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  1. Worth noting that the press release Bulbanews got from TPCi's PR agency said that it would be available at Target stores in the US and Canada. When we asked them to confirm that they meant Target in Canada, they confirmed they did.
  2. Any chance you could upload a scan of that page of the magazine? I would be interested to see this letter response.
  3. I don't think the distribution device was in the costumes. While the announcement of the first distribution (the Pikachu available for the entire event) specified that you needed to be near the walking Pikachu to obtain it (the distribution device was in a bag held by an uncostumed person), the second distribution specified that it was available "in the area between the intersection in front of the Yokohama Port Post Office and Yokohama Park" whereas the parade ran "along the road Nihon-ōdōri starting from Zou-no-hana Park and turning at Yokohama Park".
  4. Codes will be available at Game Mania in Belgium and the Netherlands from August 18 to September 18, 2017 (sources: Netherlands and Belgium). This also confirms that the PAL region codes expire on December 4.
  5. It is level 40, has Static, and knows Hold Hands, Play Nice, Teeter Dance and Happy Hour. It's in a Cherish Ball, its OT is カーニバル (Carnival) and its Trainer ID is 170809. This one is female Hasty, but those aren't necessarily locked (gender is already known not to be).
  6. There is a Mimikyu in the parade. My guess is that's the Pokémon that will be distributed on August 14.
  7. Yes, that's the distribution featured in the video I linked.
  8. The fact that the second distribution doesn't specify Pikachu when it easily could makes me think it won't be a regular Pikachu. It might be a Cap Pikachu though. Also, it's interesting to note that it sounds like the (1) distribution will have the distribution device inside one of the Pikachu costumes (like was done in 2014), but the (2) distribution is only within a specific location (so the device isn't inside the costume, despite the fact that they are already doing that for the same event). To me, that indicates it's a costume that it isn't as easy to put a 3DS inside of. Alternatively, since it can be obtained an unlimited number of times, it might be to prevent this happening, where people follow the parade with their 3DSes to get the distribution.
  9. No, those are one-time use codes. I think it's just ensuring it's one per customer. Anyway, thanks for clarifying; I thought it would be that way, but there have been events in the past that are directly distributed by Nintendo Zone, so I wanted to confirm because your post was worded ambiguously.
  10. Are you saying they distributed the codes to obtain it via Nintendo Zone, or they distributed the Pokémon itself? Because I believed the former was the case.
  11. Sandshrew code will be revealed on the Daegyo Auorini ("Kids") channel at 5 pm on May 2, 2017. https://story.kakao.com/ch/pokemonkorea/GZCB8XaNDD0
  12. Here are some primary sources: Grimer: https://story.kakao.com/ch/pokemonkorea/JEqMDVXNDdA http://www.kbsn.co.kr/event/eventView.do?pageIndex=1&eventSn=68&flag=ING&searchKeyword=&searchKeywordTemp= Diglett: https://story.kakao.com/ch/pokemonkorea/eRLkIVd1bD0
  13. Pokémon Café Singapore claim that you can get the code if you show a receipt dated after January 25. They're not listed in the Nintendo HK article though.
  14. Codes can be redeemed until May. Promo material with the receipt with the code says May 13, says May 10, official site and promo video description say May 5.
  15. Shiny Rayquaza info It will be available in certain stores (to be announced later), and its OT will be コロコロ (CoroCoro). It starts on March 14. It has the same moves as the WHF one and is also level 70. It mentions that it is available for XYORAS, but only for Japanese games.
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