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  1. Hi, im using checkpoint and I have the DS version of this game. Ive downloaded the files but am unable to let the rom file detect my game. Is there a way to fix this?
  2. I can not believe I didn’t know this snorlax was an event ;-;
  3. 806 ★ - Blacephalon - 90839B7F9DC3.pk7
  4. If you’d like I can put it as a .pk7 file. Let me go do that now
  5. I’ll go get on pkhex right now too
  6. I’ll delete it and get back to you c:
  7. It’s more like it said it was legal but it doesn’t trade. I asked my friends who also use pkhex to duplicate what I did and they all came across the same issue.
  8. I’ve used pkhex for quite awhile and mine is the latest version. I usually have no problem making it past the legitimacy checker but this new ub Blacephalon is giving me issues. It says it’s legitimate when I give it the following : Blacephalon Shiny: yes moveset : bug buzz, mind blown, fire blast, Shadow ball 31/31/31/31/31/31 252 speed, 252 sp att, 6 hp ability : timid I really just took the original blacephalon file from gallery, changed the sid/pid to mine, changed the name to mine all while leaving the date, its location and level the same. I did the same to naganadel and stakataka with no issues and the legitimacy checker said it was legal. I’d like to know if it’s a pkhex bug or something on my end. Thank you for reading :3
  9. I live like 30 minutes from the stadium and my parents won't take me ;-;
  10. I just noticed that they have a regular pokeball instead of cherish which we have seen before with ash pikachu. Not sure what this github is either :c
  11. I am confused now since the id and the ribbon are different but serebii has been known to make mistakes. Hopefully bulbapedia can update soon
  12. I wonder what the ot and id will be for this. So far I'm seeing just dates that they've been released
  13. I actually just told slayer about this because it happened to me too :0
  14. I think that's pretty cool on what they're trying to do. I should probably start watching the anime too
  15. Oh ok I can see that. I haven't been up with the anime either. Thank you :3
  16. Anyone know why this event says met at lvl 18 when it's lvl 20? Usually serebii is wrong but serebii says met at lvl 20. I'm just waiting for bulbapedia to update :L
  17. I don't have luma. I just have soundhax for 11.2. I purposely left one of my 3ds to use for pkhex.
  18. I just have the 11.2 update so I'm not sure if it's save to update to 1.2 on cartridge
  19. This is exactly what I'm afraid of ;-;
  20. Is it safe to update to 1.2 update? I usually switch between 3ds and I have a 11.2 so I don't want to ruin my ability to pkhex
  21. My fingers are crossed for their HA abilities :3
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