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  1. Hi. Here is my 99% save file in Black 2. I wanna reach 100% but I can t get trophies on battle subway even beat them. I mess up in PHHex checking super double and multi but I didnt win normal double multi. 7 wins then I put 42 past record in pkhex. I tried reset everything in pkhex and win normally (normal and super), but nothing. I guess some flag is marked. Is there a way to reset this? Or anybody can help me to get the trophies or fix event flag pkhex? Thanks !! POKEMON B2.sav
  2. Hi! I got 100% sav e file colosseum. All legal pokemon and itens. All colosseums are beaten. Save in e-reader room. All that remains is to catch the 3 shadows e-cards so that the save appears 51 snagged. Could someone do this for me please. I tried with dolphin and vba-m, but no good. We can talk about, just contact me. Thanks a lot 01-GC6E-pokemon_colosseum.gci
  3. No legal zarude release yet. Will be release August with pokemon movie JPN
  4. All ingame trade Isle Armor . Enjoy Ingame_Trade_Isle_Armor_Sword.zip Ingame_Trade_Isle_Armor_Shield.zip
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