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SM- Battle Ready Salazzle


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26 minutes ago, BlueBraviary said:

Where? I dont see it in any of the gen 7 files.


It's there, in Gen 7 and unreleased, Clovis test.

Anyway, at least one will be invalid, due to the TID being too short (they tend to want to make it all 6 digits full, as per date).
I'm gonna wait on this one, till the event is launched, then, I'll upload one under beta, and another as released event :)

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Was out at an appointment and totally forgot about it starting today. *facepalm* It's fine though since idc much about it as I can inject events from here, but I already did from SciresM's bot a few days ago.

And is the OT a reference to the city in California and/or New Mexico?

Edited by Holla!
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