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WC6: Hacked Unobtainable Super Training Missions .

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About This File

In Pokemon XY and Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, exists Super Training missions hidden in the game, meant to be unlocked via events.
However, these were never released to the public, hence @SciresM made hacked versions of these Super Training.

All of these missions features battling other Mega Evolution Balloons that are not showcased in Secret Super Training missions.

There are a total of 6 hidden missions:


Balloons Name
Mega Mawile
Fearsome! Twin Tales of Jutting Jaws!
Mega Banette
Danger Zipped Up Tight!
Mega Scizor
Stuck between the Strong and the Strong!
Mega Alakazam
Dazzling! A Dizzying Dance of Spoons!
Mega Gyarados
What an Upstart! Magikarp Is Moving Up!
Mega Mewtwo X
Mega Mewtwo Y
Watch It! Multiple Mega Evolutions!

Any Pokemon that participates and completes these missions, get their data altered (bitflags in byte 0x3A),
so for sake of Legality of your Pokemon, do not participate in these missions.
You've been warned!

What's New in Version .   See changelog


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