just for people who don't make it work, you could forgot to open the PC first, weirdly enough when I forgot to do it in game, my pokémon didn't appear, then I tried again and it worked. EDIT: I created a Groudon, trying to be the most legal I could make it but it doesn't work on the GTS
  11. Met in a fateful encounter. Met location doesn't refer for the distribution, it refers the in game location, all the event pokémon are met in a fatefu encounter
  12. EDIT: I followed this tutorial: And everything is fine till I start the smallftpd and I get a message that says "Unable to bind socket. Make sure no other" and it doesn't start when I press the play bottom. How do I fix his? 2nd EDIT: The answer is: Just change the FTP Port to any other random number :lel:
  13. I have a couple questions about this. a) Does the changing IV's code changes the ID? b) What new additions the new version of the softwere has? c) All the other codes to change "X" thing changes the ID? I'm planning to get one, since the Cybergadget is not available for me atm
  14. I'm here to report a bug, when you transfer legit pokémon from HGSS with a Ball from Johto, to Gen 5 games, the ball changes to a regular poké ball. Other than that this is great, love how it works.
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