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  1. SM- Battle Ready Salazzle

    I'm still wondering why CORROSION only works with TOXIC and not with all POISON moves ._. I don't think that allowing Salazzle to use POISON attacking moves on STEEL- pkmn would make her OP or something
  2. Pokemon Quiz - Are you a noob or a pro?

    I think I can do it faster .... but why? D;
  3. Update 4.2.0

    can we have this one? I can't think for a real reasong to have it ... just Magikarp
  4. 3 questions about the PKHeX

    About "illegal" Marshadow. Make a folder in the same directory where PKHeX.exe is, named "mgdb" inside mgdb copy/paste the *.wcX files It should look like this:
  5. Mallow's Steenee Present!

    Finally ... So she is naive ... My mind is telling me: no; but my body is telling me: yes.
  6. I want Mallow's Steenee...
  7. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

    I don't think they will change the fugly Festival Plaza in alola games. I hope they at least "improve" it ._. (.... I like the wonder trade music ...)
  8. Luma3DS v8.0 Featuring Rosalina

    I have an o3DS, if that thing works then I'll be more happy. I don't know whats that. *love* but: I don't use homebrew at all ... never tried; unless cia* homebrew counts ( PKSM ) (?
  9. Luma3DS v8.0 Featuring Rosalina

    I don't understand anything but I'm happy for this. I just need to fix my R button T-T
  10. Gen IV Invalid Egg Moves

    You are doing something wrong.
  11. Offline Save File Type Converter

    I wish I had this few years ago T-T
  12. I need help.

    weird ... I don't have that problem with the new version But I feel that newer ver. are kinda buggy visually... like The sprite doesn't load at all unless I "touch" it...
  13. My intention wasn't "unban" ... I wanted to get the actual error ban while blocking those domains Now I make it work as I intended ... I'll try to find a way to change the seed thing and ... pray for survive now ... I REALLY gtg! (seriously)
  14. I i'm still banned, but I tried blocking all the domains and still got the 003-2001; I unlocked and got the ban error I don't understand Maybe I did something wrong with my router setting ... gonna look for it tomorrow gtg to work T-T
  15. Well, I tried blocking em' and always got the 003-2001 error ... ;s