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  1. AFAIK once Zygarde gets PC, he can't get back AB anymore I mean, you can't put a PC Zygarde into the blender machine thing
  2. I use bulbapedia/serebii as a reference guide when genning pkmns (bulbapedia 98% of the time, serebii sucks) can you upload the *.pkm file?
  3. I think he is talking about the asterisk???
  4. I've a question about this... Since there is no KOR VC Crystal; what happens if you trade from KOR G/S to ... ENG Crystal and transfer from ENG Crystal > Gen7?
  5. why did my post got deleted? O.o (the one where I said that I could give that dude a build of the last commit of pkhex if he wanted)

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    2. JISN[064]


      Kaphotics' wish is to dominate the haxworld!

    3. theSLAYER


      that would be a funny take on the situation (lol)

      <that's definitely not it.. right?>

    4. JISN[064]
  6. https://twitter.com/PokemonLegality/status/956526217930399744 welp u.u
  7. lol I forgot that was a thing well, just 3 days from now
  8. look at the good side, we will get our mint-flavored ground snek!
  9. I'm trying to genn a pkmn (specifically Nidoran♂) from the Pleasant Forest at the Dream World, but no success... I don't know the met condition. I hope somebody can help me with this request.
  10. If you can't back-up your save to your PC there is nothing we can do to help
  11. Welp ... that makes my teammate's pkmn with return pretty much useless ( at least for that move )
  12. Somebody knows for sure if the moves Return/Frustration have 102 PWR when used in the battle agency? ;P
  13. https://github.com/SciresM/SMPatcher <-the Original (only works for v1.0 atm u.u) https://github.com/ericjwg/SMPatcher <-a fork by ericjwg that works for v1.1
  14. In my very honest opinion... I wish Celebi keeps its shiny lock ... IDK why u.u pls don't hate me
  15. why is the japanese Giovanni a rip-off of that shiny vampire dude?
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