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  1. Hi, im using checkpoint and I have the DS version of this game. Ive downloaded the files but am unable to let the rom file detect my game. Is there a way to fix this?
  2. I can not believe I didn’t know this snorlax was an event ;-;
  3. 806 ★ - Blacephalon - 90839B7F9DC3.pk7
  4. If you’d like I can put it as a .pk7 file. Let me go do that now
  5. I’ll go get on pkhex right now too
  6. I’ll delete it and get back to you c:
  7. It’s more like it said it was legal but it doesn’t trade. I asked my friends who also use pkhex to duplicate what I did and they all came across the same issue.
  8. I’ve used pkhex for quite awhile and mine is the latest version. I usually have no problem making it past the legitimacy checker but this new ub Blacephalon is giving me issues. It says it’s legitimate when I give it the following : Blacephalon Shiny: yes moveset : bug buzz, mind blown, fire blast, Shadow ball 31/31/31/31/31/31 252 speed, 252 sp att, 6 hp ability : timid I really just took the original blacephalon file from gallery, changed the sid/pid to mine, changed the name to mine all while leaving the date, its location and level the same. I did the same to naganadel and stakataka with no issues and the legitimacy checker said it was legal. I’d like to know if it’s a pkhex bug or something on my end. Thank you for reading :3
  9. I live like 30 minutes from the stadium and my parents won't take me ;-;
  10. I just noticed that they have a regular pokeball instead of cherish which we have seen before with ash pikachu. Not sure what this github is either :c
  11. I am confused now since the id and the ribbon are different but serebii has been known to make mistakes. Hopefully bulbapedia can update soon
  12. I wonder what the ot and id will be for this. So far I'm seeing just dates that they've been released
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