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Planned topics for beta/unreleased section of Events Gallery


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2 hours ago, jojo12100 said:

If you bore Gales of Darkness beta starters and proto Geodude are still missing in the Event Galery.

@StarsMmd Is it possible to translate the codes for other languages/region ?

And the Japanese Crystal Debuggers are still under construction.


Added Beta Starters and Proto Geodude to XD unobtainables.
I'm now back to working on a description for the Crystal Debugger's Pokemon

edit: Done with Crystal Debugger's Pokemon page.
I'm in the process of trying to obtain screenshots, for Event Secret Super Training.

edit2: Event super training uploaded

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9 minutes ago, jojo12100 said:

They are already in my thread ^^

Including the Stadium 2 Trainer teams?

And do you have a direct link? Because I don't see them in the gallery or your thread unless it's somewhere a bunch of pages back. :/

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1 hour ago, Holla! said:

Including the Stadium 2 Trainer teams?

And do you have a direct link? Because I don't see them in the gallery or your thread unless it's somewhere a bunch of pages back. :/

The egg moves are Pokemon are here.

Stadium 2 trainer teams? Or simply just, Stadium trainer teams? Or Stadium 2 Debugger's Pokemon?


32 minutes ago, BlackShark said:

We have all the Rental Pass teams from Pokemon Battle Revolution now!


Cool! I'll add this in a bit

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On 30/04/2017 at 9:20 AM, jojo12100 said:

I'm honnestly too nice. Here's Cal's Pokemon.

160 - FERALIGATR - 467D.pk2

157 - TYPHLOSION - 8DF0.pk2

154 - MEGANIUM - AB4A.pk2

159 - CROCONAW - 62F5.pk2

156 - QUILAVA - 29E4.pk2

153 - BAYLEEF - 8DB4.pk2

158 - TOTODILE - CD69.pk2

155 - CYNDAQUIL - 71DB.pk2

152 - CHIKORITA - 8971.pk2


Edit: Hi @BlackShark I found another debugger Pokemon here but I'm unable to get it for the moment. A little helping hand?

Edit 2: There is a lv20 Rhydon for Red/Blue/Green!!!


On 27/04/2017 at 10:32 AM, jojo12100 said:

Thanks, the problem for the moment that I don't know how to dump the opponent pokemon. I have received a sgm with Carrie's P2 I'm a bit frustrated but I'll find.

Edit: I got them, pretty useless but I love Porygon2 (Now I want the shadow one ^^ )

166 - LEDIAN - 9B06.pk2

233 - PORYGON2 - E5C8.pk2

157 - TYPHLOSION - 026A.pk2

099 - KINGLER - C590.pk2

101 - ELECTRODE - 3BDB.pk2

212 - SCIZOR - 24AE.pk2


On 27/04/2017 at 10:21 PM, jojo12100 said:


On 27/04/2017 at 10:37 PM, jojo12100 said:


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You can add the rentals from Pokemon Stadium 2's (Pokemon Stadium G&S) Gym Leader Castle that I obtained if you want:

On 7/2/2017 at 1:45 AM, SwagKey said:

Here's another thing to add.

Thanks to suloku's Pokemon Stadium 2 dumper, I have managed to obtain all of the rental Pokemon reserved for the Gym Leader Castle. I tried doing the other modes, but it doesn't seem to dump registered teams there. :/

Anyway, here they are. Not sure if I missed any or accidentally named something wrong:

Pokemon Stadium 2 Gym Leader Castle Rentals.zip


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This section really needs a massive update because a lot has been uncovered since last time. There's a Pidove test wondercard, debug secret base Treecko, unused static encounter Entei among others.

Here's what I contributed since last time. It's in a spoiler because it's pretty big.

On 9/11/2017 at 1:09 AM, SwagKey said:

Here's my legit Shiny Darkrai from my Pearl game. Took a week of soft resetting just to get it, so it should spice up the unreleased New Moon Island Darkrai section:

491 ★ - DARKRAI - 0C6E9B435B4F.pk4

Also, as an added bonus, here's a shiny Shaymin from the same Pearl game. Literally just a few days after the Darkrai hunt I encounter this beauty, and it took me completely by surprise for it to appear that soon!:

492 ★ - SHAYMIN - CBA1B2CC72C5.pk4

I'm going after the god next, the Shiny Hall of Origin Arceus. Haven't ran into it yet, but I'll contribute it to the Hall of Origin Arceus project once I get it.

On 10/11/2017 at 3:06 PM, SwagKey said:


Nice work!

Also, just for the sake of it, I used Trigger's PC to extract all of the debug secret bases I ended up getting. I used a public save for this, which explains the "Jordon" names.

Debug Secret Bases.zip

On 12/16/2017 at 2:21 AM, SwagKey said:

Sorry if I'm bumping this up, but I got the default Lillie's and Breeder Rada's Battle Tree Pokemon from Ultra Moon thanks to dumped Battle Videos. Not sure if they differ from other copies but this is what I got.

689 - Barbaracle - 8F31574A722E.pk7

701 - Hawlucha - BF42F38AA1E5.pk7

743 - Ribombee - 05E594329739.pk7

764 - Comfey - 607D39A7C6A0.pk7

On 3/2/2018 at 11:46 PM, SwagKey said:


It finally happened, I finally got a shiny unreleased Hall of Origin Arceus! As much as I didn't want to use my Master Ball on it, I kind of had no choice once it started to Struggle. Even so, this is an incredibly rare find that I hope can be contributed in some way to the Hall of Origin section in the unreleased gallery.

And with this, I can conclude that my goal of obtaining the shiny versions of the unreleased DP mythical Pokemon has ended in a success.

Here's the Arceus I managed to obtain. Feel free to edit the details to fit the criteria for the gallery. Remember to level it up to 100 if you intend to transfer to Gen 6 and above.

493 ★ - ARCEUS - 141F0CB5CCBF.pk4



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